Habbo Memories: Habbo Beta
If you have registered with Habbo until the end of 2009, you will certainly remember the greatest maintenance of Habbo history: the Habbo Beta program.

Shortly after seeing the Adobe Shockwave Player becomes an obsolete technology, Sulake found himself in the challenge of saving Habbo from its obsolescence too, which at the time worked based on this technology. To this end, developers of Sulake have engaged all departments of the company and faithful players to implement the so-called "new Habbo."

The program that in the first few weeks had just over a hundred players-testers selected by local Habbo Staff Teams, may have reached almost half a million players-testers after the release of invitations to the Beta. The forum was the main tool to report bugs found and was for months the most discussed subject in Habbo with millions of comments generated by players of all hotels. In fact, some features of the pre-Beta never came back, despite promises, but we can consider the hard work of months with successful.

The program ended in November 2009. There was no more drama, the new Habbo had been deployed and lived in the years following its best phase.

Today, ten years later, it seems we are reliving this same drama. Paradoxically, the solution implemented to keep Habbo alive to this day is the same one that can kill him at any time. With just a few months to shut down support for Adobe Flash Player and major browsers restrict its execution, Sulake is still a mystery about the future of Habbo. And it was for this reason that we found it interesting to rescue the memory of the Habbo Beta.

Repeatedly Sulake employees say that Habbo will continue to function normally, but there is more information.
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Play Habbo Clicker!
Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to step into Frank's shoes and actually manage Habbo?

Habbo Clicker is a game set in the Habbo universe, developed in HTML5 and owned by Sulake. Its mission is to collect credits, open new rooms and upgrade your money-making capacity.

As you evolve your furniture, they gain the ability to generate their own revenue automatically. With more coins, you can buy new rooms and unlock new levels. In all, there are five levels and at the end, you get a badge in the game. Classic Habbo characters like Frank, Bonnie Blond, Johnny Squabble and Donnie Santini are there to bring you thousands of coins. In addition, you will find hundreds of furniture of the Habbo world.

Habbo Clicker is available in the catalog of major game portals and mobile app stores. You can also access the Habbo Clicker portal.
Stay tuned for the latest Habbo Clicker news on Twitter.

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Game Balance 2018
2018 ended. For many, memories. For us, numbers. Therefore, we are bringing here a project shared between Brazilian, Finnish, German and Spanish fansites to the world: the Game Balance.

The Balance is the summarization of records of players' activities, such as registered users, created rooms and purchased groups from each hotel. The numbers obtained are compared to the previous year to check the performance of Habbo. We understand that these numbers reveal how engaged the users are with the game.

Criteria for data collection

We used the time zone of each hotel to find the first and last records of its respective community. Note that Habbo uses two time zones: the Greenwich Mean Time and the local time zone for each hotel. For this reason you will notice that there is a divergence of dates inside and outside the Hotel. Click here to see an example.

For this analysis were considered all records of the year: this includes banned and fake users, rooms and excluded groups. If it existed at some point, it was accounted for. It is unfeasible to know who and how many users are banned or excluded groups and rooms, for example. Moreover, this is irrelevant to the analysis and does not interfere with the final results.


The data below were organized by subject in the form of Habbo overview and are all we were able to collect and analyze. We provide the data with more details of each hotel to the local fansites. You can see them at the end of this article.


In 2018, 4,267,387 users worldwide were registered in Habbo. In all hotels there was a drop in total registered players. Overall, the decline was 20.5%. Below, the number of registered users in each hotel and the oscillation in relation to the previous year.

Hotel Total Oscillation (%)
Habbo.com.br 1,683,164 -19.9
Habbo.de 100,358 -19.7
Habbo.es 969,143 -13.4
Habbo.fi 52,413 -7.3
Habbo.fr 249,512 -16.3
Habbo.it 83,192 -26.9
Habbo.nl 134,282 -27.6
Habbo.com.tr 271,717 -23.1
Habbo.com 723,606 -28.7

Since 2013, a year after the Sulake adopt drastic changes in the direction of Habbo, the number of users, globally, is steady fall. Of course, the disappearance of advertising campaigns has this the main reason. Of course, the absence (or nonexistence) of advertising campaigns has influenced the number of active players in the community.

Fakes? Yes, we have found many. We are unable to say for what reasons each of them was created. However, we find that in the middle and end of each year, exactly the holiday period in many countries and the arrival of the advent calendar, the number of new users increases significantly.
Does any of your users include in this number?











Decrement also recorded in the total of groups sold in Habbo. There were 80,033 purchased throughout 2018 worldwide. That's down 18%.

Hotel Total Oscillation (%)
Habbo.com.br 25,898 -23.8
Habbo.de 2,943 -25.5
Habbo.es 16,802 -14
Habbo.fi 860 -5.1
Habbo.fr 5,933 -15.9
Habbo.it 1,304 -39.2
Habbo.nl 4,081 -33.7
Habbo.com.tr 6,068 +45.6
Habbo.com 16,344 -21.8

While Habbo.it achieved the sharpest drop of almost 40%, Habbo.com.tr stands out as the only hotel to close the positive balance.

Creating a group is not as easy as creating a user or a room. You must be a member of Habbo Club and buy your group for 10 credits. In 2018, users spent 802,330 credits buying groups.

Unfortunately we are not able to calculate additional items for groups such as furniture and forums.











The total of rooms is directly related to the total of active users: if there are more users, there are more rooms and vice versa. Many of these are from noob users, but mostly created by players to develop their favorite activities in Habbo. Users (and also staffs) created 5,789,316 rooms in 2018. This means 23.2% less than the previous year.

Hotel Total Oscillation (%)
Habbo.com.br 2,252,341 -25.1
Habbo.de 140,682 -24.5
Habbo.es 1,324,795 -16.9
Habbo.fi 69,077 -20.4
Habbo.fr 323,819 -16.9
Habbo.it 106,443 -26.3
Habbo.nl 186,614 -27.1
Habbo.com.tr 554,381 -22.8
Habbo.com 831,164 -27.1










Limited Edition Rares

We also have data from the Limited Edition Rares (LTD). Below, the table lists the amount of items sold, coins spent and the selling rate of the LTD rares of each hotel in 2018.

Hotel Items Sold Coins Spent Selling Rate (%)
Habbo.com.br 208 99,000 21.3
Habbo.de 496 267,500 65.6
Habbo.es 446 227,250 45.8
Habbo.fi 104 52,500 48.1
Habbo.fr 354 195,250 54.6
Habbo.it 133 64,500 41
Habbo.nl 221 112,250 34.1
Habbo.com.tr 126 72,250 38.8
Habbo.com 1,116 558,000 93.9

Note that Habbo.com.br, the largest hotel, has the worst selling rate. Habbo.com surprises with more than 90% of the rare sold. Overall, this sales rate was 52.9% - there was a decrease of 1.8% in relation to the previous year.

From these data, it is possible to get some curiosities.


Best Selling
The Butterfly Habberge Egg had 70.2% of the items sold.

Code: easter_ltd18_habberge10
Release date: March 15, 2018
672 items available
472 items sold
354,000 coins spent

If you want to know more curiosities about the LTD rares, visit the main article clicking here.

Habbo Club Payday

On the 15th of each month, members of Habbo Club receives a payment for loyalty to the club and a percentage proportional to what was spent at the Shop. Traditionally, Habbo releases some data from HC Payday on Twitter and we also store it in our database.

According to Habbo, this year 9,250,590 credits were paid worldwide. This value is 7.5% lower than in 2017.
The best payment was in August: 937,915 credits paid in one go.

Below, the amounts paid month to month compared to the previous year.

Month Credits Oscillation (%)
January 860,021 -24.7
February 680,271 -17.3
March 686,188 -13.9
April 825,528 +0.9
May 660,782 -14.7
June 758,007 -5.5
July 833,212 -6.2
August 937,915 +20.7
September 858,048 -7
October 618,099 -12.2
November 763,304 +8.2
December 769,215 -8.2

In April, a user from Habbo.com shared the HC historical payment series on Twitter. You can remember here.

We should thank all those who somehow helped us in this great research. After all, it's not an easy job to collect and analyze so much data and make it visually pleasing from images and texts translated into multiple languages.

Rob.Cuffe Motivo.ban
Cinoplex Ne.ko
@Justeeri@ Happitorini
petiMr Lordalzx
Carboteck Nickmania

Game Balance Media Kit

If you would like to use some image on your fan site, blog or Twitter, we host all the material used in this news in Google Drive.
You can use it freely.
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All in One - Habbo (28-05-19)

Bohemian Festival Codes (Habbo COM)

landing.view.fest19bundlea.body=Great music. The beach. Friends. One of life's greatest combinations! Exclusive badge included. (Built by .COM Habbo Pulx.)
landing.view.fest19bundlea.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.fest19bundlea.header=NEW Music Da'Beach Bundle!

MFT01 (badge)
Music Da'Beach Bundle

landing.view.fest19bundleb.body=All manner of trinkets, baubles and gadgets are on offer at the Boho Street Market. Also included is an exclusive badge!
landing.view.fest19bundleb.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.fest19bundleb.header=NEW Boho Street Market Bundle!

MFT02 (badge)
Boho Street Market Bundle

landing.view.fest19cloth.body=Our brand new selection of bohemian-style apparel is now available in the Catalogue!
landing.view.fest19cloth.button=See the clothing!
landing.view.fest19cloth.header=NEW Bohemian Festival Clothing!

Bohemian Handbag - 20 Year Dreads - Flower-Studded Beard - Flowing Shirt

Grand Ay Tail - Lake Plunger Bikini - Festival Bum Bag

landing.view.fest19collect.body=There are six of these Skulls to collect, each with their own badge. Collect all six and you'll get a bonus Skull Collector's Badge! NOTE: each skull is available for 24 hours only!
landing.view.fest19collect.button=See today's mask!
landing.view.fest19collect.header=Collectible Skull Masks!

Floral Festival Skull - Seer's Festival Skull - Mystic Festival Skull

Bountiful Festival Skull - Divine Festival Skull - Opulent Festival Skull

MFT19 (badge)
Skulls Mega Collector

MFT13 (badge) - MFT14 (badge) - MFT15 (badge)
Collectible Skull 1 - Collectible Skull 2 - Collectible Skull 3

MFT16 (badge) - MFT17 (badge) - MFT18 (badge)
Collectible Skull 4 - Collectible Skull 5 - Collectible Skull 6

landing.view.fest19craft.body=Use the Artisan Sewing Box with various materials, patterns and dyes to create eight different clothing items ONLY obtainable via crafting!
landing.view.fest19craft.button=Go craft!
landing.view.fest19craft.header=Bohemian Festival Pattern Crafting!

Artisan Sewing Box

Artisan Sewing Material - Green Festival Dye - Purple Festival Dye

Book of Patterns (OPEN ME!)

Facepaint Patterns - Headgear Patterns - Shirt Patterns - Backpack Patterns

Bohemian Facepaint - Crystal Bead Tiara - Bohemian Vest - Rugged Backpack

Gemstone Facepaint - Gemstone Tiara - Bohemian Tunic - Bohemian Backpack
(not confirmed)

landing.view.fest19game.body=If you are into festivals, music, and dressing up in the most stylish clothes, you won't want to miss what we have prepared for you! Forget about being bored, and join us for a summer like no other!
landing.view.fest19game.button=Open the Navigator!
landing.view.fest19game.header=Ready for a summer full of adventures?

landing.view.fest19hair.body=Rainbow Hair - the first of its kind in Habbo. Rare and never to be sold again, this is a hairstyle you do NOT want to miss out on!
landing.view.fest19hair.button=See the rare!
landing.view.fest19hair.header=RARE Rainbow Curls!


MFT08 (badge)
RARE Rainbow Curls

landing.view.fest19lady.body=Lady Gaia watches over all that happens within the festival. She watches out for you and your pixels. Be thankful!
landing.view.fest19lady.button=See the rare!
landing.view.fest19lady.header=RARE Lady Gaia!


MFT09 (badge)
RARE Lady Gaia

landing.view.fest19ltd.body=Grace is a festival veteran. Apparently her mum was at Woodstock... apparently. This furni is LIMITED EDITION and is available for a short time only!
landing.view.fest19ltd.button=See the LTD!
landing.view.fest19ltd.header=Grace the Alpaca LTD!


MFT12 (badge)
Grace the Alpaca LTD

landing.view.fest19new.body=Go take a look at our BRAND NEW furni line, Habbos!
landing.view.fest19new.button=See the furni!
landing.view.fest19new.header=NEW Bohemian Festival Furni!

landing.view.fest19owl.body=Crafted by hippies, coveted by festival goers, available for you. Pick up one of these wooden owl statues while you can, Habbos - they're not around for long!
landing.view.fest19owl.button=See the rare!
landing.view.fest19owl.header=RARE Gem-Studded Owl


MFT11 (badge)
RARE Gem-Studded Owl

landing.view.fest19runway.body=With four exclusive badges and a whopping SIX exclusive clothing items (2x Brain Jars, Paparazzi Cameras and Head Bandages), the full version of this bundle is not to be missed!
landing.view.fest19runway.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.fest19runway.header=Fashion Week Runway Bundle!

Brain Jar - Paparazzi Camera - Head Bandage

MFT04 (badge)
Runway Bundle 1

MFT05 (badge)
Runway Bundle 2

MFT06 (badge)
Runway Bundle 3

MFT07 (badge)
Runway Bundle 4

landing.view.fest19shades.body=This perfect accompaniment to the Rainbow Hair is now live and available from the Catalogue as a rare furni!
landing.view.fest19shades.button=See the rare!
landing.view.fest19shades.header=RARE Rainbow Shades!


MFT10 (badge)
RARE Rainbow Shades

targeted.offer.jun19_tko_gr1.title=Summer's Deal
targeted.offer.jun19_tko_gr1.desc=Save 20% on an EXCLUSIVE Bohemian Dog, 70 bronze coins, a Tied Up Top, a Denim Shorts, a Rockstar Headband, a badge and a month of HC!

Bohemian Dog

Tied Up Top

Denim Shorts

Rockstar Headband

MFT20 (badge)
2019 Summer Deal

targeted.offer.jun19_tko_gr2.title=Summer's Deal
targeted.offer.jun19_tko_gr2.desc=Save 20% on 2x EXCLUSIVE Bohemian Dogs, 80 bronze coins, a Set of Drums, a Long Messy Curls, a Rockstar Headband, a badge and 3 months of HC!

Bohemian Dog

Set of Drums

Long Messy Curls

Rockstar Headband

MFT20 (badge)
2019 Summer Deal

landing.view.community.caption.festivalchallenge=Habbo Festival Battle: Habboroo vs. Rock!

landing.view.community.headline.festivalchallenge=Which festival will take over Habbo this summer?

landing.view.community.info.festivalchallenge=To ensure your festival is the most popular, you'll need to play as many games as possible and grab every badge that's available. The more badges Habbos from your festival acquire, the more the meter's arrow points to your side. The festival with the most badges will go down in Habbo history as the Habbo Festival of 2019, and everyone who helped make it happen will, of course, win a special badge and a Turquoise Panda!

MFT37 (badge)
Habbo Festival Battle Winner!

Turquoise Panda

Bohemian Festival Campaign (Habbo ES)

landing.view.fest19bundlea.body=Buena música, playa y amig@s. ¡La combinación perfecta para lograr la felicidad! Incluye una placa exclusiva (Diseñado por .COM Habbo Pulx.)
landing.view.fest19bundlea.button=Ver el lote
landing.view.fest19bundlea.header=NUEVO Lote Música en la Playa

landing.view.fest19bundleb.body=En el Mercadillo Callejero Boho encontrarás todo tipo de chucherías, adornos y artilugios. ¡Y por supuesto también una placa exclusiva!
landing.view.fest19bundleb.button=Ver el lote
landing.view.fest19bundleb.header=NUEVO Lote Mercadillo Callejero Boho

landing.view.fest19cloth.body=¡Nuestra nueva selección de ropa estilo bohemio ya está disponible en el catálogo!
landing.view.fest19cloth.button=Ver la ropa
landing.view.fest19cloth.header=NOVEDAD: ¡Ropa Festival Bohemio!

landing.view.fest19collect.body=Hay seis de estas Calaveras para coleccionar, y cada una de ellas trae su propia placa. Hazte con todas ellas y conseguirás la Placa Coleccionista de Calaveras. NOTA: cada calavera solo estará disponible durante 24 horas.
landing.view.fest19collect.button=Ver la máscara de hoy
landing.view.fest19collect.header=¡Máscaras Calavéricas Coleccionables!

landing.view.fest19craft.body=Utiliza la Caja de Costura Artesanal para crear ocho prendas de ropa diferente con materiales, patrones y tintes de lo más variado. ¡Estas prendas SOLO se podrán obtener mediante crafteo!
landing.view.fest19craft.header=¡Crafteando patrones en el Festival Bohemio!

landing.view.fest19game.body=Si te gustan los festivales, la música y vestirte con la ropa más estilosa, ¡no querrás perderte lo que hemos preparado para ti! ¡Se acabó el aburrimiento, únete a nosotros y disfruta de un verano como ningún otro!
landing.view.fest19game.button=Abrir el Navegador
landing.view.fest19game.header=¿Preparado para un verano lleno de aventuras?

landing.view.fest19hair.body=Peinado Arcoíris - ¡el primero de este tipo en Habbo! Y sí, es un raro y nunca volverá a estar a la venta. ¡Seguro que no querrás quedarte sin este corte de pelo!
landing.view.fest19hair.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.fest19hair.header=¡RARO Rizos Arcoíris!

landing.view.fest19lady.body=Lady Gaia vigila todo lo que sucede dentro del festival. Ella cuida de ti y tus píxeles. ¡Deberías estar agradecid@!
landing.view.fest19lady.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.fest19lady.header=RARO Lady Gaia

landing.view.fest19ltd.body=Grace es una veterana del festival. Al parecer, su madre estaba en Woodstock ... al parecer. Este furni es una EDICIÓN LIMITADA y solo estará disponible por tiempo limitado.
landing.view.fest19ltd.button=Ver el LTD
landing.view.fest19ltd.header=LTD La Alpaca LTD

landing.view.fest19new.body=¡Echa un vistazo a la NUEVA línea de furnis, Habbo!
landing.view.fest19new.button=Ver el furni
landing.view.fest19new.header=NUEVO: Furnis Festival Bohemio

landing.view.fest19owl.body=Hecho a mano por los hippies y muy codiciado entre los asistentes al festival, ¡ahora disponible para ti! Hazte con una de estas estaturas búho de madera mientras puedas, ¡no estarán aquí por mucho tiempo!
landing.view.fest19owl.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.fest19owl.header=RARO Búho con Gemas

landing.view.fest19runway.body=Cuatro placas y seis prendas de ropa exclusivas (2 Cerebros en Tarro, 2 Cámaras Paparazzi y 2 Vendas para la Cabeza) ¡No puedes quedarte sin la versión completa de este lote!
landing.view.fest19runway.button=Ver el lote
landing.view.fest19runway.header=Lote Pasarela Fashion Week

landing.view.fest19shades.body=Este complemento perfecto para tu Peinado Arcoíris ya está disponible en el Catálogo como un raro.
landing.view.fest19shades.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.fest19shades.header=RARO Gafas Arcoíris

Bohemian Festival Campaign (Habbo BR/PT)

landing.view.fest19bundlea.body=Música ao ar livre, amigos e muita paz. Uma grande combinação! Vem com um Emblema exclusivo! Criado por Pulx..COM
landing.view.fest19bundlea.button=Confira o pack!
landing.view.fest19bundlea.header=NOVO Pack Festa BoHo Chic!

landing.view.fest19bundleb.body=Aqui você encontra todo o tipo de bugigangas, balangandãs e quinquilharias. A Feira BoHo Chic tem de tudo, inclusive um Emblema exclusivo!
landing.view.fest19bundleb.button=Confira o pack!
landing.view.fest19bundleb.header=NOVO Pack Feira BoHo Chic!

landing.view.fest19cloth.body=A nova seleção de itens de vestir estilo BoHo Chic já está disponível no catálogo da Habbo Loja!
landing.view.fest19cloth.button=Confira os itens!!
landing.view.fest19cloth.header=NOVOS itens de vestir BoHo Chic!

landing.view.fest19collect.body=Há SEIS cabeças BoHo diferentes para você colecionar e cada uma vem com um Emblema exclusivo. Colecione todas as seis e você receberá o Emblema Colecionador BoHo. ATENÇÃO: cada cabeça só estará disponível por 24 horas!
landing.view.fest19collect.button=Confira a Cabeça BoHo do dia!
landing.view.fest19collect.header=Cabeças Boho Colecionáveis!

landing.view.fest19craft.body=Use a Caixa de Artesanato com todos os materiais disponíveis para criar oito itens de vestir que você SÓ consegue através das criações! É o melhor do estilo BoHo Chic feito por você!
landing.view.fest19craft.header=Criações Festival BoHo Chic!

landing.view.fest19game.body=Se você ama festivais, música e arrazar nos visuais mais descolados e extravagantes, você não pode perder o que preparamos para o Habbo Hotel. Deixe o tédio de lado e embarque nessa festa!
landing.view.fest19game.button=Vá ao Navegador!
landing.view.fest19game.header=Prontos para um festival de aventuras?

landing.view.fest19hair.body=Cabelo Arco-íris - O primeiro do Habbo Hotel. É raro e não será vendido novamente. Você não vai querer perder a chance de usar esse super penteado vanguardista!
landing.view.fest19hair.button=Confira o Raro!
landing.view.fest19hair.header=RARO Cabelo Arco-íris!

landing.view.fest19lady.body=Lady Gaia Observa e protege a todos e todas nos festivais. Essa deusa da música garante atuações fantásticas e sem lip-sync! Gaia oh-la-la!
landing.view.fest19lady.button=Confira o Raro!
landing.view.fest19lady.header=RARO Lady Gaia!

landing.view.fest19ltd.body=Grace é uma veterana dos festivais de música. Dizem que sua mãe ficou famosa em Woodstock... Grace é uma EDIÇÃO LIMITADA (LTD) e está disponível por tempo limitado!
landing.view.fest19ltd.button=Confira o LTD!
landing.view.fest19ltd.header=Grace, a Alpaca LTD!

landing.view.fest19new.body=Confira a NOVÍSSIMA linha de Mobis BoHo Chic!
landing.view.fest19new.button=Confira os Mobis!
landing.view.fest19new.header=NOVOS Mobis Festival BoHo!

landing.view.fest19owl.body=Feita à mão por hippies dos anos 70, desejada por todos os amantes de festivais e ao seu alcance! garanta a sua Estátua Coruja BoHo enquanto há tempo! É por tempo limitado!
landing.view.fest19owl.button=Confira o Raro!
landing.view.fest19owl.header=RARO Estátua Coruja BoHo

landing.view.fest19runway.body=Com QUATRO Emblemas exclusivos e SEIS itens de vestir que você só encontra aqui (2 Faixas Para a Cabeça, 2 Câmeras Paparazzi e 2 Jarras de Cérebro) a versão completa desse Pack cobiçadíssimo por todos no Habbo Hotel é imperdível!
landing.view.fest19runway.button=Confira o pack!
landing.view.fest19runway.header=Pack Passarela!

landing.view.fest19shades.body=Este é o acessório PERFEITO para usar com o seu Cabelo Arco-Íris. É raro e já está disponível no catálogo da Habbo Loja!
landing.view.fest19shades.button=Confira o Raro!
landing.view.fest19shades.header=RARO Óculos Arco-íris!

Bohemian Festival Campaign (Habbo FI)

landing.view.fest19bundlea.body=Hyvää musaa. Biitsillä. Kavereiden kanssa. Paras yhdistelmä ikinä! Sisältää ainutlaatuisen merkin. (Huoneentekijä: Pulx .COM)
landing.view.fest19bundlea.button=Kurkkaa huonepakettiin!
landing.view.fest19bundlea.header=UUSI Rantabileet-paketti!

landing.view.fest19bundleb.body=Boheemeilta markkinoilta voit ostaa mitä ihmeellisempää tilpehööriä. Sisältää ainutlaatuisen merkin!
landing.view.fest19bundleb.button=Kurkkaa huonepakettiin!
landing.view.fest19bundleb.header=UUSI Boheemit markkinat-paketti

landing.view.fest19cloth.body=Upouudet indie-tyyliset vaatteet ovat nyt saatavilla kuvastossamme!
landing.view.fest19cloth.button=Tsekkaa vaatteet!
landing.view.fest19cloth.header=UUDET Indiefestarikuteet!

landing.view.fest19collect.body=Keräiltäviä kalloja on yhteensä kuusi kappaletta. Jokainen niistä sisältää oman merkin. Jos keräät kaikki kuusi, saat myös bonuksena Kallon kerääjän-merkin! HUOM.!: Jokainen kallo on saatavilla vain 24 tunnin ajan!
landing.view.fest19collect.button=Tsekkaa päivän kallo!
landing.view.fest19collect.header=Keräiltävät kallot!

landing.view.fest19craft.body=Käytä Artesaania ompelusettiä eri materiaalien, kaavojen ja maalien kanssa luodaksesi kahdeksan eri vaatetuotetta, jotka voit saada vain askartelemalla!
landing.view.fest19craft.button=Mene askartelemaan!
landing.view.fest19craft.header=Indiefestareiden kaava-askartelu!

landing.view.fest19game.body=Jos festarit, musiikki ja muoti ovat sinun juttusi, tulet pitämään siitä, mitä olemme laatineet sinua varten! Unohda pitkästyminen ja liity kesän viettoon kanssamme!
landing.view.fest19game.button=Avaa navigaattori!
landing.view.fest19game.header=Oletko valmis seikkailun täyteiseen kesään?

landing.view.fest19hair.body=Sateenkaarihiukset - ensimmäistä kertaa Habbossa. Harvinaisuus ei tule enää myyntiin, hanki siis omasi vielä kun voit!
landing.view.fest19hair.button=Tsekkaa harvinaisuus!
landing.view.fest19hair.header=HARVINAISET Sateenkaarikikkarat

landing.view.fest19lady.body=Lady Gaia seuraa festarimenoa ja pitää huolta sen pikselisestä väestä. Olemme kiitollisia siitä!
landing.view.fest19lady.button=Tsekkaa harvinaisuus!
landing.view.fest19lady.header=HARVINAINEN Lady Gaia

landing.view.fest19ltd.body=Sulo on festariveteraani. Sen äiti oli ilmeisesti Woodstockissa... Kama on LTD ja saatavilla vain rajoitetun ajan!
landing.view.fest19ltd.button=Tsekkaa LTD!
landing.view.fest19ltd.header=Sulo-alpakka LTD!

landing.view.fest19new.body=Käy tsekkaamassa UPOUUSI kamasarjamme!
landing.view.fest19new.button=Tsekkaa kamat!
landing.view.fest19new.header=UUDET Indiefestari-kamat

landing.view.fest19owl.body=Hippien kaivertama, festariväen himoama, nyt saatavilla. Hanki oma puinen pöllöpatsaasi vielä kun voit - ne eivät tule olemaan pitkään saatavilla!
landing.view.fest19owl.button=Tsekkaa harvinaisuus!
landing.view.fest19owl.header=HARVINAINEN Jalokivipöllö!

landing.view.fest19runway.body=Sisältää neljä ainutlaatuista merkkiä ja huimat KUUSI ainutlaatuista vaatetuotetta (2x Aivopurkkia, Paparazzin kameraa ja Pääsidettä. Huonepaketin täyttä versiota ei kannata ohittaa!
landing.view.fest19runway.button=Kurkkaa huonepakettiin!
landing.view.fest19runway.header=Muotiviikkojen lava-paketti!

landing.view.fest19shades.body=Täydellinen asuste Sateenkaarihiusten kaveriksi on nyt saatavilla kuvastossamme harvinaisuutena!
landing.view.fest19shades.button=Tsekkaa harvinaisuus!
landing.view.fest19shades.header=HARVINAISET Sateenkaarilasit!

Bohemian Festival Campaign (Habbo FR)

landing.view.fest19bundlea.body=Bonne musique, plage et amis. Voilà une très bonne combinaison. Ce pack est livré avec son badge exclusif (construit par Pulx Habbo COM).
landing.view.fest19bundlea.button=Regarde le pack
landing.view.fest19bundlea.header=NOUVEAU : Music Da'Beach !

landing.view.fest19bundleb.body=Tous les bibelots, babioles et gadgets sont au marché Boho Street. Un badge exclusif est également inclus!
landing.view.fest19bundleb.button=Regarde le pack
landing.view.fest19bundleb.header=NOUVEAU Marché Boho Street !

landing.view.fest19cloth.body=Notre nouvelle sélection de vêtements de style bohème est maintenant disponible dans le Catalogue!
landing.view.fest19cloth.button=Regarde les vêtements
landing.view.fest19cloth.header=NOUVEAUX Vêtements Festival Bohémien !

landing.view.fest19collect.body=Il y a 6 crânes à collectionner et chacun avec son propre badge. En achetant les 6, tu auras aussi un badge bonus ! Note : chaque crâne est disponible durant 24 heures uniquement !
landing.view.fest19collect.button=Regarde le crâne du jour
landing.view.fest19collect.header=Masque Crâne à collectionner !

landing.view.fest19craft.body=Utilise la Boîte de Couture avec différents matériels, motifs et colorants pour fabriquer huit vêtements. Ces vêtements ne seront pas vendus au Catalogue.
landing.view.fest19craft.button=Prêt à fabriquer ?
landing.view.fest19craft.header=Patrons Festival Bohémien

landing.view.fest19game.body=Si tu aimes les festivals, écouter de la musique et porter les vêtements les plus élégants, tu ne voudras pas manquer ce que nous avons préparé pour toi ! Oublie l'ennui et rejoins-nous pour un été pas comme les autres !
landing.view.fest19game.button=Ouvrir le Navigateur !
landing.view.fest19game.header=Prêt pour un été plein d'aventures ?

landing.view.fest19hair.body=Une première sur Habbo - Cheveux Arc-en-ciel. Cette coupe est rare et ne ressortira plus au Catalogue. Prêt pour mettre de la couleur à ton été ?
landing.view.fest19hair.button=Regarde le rare
landing.view.fest19hair.header=RARE Boucles Arc-en-ciel !

landing.view.fest19lady.body=Lady Gaia veille sur tout ce qui se passe durant le festival. Elle surveille même tes pixels. Sois reconnaissant !
landing.view.fest19lady.button=Regarde le rare
landing.view.fest19lady.header=RARE Lady Gaia !

landing.view.fest19ltd.body=Grace est une vétérante du festival. On croit savoir que sa mère était même à Woodstock. Ce mobi est une édition limitée (LTD) et sera disponible durant peu de temps.
landing.view.fest19ltd.button=Regarde le LTD!
landing.view.fest19ltd.header=LTD Grace l'Alpaca !

landing.view.fest19new.body=Regarde vite la nouvelle gamme de mobis !
landing.view.fest19new.button=Regarde les mobis
landing.view.fest19new.header=NOUVEAU Festival Bohémien

landing.view.fest19owl.body=Fabriquée par des hippies, et très convoitée par les festivaliers ! Cette statue de hibou en bois ne restera pas toujours en vente et ne ressortira jamais plus.
landing.view.fest19owl.button=Regarde le rare
landing.view.fest19owl.header=Hibou Cool RARE

landing.view.fest19runway.body=Avec 4 badges exclusifs et 6 vêtements (x2 Cervelle en bocal, Appareil photo de Paparazzi, et Bandage pour la Tête) la version complète de ce pack ne doit pas t'échapper !
landing.view.fest19runway.button=Regarde le pack
landing.view.fest19runway.header=Pack Défilé

landing.view.fest19shades.body=Le complément Peace parfait qui ira avec tes cheveux Arc-en-ciel est maintenant disponible dans les rares du Catalogue !
landing.view.fest19shades.button=Regarde la vie en couleurs
landing.view.fest19shades.header=RARE Lunettes Arc-en-ciel !

Bohemian Festival Campaign (Habbo IT)

landing.view.fest19bundlea.body=Musica fantastica. La spiaggia. Gli amici. La combinazione perfetta nella vita! Include Distintivo esclusivo! (Creato da Habbo Pulx .COM )
landing.view.fest19bundlea.button=Guarda l'Affare Stanza!
landing.view.fest19bundlea.header=NUOVO Affare Stanza Musica in Spiaggia!

landing.view.fest19bundleb.body=Nel Mercatino Boho sono disponibili ogni sorta di bigiotteria, gingilli e gadget. Include anche un Distintivo esclusivo!
landing.view.fest19bundleb.button=Guarda l'Affare Stanza!
landing.view.fest19bundleb.header=NUOVO Affare Stanza Mercatino Boho!

landing.view.fest19cloth.body=La nostra nuova selezione di Indumenti Bohémien è adesso disponibile in Negozio!
landing.view.fest19cloth.button=Guarda gli Indumenti!
landing.view.fest19cloth.header=NUOVI Indumenti Festival Bohémien!

landing.view.fest19collect.body=Ci sono sei teschi da collezionare, ognuno includerà il suo proprio Distintivo. Collezionali tutti per ottenere anche il Distintivo Collezionista di Teschi! IMPORTANTE: ogni teschio sarà disponibile solamente per 24 ore!
landing.view.fest19collect.button=Guarda la Maschera di oggi!
landing.view.fest19collect.header=Maschere Teschio da Collezione!

landing.view.fest19craft.body=Usa il Kit di cucito con diversi tessuti, modelli e tinte per creare otto differenti Indumenti, che possono ottenersi SOLAMENTE attraverso il Crafting!
landing.view.fest19craft.button=Vai a creare!
landing.view.fest19craft.header=Bohemian Festival Pattern Crafting!

landing.view.fest19game.body=Se sei un amante dei festival, la musica e la moda del momento, non dovrai perderti cosa abbiamo preparato per te! Non ci sarà spazio per la noia quest'estate, passa con noi momenti indimenticabili!
landing.view.fest19game.button=Apri il Navigatore!
landing.view.fest19game.header=Pronto per un'estate piena di avventure?

landing.view.fest19hair.body=Acconciatura Arcobaleno, per la prima volta su Habbo. È Rara e non verrà mai più messa in vendita, non perdertela!
landing.view.fest19hair.button=Guarda il Raro!
landing.view.fest19hair.header=Riccioli Arcobaleno RARI!

landing.view.fest19lady.body=Lady Gaia controlla tutto ciò che accade nel Festival. Proteggerà te e i tuoi pixel. Dovresti esserle grato!
landing.view.fest19lady.button=Guarda il Raro!
landing.view.fest19lady.header=Lady Gaia RARA!

landing.view.fest19ltd.body=Grace è una veterana dei Festival. A quanto pare sua madre è stata a Woodstock... a quanto pare. Questo Furni è una EDIZIONE LIMITATA ed è disponibile solo per un periodo limitato tempo!
landing.view.fest19ltd.button=Guarda l'LTD!
landing.view.fest19ltd.header=Alpaca Grace LTD!

landing.view.fest19new.body=Corri a dare uno sguardo alla nuovissima linea di Furni, Habbo!
landing.view.fest19new.button=Guarda i Furni!
landing.view.fest19new.header=NUOVI Furni Festival Bohémien!

landing.view.fest19owl.body=Creato a mano da hyppie, ambito dai frequentatori di festival, disponibile per te. Ottieni una di queste statue di legno di gufo mentre c'è tempo, non saranno disponibili a lungo!
landing.view.fest19owl.button=Guarda il Raro!
landing.view.fest19owl.header=Gufo di Gemme RARO

landing.view.fest19runway.body=Con quattro Distintivi esclusivi e SEI Indumenti esclusivi (2 Bende per la testa, 2 Macchine Fotografiche da paparazzo e 2 Cappelli cervello), non puoi perderti la versione completa di questo Affare Stanza!
landing.view.fest19runway.button=Guarda l'Affare Stanza!
landing.view.fest19runway.header=Affare Stanza Passarella!

landing.view.fest19shades.body=È l'accompagnamento perfetto per l'Acconciatura Arcobaleno ed è adesso disponibile in Negozio come Furni Raro!
landing.view.fest19shades.button=Guarda il Raro!
landing.view.fest19shades.header=Occhiali da Sole Arcobaleno RARI!

Bohemian Festival Campaign (Habbo NL)

landing.view.fest19bundlea.body=Goede muziek, strand, vrienden..een van de beste combinaties van het leven! Exclusief een badge. (Gebouwd door .COM Habbo Pulx)
landing.view.fest19bundlea.button=Bekijk de bundel!
landing.view.fest19bundlea.header=NIEUWE Music Da'Beach Bundel

landing.view.fest19bundleb.body=Allerlei gadgets worden aangeboden op de Boho Straatmarkt. Je ontvangt er een exclusieve badge bij!
landing.view.fest19bundleb.button=Bekijk de bundel!
landing.view.fest19bundleb.header=NIEUW! Boho Straatmarkt Bundel!

landing.view.fest19cloth.body=Onze gloednieuwe selectie Boheemse kleding is nu beschikbaar in de Catalogus!
landing.view.fest19cloth.button=Bekijk de kleding!
landing.view.fest19cloth.header=NIEUW Bohemian Festival Kleding!

landing.view.fest19collect.body=Er zijn zes van deze schedels te verzamelen, elk met een eigen badge. Verzamel alle zes en je krijgt een bonus Schedel Verzamelaars Badge! Let op: elke schedel is slechts 24 uur beschikbaar!
landing.view.fest19collect.button=Bekijk het masker van vandaag!
landing.view.fest19collect.header=Verzamelbare Schedel Maskers!

landing.view.fest19craft.body=Gebruik de Ambachtelijke Naaidoos met verschillende items, patronen en kleurstoffen om acht verschillende kledingitems te maken die ALLEEN verkrijgbaar zijn via crafting!
landing.view.fest19craft.button=Ga craften!
landing.view.fest19craft.header=Bohemian Festival Patroon Craften!

landing.view.fest19game.body=Als je van festivals, muziek en verkleden houdt, dan wil je dit niet missen! Verveel je niet en geniet van een onvergetelijke zomer!
landing.view.fest19game.button=Open de Navigator!
landing.view.fest19game.header=Ben je klaar voor een zomer voor avonturen?

landing.view.fest19hair.body=Dit is het eerste Regenboog Kapsel in Habbo! Dit is een zeldzaam item en zal hierna nooit meer verkocht worden. Dit kapsel wil je niet missen!
landing.view.fest19hair.button=Bekijk de Zeldzaamheid!
landing.view.fest19hair.header=Zeldzame Regenbogen Krullen

landing.view.fest19lady.body=Lady Gaia waakt over alles wat er allemaal op het festival gebeurt. Ze let op jou en je pixels. Wees haar dankbaar!
landing.view.fest19lady.button=Bekijk de Zeldzaamheid!
landing.view.fest19lady.header=Zeldzame Lady Gaia!

landing.view.fest19ltd.body=Grace is een festivalveteraan. Blijkbaar was haar moeder bij Woodstock...Deze meubi is een limited edition en is slechts voor een korte tijd beschikbaar!
landing.view.fest19ltd.button=Bekijk de LTD!
landing.view.fest19ltd.header=Grace de Alpaca LTD!

landing.view.fest19new.body=Habbo's, bekijk onze GLOEDNIEUWE meubi-lijn!
landing.view.fest19new.button=Bekijk de meubi!
landing.view.fest19new.header=NIEUW! Bohemian Festival Meubi!

landing.view.fest19owl.body=Haal een van deze houten uilenbeelden nu je nog kan! Speciaal gemaakt door hippies en begeerd door festivalgangers. Wees snel want ze zijn slechts voor een korte tijd beschikbaar!
landing.view.fest19owl.button=Bekijk de Zeldzaamheid!
landing.view.fest19owl.header=Zeldzame Glimmende Uil

landing.view.fest19runway.body=De volledige versie van deze bundel kan je niet missen! Met vier exclusieve badges en maar liefst zes exclusieve kledingitems (2x Hoofdverband, Paparazzi Camera en 2x Pot Hersenen).
landing.view.fest19runway.button=Bekijk de bundel!
landing.view.fest19runway.header=Fashion Week Catwalk Bundel!

landing.view.fest19shades.body=Deze perfecte aanvulling op het Regenboog Kapsel is nu live en verkrijgbaar in de Catalogus als een zeldzame meubi!
landing.view.fest19shades.button=Bekijk de Zeldzaamheid!
landing.view.fest19shades.header=Zeldzame Regenboogbril!

Bohemian Festival Campaign (Habbo DE)

landing.view.fest19bundlea.body=Tolle Musik. Strand. Freunde. Eine der besten Kombinationen im Leben! Mit exklusivem Badge! (Erstellt von .COM Habbo Pulx.)
landing.view.fest19bundlea.button=Das Bündel sehen!
landing.view.fest19bundlea.header=NEU Musik Da'Beach Bündel!

landing.view.fest19bundleb.body=Beim Boho Strassenmarkt gibt es allerlei Plunder, Nippes und Gerätschaften. Und auch einen exklusiven Badge!
landing.view.fest19bundleb.button=Das Bündel sehen!
landing.view.fest19bundleb.header=NEU Boho Strassenmarkt-Bündel!

landing.view.fest19cloth.body=Unsere brandneue Kollektion im Künstlerstil ist nun im Shop erhältlich!
landing.view.fest19cloth.button=Die Kleidung sehen!
landing.view.fest19cloth.header=NEU Künstlerfestival Kleidung!

landing.view.fest19collect.body=Es gibt sechs dieser Schädel zum Sammeln, jeder mit seinem eigenen Badge. Sammle alle sechs und erhalten einen Bonus Schädelsammler-Badge! BITTE BEACHTEN: Jeder Schädel ist nur 24 Stunden lang erhältlich!
landing.view.fest19collect.button=Die heutige Maske sehen!
landing.view.fest19collect.header=Schädelmasken zum Sammeln!

landing.view.fest19craft.body=Benutze das handangefertigte Nähkästchen mit verschiedenen Materialien, Mustern und Farbstoffen um acht verschiedene Kleidungsstücke zu kreieren. NUR durch Handarbeit erhältlich!
landing.view.fest19craft.button=Los geht's, sei kreativ!
landing.view.fest19craft.header=Künstlerfestival Musteranfertigung!

landing.view.fest19game.body=Wenn dir Festivals, Musik und das Tragen stylischer Klamotten gefallen, wirst du dir nicht entgehen lassen wollen was wir für dich vorbereitet haben! Langeweile war gestern, unser Sommer wird einzigartig!
landing.view.fest19game.button=Öffne den Navigator!
landing.view.fest19game.header=Bereit für einen Sommer voller Abenteuer?

landing.view.fest19hair.body=Regenbogenhaar - so zum ersten Mal bei Habbo. Rare und so nie wieder erhältlich, lass dir diese Frisur nicht entgehen!
landing.view.fest19hair.button=Das Rare sehen!
landing.view.fest19hair.header=RARE Regenbogenlocken!

landing.view.fest19lady.body=Lady Gaia sieht alles was beim Festival passiert. Sie passt auch auf dich und deine Pixel auf. Sei ihr dankbar!
landing.view.fest19lady.button=Das Rare sehen!
landing.view.fest19lady.header=RARE Lady Gaia!

landing.view.fest19ltd.body=Grace ist eine Festival Veteranin. Man munkelt dass ihre Mutter bei Woodstock war.. Dieses Möbel ist eine LIMITIERTE AUFLAGE und ist nur für kurze Zeit erhältlich!
landing.view.fest19ltd.button=Das LTD sehen!
landing.view.fest19ltd.header=Grace das Alpaka LTD!

landing.view.fest19new.body=Guckt euch unsere BRANDNEUE Möbelkollektion an, Habbos!
landing.view.fest19new.button=Das Möbel sehen!
landing.view.fest19new.header=NEU Künstlerfestival Möbel!

landing.view.fest19owl.body=Von Hippies gemacht, von Festivalbesuchern begehrt, und für euch erhältlich. Nehmt euch eine dieser hölzernen Eulenstatuen solange ihr könnt, Habbos - es gibt sie nicht für lange!
landing.view.fest19owl.button=Das Rare sehen!
landing.view.fest19owl.header=RARE Juwelbesetzte Eule

landing.view.fest19runway.body=Mit vier exklusiven Badges und unglaublichen SECHS exklusiven Kleidungsstücken (2x Brain Jars, Paparazzi Cameras and Head Bandages), the full version of this bundle is not to be missed!
landing.view.fest19runway.button=Das Bündel sehen!

landing.view.fest19shades.body=Der ideale Zusatz zum Regenbogenhaar, jetzt live und im Shop als Rare Möbel erhältlich!
landing.view.fest19shades.button=Das Rare sehen!
landing.view.fest19shades.header=RARE Regenbogensonnenbrille

Bohemian Festival Campaign (Habbo TR)

landing.view.fest19bundlea.body=Harika müzik, Sahil, Arkadaşlar. Hayatın en büyük kombinasyonlarından biri! Özel rozet dahil (Built by .COM Habbo Pulx.)
landing.view.fest19bundlea.button=Pakete göz at!
landing.view.fest19bundlea.header=YENİ Müzik Da'Beach Oda Paketi!

landing.view.fest19bundleb.body=Boho Sokak Pazarında her türlü biblo, fular ve alet bulunmaktadır. Ayrıca, özel bir rozet de dahil!
landing.view.fest19bundleb.button=Pakete göz at!
landing.view.fest19bundleb.header=YENİ Boho Sokak Pazarı Oda Paketi!

landing.view.fest19cloth.body=Yeni bohem tarzı kıyafet seçeneklerimiz Kataloğa eklendi!
landing.view.fest19cloth.button=Kıyafetlere göz at!
landing.view.fest19cloth.header=YENİ Bohemian Festivali Kıyafetleri

landing.view.fest19collect.body=Toplanacak altı Kafatası var, her biri kendi rozeti ile. Altısını da topla, bonus Kafatası Koleksiyoncusu Rozeti kazan! NOT: Her kafatası sadece 24 saat burada olacak!
landing.view.fest19collect.button=Bugün'ün Maskesine Göz at!
landing.view.fest19collect.header=Koleksiyon Kafatası Maskeleri!

landing.view.fest19craft.body=SADECE işçilik ile elde edilebilecek sekiz farklı giyim eşyası oluşturmak için çeşitli malzemeler, desenler ve boyalarla birlikte Zanaatkar Dikiş Kutusunu kullanın!
landing.view.fest19craft.button=Git ve Üret!
landing.view.fest19craft.header=Bohemian Festivali Desen Üretimi!

landing.view.fest19game.body=Festivallere, müziğe ve şık kıyafetlerle ilgi duyuyorsanız, sizin için hazırladıklarımızı kaçırmak istemeyeceksiniz! Sıkılmayı unut ve bambaşka bir yaz için bize katıl!
landing.view.fest19game.button=Odalar gezginini aç!
landing.view.fest19game.header=Maceralarla dolu bir yaz için hazır mısınız?

landing.view.fest19hair.body=Gökkuşağı Saçları - Habbo'da türünün ilk örneği. Nadire ve bir daha asla satılmayacak olan bu saç modelini kaçırmak istemezsin!
landing.view.fest19hair.button=Nadireye göz at!
landing.view.fest19hair.header=NADİRE Gökkuşağı Bukleleri!

landing.view.fest19lady.body=Bayan Gaia, festivalde gerçekleşen her şeyi izliyor. Sani ve piksellerini koruyor. Şükretmelisin!
landing.view.fest19lady.button=Nadireye göz at!
landing.view.fest19lady.header=NADİRE Lady Gaia!

landing.view.fest19ltd.body=Grace bir festival emektarıdır. Görünüşe göre annesi Woodstock'taydı ... Bu furni SINIRLI SÜRÜM eşyasıdır sadece kısa bir süre için kullanılabilir!
landing.view.fest19ltd.button=Sınırlı Sürüm Nadiresine (LTD) göz at!
landing.view.fest19ltd.header=Sınırlı Sürüm Nadiresi (LTD) Alpaca Grace!

landing.view.fest19new.body=Yeni Mobi KATEGORİMİZE mutlaka göz atmalısın!
landing.view.fest19new.button=Mobiye göz at!
landing.view.fest19new.header=YENİ Bohemian Festivali Mobileri!

landing.view.fest19owl.body=Hippiler tarafından Festival müdavimleri için üretildi. Fırsatın varken bu tahta baykuş heykellerinden birini mutlaka almalısın, uzun süre etrafta olmayacaklar!
landing.view.fest19owl.button=Nadireye göz at!
landing.view.fest19owl.header=NADİRE Mücevherli Baykuş

landing.view.fest19runway.body=Dört özel rozet ve ALTI seçkin giyim eşyası (2x Beyin Kavanozu, Paparazzi Kameraları ve Baş Bandajları) ile bu paketin tam sürümü kaçırılmaz!
landing.view.fest19runway.button=Pakete göz at!
landing.view.fest19runway.header=Moda Haftası Pist Paketi!

landing.view.fest19shades.body=Bu mükemmel Gökkuşağı Saçları, Katalogdan Nadir bulunan bir eşya olarak yerini aldı!
landing.view.fest19shades.button=Nadireye göz at!
landing.view.fest19shades.header=NADİRE Gökkuşağı Tonları
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