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landing.view.sep20autumnal.body=The trees are starting to turn brown, it's getting colder and hot drinks are starting to appeal. Get into an autumnal mindset with this bundle!
landing.view.sep20autumnal.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.sep20autumnal.header=NEW: Autumn Days Bundle!

CBP10 (badge)
Autumn Days Bundle

90 + 90

¡NUEVO: Lote Días Otoñales!
NOVO: Pack Bosque Cálido!
UUTUUS: Syksyinen päivä-huonepaketti!
NOUVEAU : Pack Journées d'autonme !
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Giornate Autunnali!
NIEUW: Herfst Bundel!
NEU: Herbsttage Bündel!

landing.view.sep20cfwatch.body=Rare and never to be sold again, this watch is not only a good investment but a fantastic room centrepiece for the credit-conscious Habbo.
landing.view.sep20cfwatch.button=See the item!
landing.view.sep20cfwatch.header=RARE Luxurious Watch Credit Furni!

Code: CF_250_fancywatch
Name: Luxurious Watch

¡RARO Furni Crédito Reloj lujoso!
RARO Câmbio Relógio Luxuoso!
HARVINAINEN Hienostokello-kolesetti!
RARE Magot Montre de luxe !
Furni di Credito Orologio Lussuoso RARO!
Zeldzame Luxe Chique Horloge (credit meubi)!
RARE Luxuriöse Uhr Talermöbel!
Nadire Lüks Saat Kredi Mobi!

landing.view.sep20collectible.body=This clothing item comes with an exclusive badge. Pick up all eight of our collectible Neo-Habbo clothing items this month and you'll receive a special Mega Collector badge!
landing.view.sep20collectible.button=See the clothing!
landing.view.sep20collectible.header=Collectible Neo-Habbo Clothing!

CBP15 (badge)
Collectible Cyberpunk Visor

Code: clothing_cyhelmet
Name: Cyberpunk Visor
Price: 5 credits + 10 diamonds

CBP16 (badge)
Collectible Cyberpunk Sneakers

Code: clothing_cytrainers
Name: Cyberpunk Sneakers
Price: 3 credits + 10 diamonds

CBP17 (badge)
Collectible Loc Buns

Code: clothing_cybuns
Name: Loc Buns
Price: 5 credits + 10 diamonds

CBP18 (badge)
Collectible Cyberpunk Gas Mask

Code: clothing_cygasmask
Name: Cyberpunk Gas Mask
Price: 7 credits + 10 diamonds

CBP19 (badge)
Collectible Cyberpunk Striders

Code: clothing_cylegs
Name: Cyberpunk Striders
Price: 4 credits + 10 diamonds

CBP20 (badge)
Collectible Cyberpunk Fins

Code: clothing_cyfins
Name: Cyberpunk Fins
Price: 3 credits + 10 diamonds

CBP21 (badge)
Collectible Cyberpunk Holo Lens

Code: clothing_cyeyepiece
Name: Cyberpunk Holo Lens
Price: 5 credits + 10 diamonds

CBP22 (badge)
Collectible Cyberpunk Battle Armour

Code: clothing_cychest
Name: Cyberpunk Battle Armour
Price: 4 credits + 10 diamonds

CBP23 (badge)
Neo-Habbo Mega Collector

¡Colección de ropa Neo-Habbo!
Itens de vestir colecionáveis Neo-Habbo!
Keräiltävät Neo-Habbo-vatteet!
Vêtements de collection Neo-Habbo !
Look collezionabili Neo-Habbo!
Verzamelbare Neo Habbo Kledingitems!
Sammelbare Neo-Habbo Kleidung!
Koleksiyonluk Neo-Habbo Giysileri!

landing.view.sep20newautumn.body=Do you have a desire for something a bit more natural than cyborgs, machines and robots? Great news: we've just released some brand new autumnal takes on existing tree furni!
landing.view.sep20newautumn.button=Check them out!
landing.view.sep20newautumn.header=NEW: Autumnal Trees!

Code: autumn_c20_birdfood
Name: Hanging Bird Feeder
Price: 2 credits + 10 diamonds

Code: autumn_c20_bench
Name: Autumnal Park Bench
Price: 4 credits + 10 diamonds

Code: autumn_c20_tree1
Name: Autumnal Ash Tree
Price: 7 credits

Code: autumn_c20_tree2
Name: Bendy Birch Tree
Price: 3 credits

Code: autumn_c20_tree3
Name: Tall Fall Tree
Price: 10 credits

Code: autumn_c20_tree4
Name: Autumnal Cedar Tree
Price: 15 credits

Code: autumn_c20_tree5
Name: Autumnal Bird Tree
Price: 5 credits

Code: autumn_c20_tree6
Name: Autumnal Branching Tree
Price: 15 credits

¡NUEVO: Árboles Otoñales!
NOVO: Árvores Cálidas!
UUTTA: Syksyiset puut!
NOUVEAU : Arbres d'automne !
NUOVO: Alberi Autunnali!
NIEUW: Herfstbomen!
NEU: Herbstliche Bäume!
Yeni: Sonbahar Agaclari!

landing.view.sep20r1.body=The perfect mode of transport for a huge, sprawling metropolis. Rare and never to be sold again, get one while you can!
landing.view.sep20r1.button=See the rare!
landing.view.sep20r1.header=RARE Cyberpunk Robo-Wings!

CBP11 (badge)
Rare Cyberpunk Robo-Wings

Code: clothing_r20_cyborgwings
Name: Cyberpunk Robo-Wings

¡RARO: Alas robotizadas Ciberpunk!
RARO Asas Cyberpunk!
HARVINAISET Cyberpunk-roboottisiivet!
RARE Ailes Robotiques Cyberpunk !
Robo-Ali Cyberpunk RARE !
Zeldzame Cyberpunk Robo-Vleugels!
RARE Cyberpunk Robo-Flügel!
Nadire Cyberpunk Robo Kanatlari!

landing.view.sep20r2.body=To put it simply: cyborgs have emotions too. Rare and never to be sold again!
landing.view.sep20r2.button=See the rare!
landing.view.sep20r2.header=RARE Cybernetic Faceplate!

CBP12 (badge)
Rare Cybernetic Faceplate

Code: clothing_r20_cyborgface
Name: Cybernetic Faceplate

¡RARO: Máscara cibernética!
RARO Emoções Cibernéticas!
HARVINAINEN Cyberpunk-kasvolevy!
RARE Masque Cybernétique !
Frontalino Cibernetico RARO!
Zeldzaam Cybernetisch Gezichtmasker!
RARE Cybernetische Gesichtsmaske!
Nadire Cybernetic On Panel!

landing.view.sep20r3.body=The VR simulators in Neo-Habbo are almost too realistic... always remember to unplug! This furni is RARE and will never be available from the Catalogue again.
landing.view.sep20r3.button=See the rare!
landing.view.sep20r3.header=RARE VR Machine!

CBP13 (badge)
Rare VR Machine

Code: cpunk_r20_augchair
Name: VR Machine

¡RARO Máquina de realidad virtual!
RARO Simulador Realidade Virtual!
HARVINAINEN Virtuaalitodellisuuslaite!
RARE Machine de Réalité Virtuelle !
Simulatore VR RARO!
Zeldzame Virtual Reality Machine!
RARE VR Maschine!
Nadire VR Makinesi!

landing.view.sep20r4.body=Hotel legend has it that if you walk around this pond three times, a wish you make will be granted. Rare and never to be sold again!
landing.view.sep20r4.button=See the rare!
landing.view.sep20r4.header=RARE Autumnal Wishing Pond!

CBP14 (badge)
Rare Autumnal Wishing Pond!

Code: autumn_r20_pond
Name: Autumnal Wishing Pond

¡RARO: Estanque de los deseos Otoñal!
RARO Lago dos Desejos!
HARVINAINEN Syksyinen toivomuslampi!
RARE Mare à souhaits d'automne !
Laghetto dei Desideri Autunnale RARO!
Zeldzame Herfstachtige Wensput!
RARE Herbstlicher Wunschteich!
Nadire Sonbahar Dilek Goleti!

landing.view.sep20school.body=From the classroom to the cafeteria. From the lab to the library. Make returning to learning a bit more bearable - furni from the Back to School line is available now!
landing.view.sep20school.button=See the furni!
landing.view.sep20school.header=BACK: School items!

Category: University

Category: School

¡VUELVEN: Artículos del cole!
DE VOLTA: Mobis Escolares!
DE RETOUR : mobis d'école !
RITORNO: Furni Scuola!
Back to School items zijn terug!
WIEDER DA: Schul-Items!
GERI: Okul esyalari!

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