It's raining meatball-thi
Everyone hide!
It's raining meatball-badges!


You'll get them @ the promotion for the movie: Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs!

We've also found the topstory-image and the background!
Click on the thumb below to see the whole background (don't know why the background is in such a bad quality):

And the topstory-image:

Well, that was all for now

- Haakon

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More Kitchen developments
Today there have been some new developments in Habbo Land..
Habbo France have released the same three Kitchen/Miam! furniture as in Habbo NL..
The promotion came with this animated article images:

And Habbo Hotel America have officialy uploaded the earlier founded Kitchen Survivor background!
Click on the thumb, to see the whole image:

That was it for now folks!

- Haakon
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Two new Italian badges!
New badges, found by our friends at!



Possibly the first badge will have something to do with a music-related competition?
The second one will definitely be used by some sort of Tokio Hotel campaign...
Maybe a vip-visit?

- Haakon
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Habbo FI, DE & SE = R
Today have been updated to Release 37 - Build 53!

Habbo FI
Release 37 - Build 53
31-08-2009 03:00

It has all the same stuff that Habbo UK has too
Like the new moodlight and stuff.
Only the Guide Bot, isn't working yet.
When I click on the button, nothing happens.
The hotel is getting full again now.. only Habbo Germany is under mainentance now..
Maybe they're getting R37-B53 too?
Weird thing is btw, that normally all the other hotels except the pilot hotel always gets an older Release then the Pilot Hotel, and now Habbo FI has the same RELEASE as the pilot hotel Habbo UK?
Also Habbo Sweden is under mainentance now?

Update: Also Habbo DE has R37-B53 now!
Hotels which has the newest version or just in RELEASE37 are: Release 37 - Build 53 31-08-2009 03:00 Release 37 - Build 53 31-08-2009 03:00 Release 37 - Build 53 31-08-2009 03:00
Sulake Test Hotel Release 37 - Build 49 25-08-2009 03:01 Release 37 - Build 53 31-08-2009 03:00

Sweden had just got R37-B53

- Haakon
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