The Guardian tool has been disabled (all hotels)
The Guardian tool has been disabled. Unfortunately, some Guardians have been misusing the feature. It is because of this that we have felt forced to discontinue the tool.

We are extremely grateful to those Habbos that help others to enjoy their time in the Hotel and to create a safer community. We will work hard to develop a new Guardians Program in the near future.

Thank you all for your understanding and support!

-Habbo Staff = guardians.enabled=false = guardians.enabled=false = guardians.enabled=false = guardians.enabled=false = guardians.enabled=false = guardians.enabled=false = guardians.enabled=false = guardians.enabled=false = guardians.enabled=false

On April 2nd, the tool was temporarily suspended in due to technical problems. According to the news in Spanish, technicians would work to restore the tool to normalcy as soon as possible, but after three weeks the tool remains disabled. Today, Sulake decided to permanently discontinue the tool in all hotels.

This is not the first time the tool has been suspended: in December 2018, the Helpers and Guardians tools were also temporarily disabled on

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Ancient Greek Rares - Habbo
RARE Medusa Hair!
Snakes for hair. Snakes for hair! SNAKES FOR HAIR! Rare and never to sold again. Get one of these hairstyles while you can, Habbos!


GRK10 (badge)
RARE Medusa Hair

¡RARO Pelo de Medusa!
RARE Medusa Haar!
NADİRE Medusa Saç!

RARE Luxury Tiled Bath!
Who doesn't love a nice hot bath? Particularly when it's decorated with luxury mosaic tiles. Rare and available for a limited time only!


GRK11 (badge)
RARE Luxury Tiled Bath

¡RARO Baño de azulejos de lujo!
RARE Luxuriös gefliestes Bad
NADİRE Lüks Çinili Banyo!

RARE Minotaur Horns!
Become the mythical beast. Rare and never to be released again!


GRK12 (badge)
RARE Minotaur Horns

¡RARO Cuernos de Minotauro!
RARE Minotaurus Hörner
NADİRE Minotaur Boynuzları!

RARE Senator's Bed!
Greek senators are said to be the founders of the first known democracy in the world. They deserved a good bed, right? Rare and only available for a limited time!


GRK13 (badge)
RARE Senator's Bed

¡RARO Litera de Senador!
RARE Senator Bett
NADİRE Senatör Yatağı!

RARE Theatrical Masks!
There's a mask for every occasion. Well, not EVERY occasion. However, we've got a tragic mask and a comedic mask for sale. Both rare, both never to be sold again!


GRK14 (badge) - GRK15 (badge)
RARE Comic Mask - RARE Tragedy Mask

¡RARO Máscaras de teatro!
RARE Theatermasken
NADİRE Tiyatro Maskeleri!

RARE Ancient Greek Chariot!
Maybe you'll never be able to own an ancient greek chariot in real life. But it's Habbo - so you can. RARE and NEVER to be sold again!


GRK16 (badge)
RARE Ancient Greek Chariot

¡RARO Carro de la Antigua Grecia!
RARE Antiker griechischer Streitwagen
NADİRE Antik Yunan arabası!
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June 2019 - Bohemian Festival (Furnis)

Grace the Alpaca LTD

RARE Rainbow Curls / RARE Rainbow Shades / RARE Gem-Studded Owl / RARE Lady Gaia

Skulls Mega Collector

Bohemian Festival Clothing


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Sulake's office in Madrid will receive a new game
A new vacancy to work on Sulake as a User Care Agent was published recently in job advertisement channels, but not for Habbo but for Governor of Poker 3, a game developed by the Azerion group (formerly known as OrangeGames). Sulake searches for three Italian speakers with desirable fluency in French.

According to the description, the company is expanding the Governor of Poker 3 game team in Madrid - this suggests that Habbo's physical resources (such as the office) can be shared.

The Sulake office in Madrid was opened in 2003 to start Habbo activities in Spanish. In 2018, Habbo employees in Madrid began to act also in the Hotel Hideaway. Now Sulake looks ready to receive a third new game.

For now nothing suggests that Governor of Poker will be the new product of Sulake.
We do not know what impact this will have on Habbo.
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