PIXELBLITZ - December Winner Announced!

Well well well. It’s the end of the competition and all the votes have been counted. We had a load of great submissions this year and massive congratulations to all our finalists;

- Joorren
- Sr.anonimo
- Sh3llsh3ll
- Laurens078

You all bag yourself a special background for your Puhekupla profile, which will be delivered asap. Why not check it on your profile now to see if it’s already there?!

But, now it’s time you’ve all been waiting for. The winner of PixelBlitz December 2013, with their fantastic submission that all of us loved, is Sr.anonimo! See the winning submission below. They now bag themselves not only the exclusive background, but also the official winners badge!

A huge congrats to all involved and thanks all of you for voting too. If you missed out on this month’s competition, don’t be upset. We’ve got loads of competitions coming up as well as regular PixelBlitz! So, plenty of chances to win extra stuff!

Until then, seeya!

Joe, Community Manager

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COMPETITION - 12 Days of Christmas

You can no longer enter this competition.

Thanks for taking part.

Entries are now being counted and you will receive your special badge asap!

Mark and Joe x

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SITE UPDATE - Edit your Avatar!
Ever got the feeling the comments section is a bit... bland?

Yeah, we did too. So, we came up with a little something to add that little bit more colour and customization to your Puhekupla experience! You can now change your avatar, which is a little picture of you, customized to your own needs, that will appear next to your comments and also messages.

Alright, calm down? If you're that crazy about it, click onto your profile, edit your profile and then click: 'Edit Avatar'. There, a box should pop up where you can edit what it looks like. Remember, this is only the start. We'll be adding new backgrounds and foregrounds and stances very soon so you can get even more personal.

Please note that it might take as much as one minute for it to update on the site, so please be patient and do not panic! Also, if yours doesn't appear at first, you might have to clear your cache.

Hope you like this little something! More of this to come, we think!

Mark and LiquefiedFilth

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COMPETITION - News Reporters and Riddles Competition - CLOSED
We have some good announcements in this article! Bet you can't wait?!

Welcome to the team!

We've had plenty of applications, but in the end we had to whittle them all down to the top three, and here they are. Remember, they're part of the community too, so say hey to our new news reporters!!

"Oh hello there! My name is Michael & I'm from the United Kingdom. I have been a member of Habbo since 2008 and have played on numerous accounts since then. I am a big fan of Doctor Who and house music, currently busting out the dance moves to 'Eat Sleep Rave Repeat' but enough about that. I love finding out Habbo related secrets and I can be a big gossiper! I'm lucky to have this opportunity to share the secrets, be it upcoming updates, Habbo news or Habbo in general with you all."

"Greetings! I'm Amri, from Singapore. I'm a reporter here on Puhekupla, we bring you the latest news around! Feel free to follow me on twitter! See you around in Habbo! =)"

"Hiya I'm Johannes. I like doing graphics, I like playing video games, and I love writing articles."

If you missed the recruitment window or you were unsuccessful, please do not be disheartened. We're always a growing community so we're always looking for new people to join our amazing team. Keep checking the website and twitter for recruitment!

Riddles Competition!

Congratulations to everyone who got the following answers!

“What kind of room has no windows or doors?”
A Mushroom

“What kind of pet always stays on the floor?”
A Carpet

“I start and end with a T and I have T inside me. What am I?”
A teapot (ooo, very English)

So, they were the answers and only those who got it right could win. Congratulations to:

- Unexplored
- Terregan
- Joorren
- thebest.bst-ban
- freky30
- pixie
- jzz144

For their correct answers they bag themselves an exclusive badge (see bottom)! If you didn’t win this time, don’t be sad, they’ll be plenty of chances to win more and more, so watch this space. But for now, thanks for playing, it’s been fun!

For now, I'm out!
LiquefiedFilth, Community Manager

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