Who am I?
Hi there !

I am from France, webmaster of a Habbo Fansite (habbstars.fr). I used to work for another one, habbogazette.fr, which is closed since June 2013.

I also love building rooms and wiring them.
Playing Habbo since mid-2010, I was involved into several room competitions and official games.

I am interested in web technologies and server-side developement using Node.JS or PHP. You can follow me @MattouFP (will answer and read in english or french).
My accounts across hotels:

* Main:
     - .FR, .NL, .IT: MattouFP
     - .COM: piratequelq
     - .ES: antiquelq
* Others:
     - .DE, .SE, .NO, .COM.TR: MattouFP
     - .FI: ihkuquelq
     - .COM.BR: rockquelqsk
     - .DK: hrquelqdanm
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Nome de usuárioMattouFP
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Coucou !

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