Habbo 2020: beta phase
De Leotoddy a 08-05-2020 19:16:37
Since the beginning of May, Sulake has been keeping secret dialogues with players from different communities about the beta phase of Habbo 2020, which is expected to start operating later this month. Officially, there is no public information on the matter.

The start of the next phase will count on the help of select users from all communities to access the new version of Habbo, which will not be available to the general public. Some players have already been contacted and are awaiting further instructions from Sulake. Currently, no user has access to the new version of the game.


A beta phase means that a product is still in the development stage, that is, not fully finalized, but that it can be made available to a limited audience for the purpose of reporting bugs and feedback to developers. For this reason, only a few users will be able to access this version.

The selection process has already started in some communities, following this flow:

Local staffs choose users who will be able to access the beta version. Fansite members, ambassadors and builders may have a preference in the selection process. Each community can have its own selection criteria;

Selected players are communicated directly within Habbo in order to confirm interest*. Ambassadors, fansites and builders can be communicated through other channels that they keep in touch with Habbo;

After confirming users, they will receive further instructions on how the program will work. This phase has not yet occurred in any community.

Not all communities have contacted players about this new phase. For now, this will be the selection criterion in each of them:

Users have already been contacted (users can still be called up)
8 unspecified users
Users have already been contacted (users can still be called up)
6 fansite members, 1 ambassador and 1 builder
8 unspecified users
3 fansite members, 3 users, 1 ambassador and 1 builder
8 unspecified users
3 fansite members, 2 ambassadors (also fansite members), 2 builders (also fansite members) and 1 user
Users have already been contacted (selection completed)

In some cases, fansites, ambassadors and builders may also indicate names. In principle, only 8 users from each community will be selected. But it is not clear whether this number may vary according to the size of each hotel. All of these players will access a single hotel, in English, along with staffs from the Habbo development team and local staffs will not be present. It is also not clear how this access will happen.. Users are expected to return to Habbo with feedback on the new game.

It is expected that as of next Monday, Habbo Staffs from all communities will intensify the selection process and selected users will receive instructions on this new phase.

It is not known whether or when the beta phase will be available to the general public, nor how long this phase will last. Habbo 2020 project was first announced last September, and since then, a series of publications on Habbo has been detailing a little about the new version of the game. The official launch of the new Habbo is expected for August, during the game's anniversary celebrations.


The start of beta testing has been postponed to June, with no precise date. The reasons for the postponement were not made known.

* Be safe: forms on external websites or contacts directly via email is a scam.

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