Habbo Economy Statistics
Last Saturday, Habbo posted a tweet about the numbers of items traded in 2017. There are not many details, but the numbers for each hotel. We would like to gather here with other statistics published.

In 2017, according to Habbo, 176,284,459 items were traded. Below are the numbers for each hotel.

Habbo.com.br: 66,899,074 (37.9%)
Habbo.de: 5,797,589 (3.2%)
Habbo.es: 38,366,414 (21.7%)
Habbo.fi: 2,274,169 (1.2%)
Habbo.fr: 9,031,824 (5.1%)
Habbo.it: 3,982,071 (2.2%)
Habbo.nl: 13,310,549 (7.5%)
Habbo.com.tr: 8,784,163 (4.9%)
Habbo.com: 27,838,606 (15.7%)

In addition, Habbo also posted on Twitter the number of completed trades in each hotel.

Habbo.com.br: 8,279,327 (38.8%)
Habbo.de: 544,806 (2.5%)
Habbo.es: 4,883,529 (22.9%)
Habbo.fi: 184,316 (0.8%)
Habbo.fr: 1,115,376 (5.2%)
Habbo.it: 487,232 (2.2%)
Habbo.nl: 1,284,452 (6.0%)
Habbo.com.tr: 1,327,533 (6.2%)
Habbo.com: 3,177,353 (14.9%)

We assume that these numbers deal with all trading features (trade rooms and marketplace). Unfortunately we do not have information about Habbo Credits and furnitures. Remember the statistics for the year 2016 and 2013.

Global Habbo Club Payday

We also have informations about the monthly payment of Habbo Club in our database. Payment is due on the 15th of each month at all hotels.

January: 1,142,789 coins
February: 822,825 coins
March: 797,309 coins
April: 817,648 coins
May: 774,839 coins
June: 802,730 coins
July: 889,123 coins
August: 776,594 coins
September: 922,919 coins
October: 704,539 coins
November: 705,060 coins
December: 838,614 coins

The payment refers to the 10% of credits spent in Shop. Habbo doesn't provide data separately by hotel. In total, it paid globally 9,994,989 coins to users in 2017.

Limited Edition Rares

Earlier we captured data on all the rare from the Edition Limited Rares collection of all hotels. Click here to check out the article again.

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Reporters blog - All in one (22-05-18) -UPDATE

New clothing (Coral Kingdom - June) - Preview

More details

New clothing - Preview

More details

Badges - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

badge_name_W1801=Russian Football Shorts
badge_name_W1802=Russian Football Shorts
badge_name_W1803=Swiss Football Shorts
badge_name_W1804=Swiss Football Shorts
badge_name_W1805=Panamanian Football Shorts
badge_name_W1806=PanamanianFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1807=AustralianFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1808=AustralianFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1809=ArgentinianFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1810=ArgentinianFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1811=South KoreanFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1812=South KoreanFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1813=MarocconFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1814=MarocconFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1815=PortugueseFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1816=PortugueseFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1817=Costa Rican Football Shorts
badge_name_W1818=Costa Rican Football Shorts
badge_name_W1819=Austrian Football Shorts
badge_name_W1820=Austrian Football Shorts
badge_name_W1821=Swedish Football Shorts
badge_name_W1822=Swedish Football Shorts
badge_name_W1823=Mexican Football Shorts
badge_name_W1824=Mexican Football Shorts
badge_name_W1825=French Football Shorts
badge_name_W1826=French Football Shorts
badge_name_W1827=Belgium Football Shorts
badge_name_W1828=Belgium Football Shorts
badge_name_W1829=Uruguayan Football Shorts
badge_name_W1830=UruguayanFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1831=EnglishFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1832=EnglishFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1833=ColombianFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1834=ColombianFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1835=Saudi ArabianFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1836=Saudi ArabianFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1837=PeruvianFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1838=PeruvianFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1839=Senegalese Football Shorts
badge_name_W1840=SenegaleseFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1841=TunesianFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1842=TunesianFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1843=BrazilianFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1844=BrazilianFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1845=GermanFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1846=GermanFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1847=SpanishFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1848=SpanishFootball Shorts
badge_name_W1849=Worldcup 2018 Football Shorts
badge_name_W1850=Worldcup 2018 Football Shorts
badge_name_W1851=Russian Football Shirt
badge_name_W1852=Swiss Football Shirt
badge_name_W1853=Panamanian Football Shirt
badge_name_W1854=Australian Football Shirt
badge_name_W1855=Argentinian Football Shirt
badge_name_W1856=South Korean Football Shirt
badge_name_W1857=Maroccan Football Shirt
badge_name_W1858=Portuguese Football Shirt
badge_name_W1859=Costa Rican Football Shirt
badge_name_W1860=Austrian Football shirt
badge_name_W1861=Swedish Football shirt
badge_name_W1862=Mexican Football shirt
badge_name_W1863=French Football shirt
badge_name_W1864=Belgium Football shirt
badge_name_W1865=Uruguayan Football shirt
badge_name_W1866=English Football shirt
badge_name_W1867=Colombian Football shirt
badge_name_W1868=Saudi Arabian Football shirt
badge_name_W1869=Peruvian Football shirt
badge_name_W1870=Senegalese Football shirt
badge_name_W1871=Tunesian Football shirt
badge_name_W1872=Brazilian Football shirt
badge_name_W1873=German Football shirt
badge_name_W1874=Spanish Football shirt
badge_name_W1875=Worldcup 2018 Football shirt

New codes (June 2018 - Coral Kingdom)

landing.view.coral18cave.body=The Mermaids dropped some serious hints about this special cave... and now you can own it! Comes with exclusive badge.
landing.view.coral18cave.button=See the bundle
landing.view.coral18cave.header=Treasure Cave Bundle

landing.view.coral18chest.body=Coral Kingdom chests are available NOW for 24 hours! The magic, golden chests contain much better items - it's up to you to take your pick!
landing.view.coral18chest.button=Get a chest!
landing.view.coral18chest.header=Coral Kingdom Chests Available!

landing.view.coral18clothing.body=In the Catalogue is a selection of four new items of aquatic-themed clothing... will you collect all of them?
landing.view.coral18clothing.button=See the clothing
landing.view.coral18clothing.header=NEW: Coral Kingdom Clothing

landing.view.coral18furni.body=It's here! The all new Coral Kingdom furni line is in the Catalogue. Build your own version of Atlantis in Habbo TODAY!
landing.view.coral18furni.button=See the furni
landing.view.coral18furni.header=NEW: Coral Kingdom Furni

landing.view.coral18helmet.body=Pick up one of these rare antique helmets while you can. They still (just about) work for exploring underwater kingdoms!
landing.view.coral18helmet.button=See the rare
landing.view.coral18helmet.header=RARE Diver Helmet

landing.view.coral18horse.body=Ride around your underwater kingdom in pure and untrammelled regal style! This is a limited edition furni.
landing.view.coral18horse.button=See the LTD
landing.view.coral18horse.header=Royal Seahorse LTD!

landing.view.coral18house.body=Now that you've travelled all the way to the Coral Kingdom, make sure you buy a house here! Comes with exclusive badge.
landing.view.coral18house.button=See the bundle
landing.view.coral18house.header=Underwater House Bundle

landing.view.coral18mask.body=Inspired by one of the most elegant sea creatures of the ocean, this rare mask is only available for a short time. Get one while you can!
landing.view.coral18mask.button=See the rare
landing.view.coral18mask.header=RARE Seahorse Mask

landing.view.coral18mermaid.body=Only mermaids have ever set foot in this idyllic spot. Now YOU get to live here! Comes with exclusive badge.
landing.view.coral18mermaid.button=See the bundle
landing.view.coral18mermaid.header=Mermaid Lagoon Bundle

landing.view.coral18mirror.body=Even mermaids need their mirrors. Pick one of these rare Vanity Mirrors up while you can - they're only in the Catalogue for a short time!
landing.view.coral18mirror.button=See the rare
landing.view.coral18mirror.header=RARE Vanity Mirror

landing.view.coral18ship.body=This old ship has been aging away at the bottom of the sea. What secrets could lie inside? Comes with exclusive badge.
landing.view.coral18ship.button=See the bundle
landing.view.coral18ship.header=Sunken Ship Bundle

landing.view.coral18turtle.body=NEVER to be sold again, this rare and rideable Sea Turtle is by far the most effective method of transport in the Coral Kingdom.
landing.view.coral18turtle.button=See the rare
landing.view.coral18turtle.header=RARE Rideable Sea Turtle

New codes (June 2018 - Coral Kingdom)

landing.view.coral18cave.body=Las sirenas nos han contado alguna que otra leyenda sobre esta cueva... ¡Y ahora puede ser tuya! Incluye una placa exclusiva.
landing.view.coral18cave.button=Ver el lote
landing.view.coral18cave.header=Lote Cueva del Tesoro

landing.view.coral18chest.body=¡Ya están disponibles durante 24 horas los cofres del Reino de Coral! ¡Contienen grandes reliquias, en tus manos está hacerte con uno de ellos!
landing.view.coral18chest.button=¡Consigue un Cofre!
landing.view.coral18chest.header=¡Disponibles los Cofres del Reino de Coral!

landing.view.coral18clothing.body=En el Catálogo podrás encontrar una selección de cuatro prendas de vestir nuevas de temática acuática. ¡Sumérgete en las profundidades de Habbo con ellas!
landing.view.coral18clothing.button=Ver la ropa
landing.view.coral18clothing.header=NUEVO: Ropa Reino de Coral

landing.view.coral18furni.body=¡Ya está disponible en el catálogo la nueva línea de furnis 'Reino de Coral'! ¡Deja volar tu imaginación y crea con ella mundos repletos de magia!
landing.view.coral18furni.button=Ver el furni
landing.view.coral18furni.header=NUEVO: Furnis Reino de Coral

landing.view.coral18helmet.body=¡Consigue uno de estos raro reliquias mientras puedas! Una escafandra con la que poder explorar los reinos submarinos...
landing.view.coral18helmet.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.coral18helmet.header=RARO Escafandra

landing.view.coral18horse.body=Descubre el Reino de Coral acompañado de este majestuoso amigo. Furni de edición limitada.
landing.view.coral18horse.button=Ver el LTD
landing.view.coral18horse.header=LTD Caballito de Mar

landing.view.coral18house.body=¡Ahora que ya conoces el Reino de Coral, seguro que quieres construirte una casa en él! Incluye una placa exclusiva
landing.view.coral18house.button=Ver el lote
landing.view.coral18house.header=Lote Hogar Submarino

landing.view.coral18mask.body=Inspirado en una de las criaturas más elegantes del océano... Este raro máscara estará disponible solo por tiempo limitado. ¡Consigue una mientras puedas!
landing.view.coral18mask.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.coral18mask.header=RARO Máscara Caballito de Mar

landing.view.coral18mermaid.body=Las sirenas han sido las únicas en habitar este idílico lugar... ¡Ahora te toca a ti vivir la experiencia! Incluye una placa exclusiva.
landing.view.coral18mermaid.button=Ver el lote
landing.view.coral18mermaid.header=Lote Laguna de Sirena

landing.view.coral18mirror.body=Toda sirena necesita tener su propio espejo. ¡No te quedes sin tu Tocador Coral! Estarás disponibles en el Catálogo por tiempo limitado.
landing.view.coral18mirror.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.coral18mirror.header=RARO Tocador Coral

landing.view.coral18ship.body=Este viejo barco ha permanecido durante siglos hundido en el fondo del mar... ¡Quién sabe qué secretos esconde dentro! Incluye una placa exclusiva.
landing.view.coral18ship.button=Ver el lote
landing.view.coral18ship.header=Lote Barco Hundido

landing.view.coral18turtle.body=¡NUNCA más volverá a estar en venta! Este raro, en el que te puedes subir, es la manera más efectiva de recorrer el Reino de Coral
landing.view.coral18turtle.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.coral18turtle.header=RARO Tortuga de Mar

New codes (June 2018 - Coral Kingdom)

landing.view.coral18cave.body=Denizkızları bu özel mağara hakkında bazı ciddi ipuçları bırakmıştı ... ve şimdi ona sahip olabilirsin! Üstelik çok özel bir rozet ile birlikte!
landing.view.coral18cave.button=Oda Paketine gözat
landing.view.coral18cave.header=Hazine Mağarası Oda Paketi

landing.view.coral18chest.body=Mercan Krallık Sandıkları SADECE 24 saatliğine eklendi! Sihirli altın sandıkların içinde çok daha iyi ve harika ürünler var - seçim yapmak size kalmış!
landing.view.coral18chest.button=Sandığını kap!
landing.view.coral18chest.header=Mercan Krallık Sandıkları Geldi!

landing.view.coral18clothing.body=Katalogda su temalı kıyafetlerden dört yeni ürünü var ... hepsini toplayacak mısın?
landing.view.coral18clothing.button=Kıyafetlere Gözat
landing.view.coral18clothing.header=YENİ: Mercan Krallık Kıyafetleri

landing.view.coral18furni.body=Niyahet Geldi! Yeni Mercan Krallık mobilerinin hepsi kataloğumuzda yerini aldı. Hemen Habbo'da kendi Atlantis versiyonunu kurmaya ne dersin?!
landing.view.coral18furni.button=Mobiye gözat
landing.view.coral18furni.header=YENİ: Mercan Krallık Mobileri

landing.view.coral18helmet.body=Bu nadir antika kasklardan birini kaçırma. Hala sualtı krallıklarını keşfetmek için ideal bir ürün.
landing.view.coral18helmet.button=Nadireye gözat!
landing.view.coral18helmet.header=NADİR Dalış Kaskı

landing.view.coral18horse.body=Su altı krallığımızın etrafında saf ve hür bir şekilde krallar gibi gezinin! Bu Sınırlı Sayıda üretilmiş bir mobidir.
landing.view.coral18horse.button=Sınırlı Sürüm Nadiresine Gözat!
landing.view.coral18horse.header=Kraliyet Denizatı Sınırlı Sürüm Nadiresi (LTD)!

landing.view.coral18house.body=Mercan Krallığı'na kadar yolculuk yaptınız, buradan bir ev sahibi olmaya ne dersin? Üstelik çok özel bir rozet ile birlikte!
landing.view.coral18house.button=Oda Paketine gözat
landing.view.coral18house.header=Su altı Evi Oda Paketi

landing.view.coral18mask.body=Okyanusun en zarif deniz yaratıklarından biri tarafından ilham edilen bu nadir maske sadece kısa bir süre için burada olacak. Tükenmeden bir tane alın!
landing.view.coral18mask.button=Nadireye gözat!
landing.view.coral18mask.header=NADİR Denizatı Maskesi

landing.view.coral18mermaid.body=Bu eşsiz alana şimdiye kadar sadece Denizkızları ayak bastı. Şimdi senin sıran, üstelik çok özel bir rozet ile birlikte geliyor!
landing.view.coral18mermaid.button=Oda Paketine Gözat
landing.view.coral18mermaid.header=Denizkızı Lagün Oda Paketi

landing.view.coral18mirror.body=Deniz kızlarının bile aynalara ihtiyacı var. Bu NADİR ve gösterişli Makyaj aynasından birine fırsatın varken sahip olmalısın - sadece kısa bir süre için Katalogdalar!
landing.view.coral18mirror.button=Nadireye gözat!
landing.view.coral18mirror.header=NADİR Mercan Krallık Makyaj Aynası

landing.view.coral18ship.body=Bu eski gemi denizin dibinde yaşlanıyor. İçinde sence hangi sırları barındırıyor olabilir? Özel rozet ile birlikte gelir.
landing.view.coral18ship.button=Oda Paketine gözat
landing.view.coral18ship.header=Batık Gemi Paketi

landing.view.coral18turtle.body=Bir daha asla satışa çıkmayacak olan bu NADİR ve sürülebilir Deniz Kaplumbağası, Mercan Krallıpındaki en etkili ve havalı ulaşım yöntemi olacak.
landing.view.coral18turtle.button=Nadireye gözat!
landing.view.coral18turtle.header=NADİR Sürülebilen Deniz Kaplumbağası

New codes (June 2018 - Coral Kingdom)

landing.view.coral18cave.body=Die Meerjungfrauen haben einige Hinweise zu dieser besonderen Höhle gegeben... und jetzt kannst du sie besitzen! Sie umfasst ein exklusives Badge.
landing.view.coral18cave.button=Sieh dir das Bündel an

landing.view.coral18chest.body=Korallen-Königreich-Truhen sind JETZT für 24 Stunden erhältlich! Die magischen goldenen Truhen enthalten viel bessere Gegenstände - die Wahl liegt ganz bei dir!
landing.view.coral18chest.button=Hole dir eine Truhe!
landing.view.coral18chest.header=Korallen-Königreich-Truhen verfügbar!

landing.view.coral18clothing.body=Im Katalog befindet sich eine Auswahl unserer vier neuen Kleidungsstücke in Unterwasser-Thematik... sammelst du sie alle?
landing.view.coral18clothing.button=Sieh dir die Kleidung an.
landing.view.coral18clothing.header=NEU: Korallen-Königreich-Kleidung

landing.view.coral18furni.body=Endlich ist sie da! Die neue Korallen-Königreich-Möbellinie ist im Katalog. Baue dir noch HEUTE dein eigenes Atlantis in Habbo!
landing.view.coral18furni.button=Sieh dir das Möbel an.
landing.view.coral18furni.header=NEU: Korallen-Königreich-Möbel

landing.view.coral18helmet.body=Hole dir einen dieser seltenen antiken Helme solange der Vorrat reicht. Sie dienen immer noch (so gerade eben) ihrem Zweck, Unterwasser-Königreiche zu entdecken!
landing.view.coral18helmet.button=Sieh dir das Rare an.
landing.view.coral18helmet.header=RARE Taucherhelm

landing.view.coral18horse.body=Reise ungehindert und in königlichem Stil durch dein Unterwasser-Königreich! Dieses Möbel ist eine limitierte Edition.
landing.view.coral18horse.button=Sieh dir das LTD an.
landing.view.coral18horse.header=Königliches Seepferdchen LTD!

landing.view.coral18house.body=Jetzt, wo du den weiten Weg bis zum Korallen-Königreich gereist bist, solltest du dir hier ein Haus kaufen! Umfasst ein exklusives Badge.
landing.view.coral18house.button=Sieh dir das Bündel an.

landing.view.coral18mask.body=Diese seltene Maske ist von einem der elegantesten Meeresbewohner inspiriert und nur für kurze Zeit erhältlich. Hole sie dir solange es noch geht!
landing.view.coral18mask.button=Sieh dir das Rare an.
landing.view.coral18mask.header=RARE Seepferdchen-Maske

landing.view.coral18mermaid.body=Bisher haben nur Meerjungfreuen diesen idyllischen Ort betreten. Jetzt kannst DU hier leben! Umfasst ein exklusives Badge.
landing.view.coral18mermaid.button=Sieh dir das Bündel an.

landing.view.coral18mirror.body=Selbst Meerjungfrauen brauchen einen Spiegel. Hole dir einen dieser seltenen Schminkspiegel solange sie noch verfügbar sind, sie sind nur für kurze Zeit im Katalog!
landing.view.coral18mirror.button=Sieh dir das Rare an.
landing.view.coral18mirror.header=RARE Schminkspiegel

landing.view.coral18ship.body=Dieses Schiffswrack ist auf dem Meeresgrund vor sich hin gealtert. Welche Geheimnisse könnten an Bord lauern? Umfasst ein exklusives Badge.
landing.view.coral18ship.button=Sieh dir das Bündel an.

landing.view.coral18turtle.body=Diese seltene Meeresschildkröte ist nur für kurze Zeit verfügbar. Sie kann geritten werden und ist das wohl effektivste Transportmittel im Korallen-Königreich.
landing.view.coral18turtle.button=Sieh dir das Rare an.
landing.view.coral18turtle.header=RARE Reitbare Meeresschildkröte
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Limited Edition Rares: the black box
Puhekupla, with the help of several fansites partners, was able to obtain detailed information about the Limited Edition Rares collection. Basically, we set up a database with information on each of the 171,547 items from the 89 rare ones launched at the 9 hotels over their 5 years of existence. The data collected, are just the one you see in the shop during the sale of a LTD: items available, items sold and price.
This work lasted for months and today we are being able to introduce it.

For the data, consider the following facts:

1. We are no longer able to get this data from Habbo Denmark, Norway and Sweden;
2. The Habbo Turkey was opened after the sale of several LTD, but even so the shop provides information on items made available and sold prior to the opening. Probably the items that appear as sold were distributed differently in the community;
3. The calculations are only valid for Habbo Coins. Diamonds and other currencies were not considered;
4. All data are from the Habbo Shop and refer to the items only. We have no information about buyers.

About LTDs

They first came to Habbo on April 4, 2012 during the Easter campaign. They are characterized by being available for a limited amount in the shop. This amount is pre-determined and varies in each Hotel, depending on the demand and varies for each rare released, as well as the price. Once the threshold quantity is reached, it is no longer possible to buy. Just like all the rare ones, they are also available in the shopfor a limited time.

Habbo Staffs claim that if the rare do not sold out, stranded items can be distributed in other ways. But there is no evidence that this happened at some point.

The black box

There is so much information collected that it would be impossible to display everything here in this article. Therefore, we summarize graphically for each hotel, as you can see below. The sales data for each rare one is in a PDF file hosted on Google Drive.

We share this responsibility with other fansites so they can show you more detailed information about your hotel. At the end of this article, just select your country to find it.

Habbo Global Statistics

9 hotels
89 rares
171,547 items available
123,338 items sold
25,990,509 Habbo credits spent
42 badges

Best Selling
Four rare are in this position. They have achieved 100% sales in all hotels!

Worst Selling
This was the biggest failure: only 33% of the items available were sold.

Code: scifi_ltd17_mech
Release date: May 15, 2017
954 items available
315 items sold
157,500 coins spent

The most abundant rare
In absolute numbers, that is, the rare one found in greatest quantity.

Code: sf_pod_dark
Release date: April 6, 2012
13,600 items available
11,047 items sold
552,350 coins spent

The most rare
In absolute numbers, that is, the rare one found in least quantity.

Code: vikings_throne
Release date: May 28, 2014
315 items available
265 items sold
265,000 coins spent

Hotel Ranking
This is the ranking of hotels where most users buy rare in relation to the quantity available.

Habbo.com - 87.2%
Habbo.de - 83.6%
Habbo.fi - 75.3%
Habbo.com.br - 73.7%
Habbo.es - 71.6%
Habbo.nl - 67.5%
Habbo.fr - 66.6%
Habbo.it - 63.2%
Habbo.com.tr - 16.1%

The badges became a rule only from September 2014. Before that, they were distributed in the rare ones on only five occasions.

Unfortunately we are not able to tell how many badges were distributed to users. A user can purchase multiple items from the same rare one, but will receive the badge only once. So we are not able to do this calculation. You can discover information like this on sites like Habbowidgets by searching for one of the badges. However, it is still not possible to obtain 100% accuracy.

Badge Sales
Referring only to items that were sold with badge
Selling rate: 76.2%
50,048 items available
38,154 items sold

Non Badge Sales
Referring only to items that were sold without badge
Selling rate: 70.1%
121,499 items available
85,184 items sold

Sales rose 6% with the badges.
Highlight for Habbo.com, where it reaches 97%!

If Sulake has as a goal the sale of all items, that is, 171,547 items, then it would be spent 34,517,540 coins! However, only 123,338 items were sold and this had the cost of 25,990,509 coins. Thus, players saved 8,643,031 of coins around the world.
Did you also avoid spending?


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Unfortunately in recent times the Habbo Team has made it difficult for us to get interesting information like this, but we hope Sulake will be able to enjoy our work.
We hope we can continue doing more things like this and keep you updated on Habbo.

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Dear @Puhekupla_Staff followers,

We have found it difficult to fulfill our work by providing news about Habbo Staff(s) lately as you have may noticed. We are currently the only source that provides news about Habbo Staffs and the video game company Sulake. Unfortunately our scanners are almost completly down, and our tools are broken. We are no longer able to discover new Habbo Staff(s) which has been our vision and our main goal since day one to deliver, regular news and changes about the Habbo Staff(s) within Sulake by making use of the open source code, the API. This is not possible anymore as it once was since the developers started to prevent our work in different kind of ways. For example when they decided to remove the visible ADM badge from the badge widget of every Habbo user(s) public profile. To be able to maintain this account, we ask you now to please constantly updating us if you have news about Habbo Staff(s) or as well Sulake. Please retweet this statement to show your support to our team and to underline your signature for a better and more open source code to all the users of the Habbo community as well as your support for Habbo Fansites using different widgets to provide information about user(s) in Habbo globally like us. By retweet this tweet you also clarify that the developers have done wrong and that they should be open minded for ideas. Your support is very important for us and we believe that we can together make a big difference.

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