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By Guarante at 02-08-2011 17:39:35
Found new code to for Friend Stream: your achievements more visit the room a new motto: %targetString% earned the "%targetString%" achievement! your motto just decorated %targetString% with %targetCount% new items! don't have yet any stream notifications. liked the room "%targetString%"! now friends with %targetString% ! %targetString% as a friend Friend Stream allows you and your friends to follow the highlights of your recent activities. Enabling this feature will publish your actions to everyone on your friends list. Stream users %avatar% profile minutes ago hours ago days ago to Friend Stream! settings Friend Stream you can share what you are doing and see what your friends have been doing., Room likes, Motto changes, New friendships %targetString%'s profile sharing: stream

Thanks Dendol from for the information.

BUILD 616:
Today Habbo went down and came back up with Build 616!

Habbo now has the "Friends Stream" on it.
Before activating the stream:

When enabled and nothing to stream:

Something streamed:

It doesnt appear to update instantly and is a pretty boring system.

If ever theres an update and the stream is closed, it will send you a yellow lightening:

And then when clicked it goes back to blue


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