Rare Vintage Armchair! - Habbo
Af Puhekupla_Staff den 14-09-2020 13:38:35
RARE Vintage Armchair!
Not enough seats? We have the solution! This Vintage Armchair is a RARE collectable you won't want to miss out on! Check it out in the Catalogue now!

CBP29 (badge)
Rare Vintage Armchair

Code: rare_royalchair
Name: Vintage Armchair

¡RARO Sillón antiguo!
RARO Poltrona Vintage!
HARVINAINEN Antiikkinojatuoli!
Fauteuil Vintage RARE !
Poltrona Vintage RARA!
ZELDZAME Vintage Armstoel!
RARE Vintage Sessel!
NADÄ°RE Vintage Koltuk!

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