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Hello everyone!

Hope you are all healthy in this weird year

These is a lot of stuff happening around Habbo, Flash and Puhekupla and I wanted to take some time to inform you about the changes we have planned.

I started playing Habbo in May 2004 (yes, that is not a typo, it is 16 years ago!), the moment I logged in I knew Habbo was a special place. I always rushed home after highschool to login and play together with my friends. But then life happens, you graduate highschool, start studying, travel the world (twice?), start working and grow up. I sort of stopped playing Habbo because my life became so busy. I neglected Puhekupla and only did the necessary bugfixes when stuff broke. I still popped up at every now and then to chat with people

A few months ago I got fired because of COVID-19. And since we're sort of forced to stay home I decided to spent time learning ReactJS, and thought it would be cool to create a new version of Puhekupla using it. It also felt like the right time since Sulake started teasing and testing the Unity client. I've been working on it for a couple of weeks straight, but found a new job and had to focus on that. Then our hosting provided decided to double their prices and the project got my attention again. So please continue reading

Habbo 2020
Happy to let you know that Puhekupla will still be able to provide you with the latest (Furni) updates. We're looking forward to the release of the new version and can't wait to try it out

Puhekupla 2020
As you've read I've been working on an updated version of Puhekupla for a couple of months now. This new version will be completely from scratch, but will reuse (most parts) of the current layout. I know this design is a bit old (but hey, so am I..) but there will be some small improvements. People that have been following us on Twitter might have joined our Discord server and checked out the beta.

You can view the current beta on
Please note: you won't be able to signup or login, news is not up-to-date and a lot of content is missing - it's a beta.

The current plan is to migrate to a new server soon (prob. this month). Migrating the current site will be a lot of (hand) work and I prefer to not do it. So I made this plan.

I'll be adding:
- Furni, Badge, Clothing search on their relevant page
- Add Furni, Badge and Clothing to the overall search
- Badge Page will get an updated design + pagination function
- Improvements for mobile and smaller screens.

The initial release will contain:
All (old) news + comments, all Furni, all Badges, Credit Overview, Version History, all active users (+most of their profile data)
Basic version of: Contact, Twitter, Partners and Team
New: Clothing overview

It will temporary miss:
Staff Page, Dump, Site (& News) Translations, these will come back as soon as possible.
User registration and login. There are still some issues here which will be addressed as soon as the new site is live.

I'll be removing these features:
Customizable profile pages (the moving elements part), friend requests, guestbooks, YouTube videos, Private Messages, Settings

The reason I want to go with this plan is that most people in our questionnaire from earlier this year answered they don't their main focus is on the News, new Furni and Badges. Once the new version is live it's much easier for me to add and update new (or existing) content.

I value your opinion so please contact me on Discord and send me a DM or just place your message in the #puhekupla-beta channel.

Puhekupla 2021
I took over Puhekupla in April 2009, my first article was posted on the fifth of April 2009, so I decided to keep that date as our birthday. That means in 2021 we'll turn 12 years old and I think that means it's time to do a redesign of the complete site. We're looking for someone who wants to create a new design, if you are interested please send Mark a DM on our Discord server.

Please do not hesitate to contact me (in private) if you have any site related questions. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Stay safe and healthy ,


Ps; We just moved to a new domain name registrar. Please let me know if you experience issues.
Pps; Hosting the site became a lot more expensive for me, since we're not making a lot of money with the ads (you use adblockers ) Please reach out to me if you want to donate some money to keep us up and running

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Secret photos of Sulake's most secret hotel
Perhaps you know the hotel very well where you have fun. But you don't know the hotel where the developers have fun. Long before any news arrives on Habbo as you see it, each new feature is tested in restricted and secret Sulake hotels, where only the development team has access and no one else can know what's going on there. Among so many secret hotels, one of them seems to be the main one at Sulake and is called Development 63.

During Puhekupla's research to discover news about Habbo 2020, we found a large collection of photos of this hotel, which may indicate a little of what is going on there. It is not possible to know much about them, but they suggest a time of testing in the hotel. All photos are dated 2018 and taken by the Sulake development team.

We would like to share some of the images obtained, which include captures of resources that have never before reached our communities. The photos are kept in the original Sulake link. So enjoy them as long as you can, because the company can remove them soon, if it deems it necessary.

Framed photos is one of the tested features, but it has never been released in communities.

Phiisthing is fun!

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Media highlights Habbo during quarantine period
In the midst of a serious pandemic crisis triggered by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, which has already infected 240 thousand people, of which 9,800 were killed and 85 thousand recovered, Governments of several countries strive to avoid agglomerations and keep people confined within their homes, in order to slow down the transmission of the virus.

Many companies, mainly telecommunications and operating online, are encouraging people to stay at home by releasing restricted TV channels, suspending subscriptions to software and unlimited access to news portals and electronic magazines. But many people have used creativity.

Since the first quarantine days in Western countries, there has been a great movement for the rediscovery of Habbo. France, Chile and Brazil are some of the countries in which digital influencers are promoting Habbo meetings and parties. And the result of this has been an increasing number of active players and crowded rooms, as not seen in a long time. The movement is so great that it drew the intention of some newspapers and entertainment portals.


StreetPress magazine said French players created replicas of public places to meet each night. In addition, new players are interacting with many who have returned and echoed Government announcements in the game.

Read the full story


Página 7, a local newspaper in Concepción reports that Chileans are using the popular game of the 2000s to "get out" of the quarantine and promote parties and outings with friends. The newspaper says Habbo is one of the best places to socialize.

Read the full story

A Chilean radio Futuro also pointed out that has become a center for people to circulate during the quarantine. A Chilean radio also pointed out that Habbo Spain has become a center for people to move around during the quarantine. Emphasizes that people who want to interact with others, participate in parties and explore more of this world, must register with Habbo.

Read the full story

Tarreo, a gaming portal, said Chileans were filling the Habbo rooms in quarantine. The portal counted 675 users who were at parties promoted by Chilean digital influencers and who were also responsible for progressively increasing Habbo users.

Read the full story

Other media outlets also highlighted Habbo in Chile.


The online newspaper The Indian Express prepared a list of the best mobile games to play during the period at home and Habbo was one of the suggestions. According to the author, you can have fun and participate in events without worrying about the coronavirus.

Read the full story

In these times, Puhekupla also tries to do its part with the mission of engaging players with the main events of Habbo, helping you to make the most of this world.

Source: W.H.O (
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Inside #Habbo2020: everything you need to know
Faced with the anxiety of thousands of players about the future of the game, last September Habbo started a series of announcements, between facts and images, of the new version of the Hotel in a project popularly named as Habbo 2020. In order not to leave you lost with what is happening, Puhekupla will gather all the facts and the latest news about Habbo 2020.

What is Habbo 2020?

This is a new version of the Habbo client, that is, the hotel where you access to manipulate your character, interact with other players and build your room.

How will it affect me?

One of the focuses of this new version is based on the user experience with a new interface, which will directly influence the way you play Habbo. Thus, new commands, functions and tools will be inserted, but it is possible that some of the existing ones will be removed. Certainly, many of these things will change places on your screen.

Why does Habbo need a new version?

Currently, Habbo uses Flash Player as its game engine, a very popular technology from the past decade but which has become obsolete recently. For security reasons, the big tech companies advise against its use and make a great effort to abolish it from all computers. In major browsers, for example, Flash Player will stop working later this year, which would prevent Habbo from working for many people. Therefore, Sulake is now running out of time to develop a new version with more current technologies, in this case, Unity. For Sulake, this was also an opportunity to create a new concept for Habbo.


The first time Habbo spoke about Habbo 2020 was on September 3, 2019, through its social networks. On the occasion, the following text was published: our developers are working on a replacement client, due to release before support Flash ends on leading browsers like Googe Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Just over a week later, on September 12, 2019, more details were published:

the new version of Habbo will be ready before the end of Flash Player support in major browsers;
none of the existing user accounts will be deleted due to the new version of Habbo;
new tools will be added and most existing ones will be maintained, but with a new look.

Since October, a series of images have been published through official news. These images allow us to have an idea of what the game's graphical interface will look like in this new version, although they may still undergo some adjustments. You can see them below.

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