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The Video below is a video of my cats I thought was funny/cute please check it out.
A Little About
Hello A Little About Me

My name is Shelly I also go by Shell, Sh3ll.
I'm 21 years old I was born on 08/23/94.
I am from the USA, IL Chicago born and raised.

I am 100% an animal lover big time anything from small cats to big dogs! I have three cats Angel Male 4 year old all black fat cat he's such a devil...really. Tigger Male 2 years old skinny orange Tabby very nice and cute. Mittens Female 1 year old half Tabby/Calico she's spoiled.

Welcome To My P
Hello Welcome To My Page

Feel free to ask my questions or write me messages at any time and I promise I'll respond to every message I get.

Feel free to add me to your friends list or follow me on twitter and I shall do the same in return.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Have a wonderful day and many more
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Shield 02-03-2014 19:03:16
I use Paint.NET as art program
Witch one do you use?

LiquefiedFilth 13-01-2014 18:34:20
Deleted as you requested. Next time just report it and we'll get rid for you! And yeah I like the stickers idea too!

Pixie 13-01-2014 17:15:12
That video is soo cute ^_^ and LOOL at the image of the "10 year old girls crying" xD TBH I didn't even know that 10 year old girls can have boyfriends :s How awful! I wish I can put images on your guestbook. How do you even do that?

Pixie 08-01-2014 18:56:11
Hello babe! Thanks for the coffee <3

Pixie 04-01-2014 05:40:11
Happy New Year! *^o^/*

LiquefiedFilth 04-01-2014 00:31:27
Happy New Year!

Pixie 23-12-2013 01:26:45
Hey Boo. Merry Christmas to you too! Stay safe and warm! <3

LiquefiedFilth 21-12-2013 16:08:17
Merry Christmas to you too!

LiquefiedFilth 01-12-2013 17:04:23
really?! twitter dm me

Pixie 17-11-2013 21:34:49
Haha, yes a new badge. U jelly?

Pixie 14-11-2013 23:23:18

sh3llsh3ll 10-11-2013 17:05:17
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!

Pixie 20-10-2013 02:30:32
Hey! I'm doing good How about yourself?

Pixie 04-07-2013 17:38:56
Hey Boo! Have a Happy 4th of July!!

Pixie 23-06-2013 19:20:13
Eh, I'm not really into Instagram... it's the same thing as Tumblr and Pintrest, if you think about it

::Angela:: 23-06-2013 12:43:05
Hello (:

Volcanics 20-06-2013 03:40:57

Pixie 19-06-2013 07:10:28
That's cool I bet the blonde highlights look pretty!

Good to hear that you guys are back together again. I hope that everything works out

Thanks for the cute chick! I love it

Vado 15-06-2013 08:50:59
Way too busy to accept friend requests

That picture is so cute!!

sh3llsh3ll 14-06-2013 21:38:32

Pixie 14-06-2013 00:55:15
Oooh, you're going blonde just in time for summer! ;D

Pixie 11-06-2013 01:32:00
Thanks boo

And ermm... not handing the badge over LOL. Better luck next time!

Vado 10-06-2013 11:24:29
Haha I should probably change mine a little.. been the same for ages Maybe when I start adding new stuff to staff shop.

Vado 04-06-2013 10:29:49
I loveee your sparkly name!

Luke367 31-05-2013 16:22:41
I've been good thank you wbu

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