Merry Christmas!

- We would like to thank you for all your support in 2015, and stay tuned for 2016 - we're coming back better than ever.
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Become a Puhekupla Partner

If fansites have been wondering about "Puhekupla Partners" lately, we apologise for the lack of communication, and right now we're going to fix that.

If you sent us e-mails about becoming a Puhekupla Partner recently, unfortunately we have a lack of resources right now to reply to each and every single one of them, so we're now asking you to re-send an e-mail with the correct information for us, to make it a quick and easy process for your website to go live on Puhekupla.

Read below for instructions

Puhekupla receives a lot of visitors each month, so why not be apart of all of the madness (well, goodness!) and become a Puhekupla Partner. Habbo is returning to it's roots, so we thought we would help them, by returning to the "Habbo fansites" roots too, by advertising all of the wonderful fan sites out there with an updated list.

We're inviting the whole community out there who runs a fansite to contact us, and be a partner with us, so all of our viewers can see your website with a short description and image.

If you're interested in becoming a Puhekupla Partner, e-mail the following to *filtered*
with the subject line "Puhekupla Partner":

- Your name
- Your e-mail
- Fansite name
- Fansite link
- Country fansite is based in
- Fansite description
- Fansite link image (max. 120x40 px)
- 2 names of administrators usernames on Puhekupla


Accepted fansites will show up on this page, and will be checked regularly. Details will be sent back in an e-mail, thanks!

PLEASE NOTE: All fansites that are ALREADY on the fansite page MUST re-apply (re-email) as all fansites on this page will be DELETED!

By *filtered*
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Apply for a job on Puhekupla!
As Puhekupla is expanding and getting bigger, we need some more help around here in the community department. We've got loads of things coming up in the next few months, so we are now looking for an assistant site producer.

If you're a hard working creative person who loves to think up wacky, kooky and fun things for a large user base of viewers then this is the job for you! You'll be working closely with the production team of the website to bring new features to the community, along with weekly and monthly competitions.

- You must speak English, English as a second language is fine
- Must have correct spelling and grammar
- Act professional and mature
- Willing to put in 3-4 days of work
- Creative and a close eye to detail
- Optional: ability to create graphics

Does this sound like you?
Apply to be an Assistant Site Producer

Send the following information to *filtered* with the subject line "Puhekupla Application"

- Puhekupla username
- Habbo username
- Which hotel you play (e.g .COM)
- The main language you speak (English speaking essential, even as second language)
- Have you worked on previous fansites? If so, which ones?
- Do you have knowledge of pixel art? Can you make pixel images?
- Are you willing to put in 3-4 days of work for the website?
- In detail, why do you think you're the perfect person for the job?
- Write an example article of what you may write about on Puhekupla
- Anything else you'd like to add (including graphics, articles etc.)

Applications will close Wednesday the 9th of September. Applicants that are selected to go through to the second round will be contacted by mid September.. Good luck!

By *filtered*
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Happy Birthday Mark!
On behalf of everyone at Puhekupla, we would like to wish Mark a happy birthday!
You can send him a birthday wish in the comments or to @Puhekupla on Twitter

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