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Terregan 31-01-2015 13:44:43
Hey Jonathan! Congratulations on becoming Community Manager! It's a big responsibility, but I'm sure that you can handle it. Good luck! - Johannes

Mr.Nusermus 28-01-2015 20:30:39
Jeg kan ikke validere min habbo.com konto, selv om jeg bruger den rigtige valideringskode. farkir-dk er mit .com navn

Laurens078 24-01-2015 02:35:04
Even though I won't get the badge anymore, I want to wish you the best of luck as Community Manager here on Puhekupla.

LiquefiedFilth 17-01-2015 14:21:16
I want a badge! Welcome to the team, looking forward to passing on the baton to you!

Joorren 17-01-2015 00:16:30
Welcome to the team! I hope you'll have a lot of fun and that your competitions will be amazing
Good luck!

andrix 12-01-2015 16:38:30
Welcome to the team, anew! Have fun, and take it easy.

Shield 09-01-2015 16:45:40
Great you became the new Community Manager! Hope to see a lot of events from you

Pixie 08-01-2015 20:21:49
Hey, Joke! Congratulations on becoming Puhekupla's new Community Manager!

ferrazmatheus 08-01-2015 13:53:57
Bem Vindo!!

Jockes 07-01-2015 17:36:43
Hej och välkommen, lycka till nu från ett snöigt Sverige!

Mr.Nusermus 05-01-2015 09:15:46
Godt nytår

Terregan 13-10-2013 19:58:41

Joke 03-08-2013 01:09:59
Gimme some love here!

Du er nødt til at logge ind for at se denne side.

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The past will be added soon. And by soon, I don't have any plans.

30th Nov '14: Translator for Danish (DK)
1st Jan '15: Reporter
2nd Jan '15: Community Manager
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Habbo navn!JOKE!
Primært hotelHabbo.
Puhekupla Staff
I should probably give you an epic fairytale or something, but I can't come up with anything.
Community Manager. Hit me up on Twitter @JokeHabbo for fast response.
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Sadly, I'm not so active @ Puhekupla for the moment.
First things first, I just don't have the time, that I expected to have, and with serveral time-consuming hobbies, things tend to get tough.
Besides from that, all the scandinavian hotels, including .dk which I originated from, are gettings closed as of April this year, so I'm considering whether I'm even allowed to stay here, ethically speaking.

But hey, I'll be back sooner or later!
Twitter: @jokeHabbo