New codes - Valentines Day
De AlexGeek a 08-01-2019 17:11:23
landing.view.val19bath.body=Take a bath with your favourite Habbo. This item is rare - don't miss out!
landing.view.val19bath.button=See the rare!
landing.view.val19bath.header=RARE Romantic Bathtub

["val_r19_bath","Romantic Bathtub",""]

landing.view.val19cny.body=The Chinese lunar calendar dictates that this year is the year of the PIG. We've got a cute little Piglet Hat and a brand new poster and statue. Happy Chinese New Year!
landing.view.val19cny.button=See the furni
landing.view.val19cny.header=Chinese New Year Furni!

["china_pstr10","Pig Poster",""] - ["china_pig","Pig Statue",""]

["clothing_piglethat","Piglet Hat",""]

landing.view.val19come.body=All of your Valentine's Day favourites are BACK! Stock up while you can...
landing.view.val19come.button=See the furni
landing.view.val19come.header=Classic Valentine's Furni!

landing.view.val19game.body=Are you ready for love? Participate in our newest hit programme: 'First Habbo Dates'! You never know, you MAY just find the pixel love of your life...
landing.view.val19game.button=Open the Navigator
landing.view.val19game.header=First Habbo Dates

landing.view.val19messybun.body=Messy but definitely romantic. Rare and never to be sold again, get one while you can!
landing.view.val19messybun.button=See the rare!
landing.view.val19messybun.header=RARE Romantic Messy Bun

["clothing_r19_messybun","Romantic Messy Bun",""]

landing.view.val19new.body=To get you all in the mood for Valentine's Day, we created a mini furni line called Romantic Restaurant. Available now, go and see!
landing.view.val19new.button=See the furni
landing.view.val19new.header=NEW Romantic Restaurant furni!

["val_c19_awning","Romantic Awning",""]
["val_c19_bottle","Chilled Bubblejuice",""]
["val_c19_bottlewall","Bubblejuice Rack",""]
["val_c19_chair","Romantic Chair",""]
["val_c19_food","Romantic Food",""]
["val_c19_petals","Romantic Petals",""]
["val_c19_table","Romantic Table",""]
["val_c19_tableacc","Romantic Table Accessory",""]
["val_c19_till","Romantic Restaurant Till",""]

landing.view.val19player.body=Play a love song on this rare record player and get in the mood for love... Rare furni, available now! (EXCLUSIVE badge included)
landing.view.val19player.button=See the rare!
landing.view.val19player.header=RARE Romantic Record Player

["val_r19_recordplayer","Romantic Record Player",""]

landing.view.val19puppy.body=Is that special someone a dog lover? Well, you've just found the perfect present. This item is rare - don't miss out!
landing.view.val19puppy.button=See the rare
landing.view.val19puppy.header=RARE Puppy Present

["val_r19_puppy","Puppy Present",""]

landing.view.val19rest.body=Take your nearest and dearest out for a romantic dinner this Valentine's Day! Exclusive badge included.
landing.view.val19rest.button=See the bundle
landing.view.val19rest.header=Romantic Restaurant Bundle

landing.view.val19shortcurly.body=Curls are SO in. Rare furni, available now! (Exclusive badge included)
landing.view.val19shortcurly.button=See the rare!
landing.view.val19shortcurly.header=RARE Romantic Curly Hair

["clothing_r19_shortcurly","Romantic Curly Hair",""]

landing.view.val19sid.body=A better internet starts with you. If we all work together, we can certainly achieve this! That is why this year's Safter Internet Day theme is 'together for a better internet'. Play this week's games and quiz and ensure you are doing your part to make the internet better!
landing.view.val19sid.button=Open the navigator
landing.view.val19sid.header=Safer Internet Day 2019

landing.view.val19skirt.body=So cute and SO FRILLY! Rare and never to be sold again, get one of these skirts while you can!
landing.view.val19skirt.button=See the rare
landing.view.val19skirt.header=RARE Frilled Skirt

["clothing_r19_frilledskirt","Frilled Skirt",""]

landing.view.val19sofa.body=There's never a bad time to Habbo and chill. Rare and never to be sold again, get one of these while you can!
landing.view.val19sofa.button=See the rare!
landing.view.val19sofa.header=RARE Romantic Sofa

["val_r19_sofa","Romantic Sofa",""]

landing.view.val19waistcoat.body=Wow... suits you sir (or madam). This item is RARE - don't miss out!
landing.view.val19waistcoat.button=See the rare!
landing.view.val19waistcoat.header=RARE Romantic Waistcoat

["clothing_r19_waistcoat","Romantic Waistcoat",""]

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