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New hotel view + icon - Bazaar


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BACK: Habbo Main Street (bundles) -UPDATE

Apartment 1/Apartment 2/Apartment 3/Apartment 4

badge_name_ERB06=Apartment 1
badge_name_ERB07=Apartment 2
badge_name_ERB08=Apartment 3
badge_name_ERB09=Apartment 4
featured.offer.bundle32.title=Apartments Bundle

Apartment 1
You like the bohemian spirit of your room!

Apartment 2+1
You like the atmosphere of freedom in your building!

Apartment 3+2+1
You like how elegant the rooms are here!

Apartment 4+3+2+1 (Available only the fourth + all badges)
You like how sophisticated your building is!

Thanks for images - habboxwiki

UPDATE 07/07
landing.view.jul17apart.body=Opportunities like this are rare - 4 (new) different badges + 3 classic, *EXCLUSIVE* furni - a White Bling Fridge, Sofa AND Bed!
landing.view.jul17apart.button=See the bundle
landing.view.jul17apart.header=4 Habbo Main Street is BACK!

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Summer Rares + Seaside Watersports Bundle -PREVIEW

Seaside Watersports Bundle

45 + 45


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