Reporters blog - All in one (16-03-18) -UPDATE

- New codes (Easter 2018 - 16/03)

landing.view.easter18egghunt.body=Travel to the lost Easter world and embark on an egg hunt of TREMENDOUS proportions! Just don't forget your coat...
landing.view.easter18egghunt.button=Go to the Navigator!
landing.view.easter18egghunt.header=The Magic Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter Egg Hunt 2018

- Changes in the codes (Habbo COM - 14/03)

OLD: targeted.offer.habbomall.notification=Hello there! We have a very special offer waiting for you in the Habbomall, just click the button below to check it out! Habbomall

NEW: targeted.offer.habbomall.notification=Hello there! We have a very special offer waiting for you in the Shop, just click the button below to check it out! the Shop

New clothing - Preview

(1) (2) (3) - More details

More details

Changes in the codes
Old: (Habbo TR) Açık Odalar
navigator.searchcode.title.official-root=Herkese Açık Odalar
navigator.searchcode.title.official=Herkese Açık Odalar Açık Odalar Açık Odalar

New: (Habbo TR) Odalar
navigator.searchcode.title.official-root=Resmi Odalar
navigator.searchcode.title.official=Resmi Odalar Odalar Odalar

Badges (Easter 2018)

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Puhekupla Job Applications Open!

News Reporter [CLOSED]
The news reporter role is very vital to Puhekupla, as this is what our mission is, to be the best Habbo fansite and provide the community with the latest Habbo news and updates. Graphics experience in this role is a bonus but not necessary. Can play any hotel. Must be fluent in English language (but not vital).

- You must speak English, English as a second language is fine
- Must have correct spelling and grammar
- Act professional and mature
- Willing to put in 3-4 days of work
- Creative and a close eye to detail

Copy & paste the following details.
- Habbo name
- Puhekupla name (necessary)
- Age (for internal use only)
- Which hotel do you play (can be from any hotel)
- Do you have previous experience with another fansite? If so, please include website URL & job position
- How often are you on Habbo?
- Do you have writing experience? If so, please write a short paragraph about a story you’d possibly write for Puhekupla. If not, please do your best at writing one!

- Copy all details for the job you’ve selected
- Paste them into the “Contact” form – click here (fill in name, e-mail & subject should be Puhekupla Application)
- In the main field box, paste the copied required details
- Fill out questions in as much detail as possible

More information - Twitter or with our reporters

Puhekupla Team
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Dear @Puhekupla_Staff followers,

We have found it difficult to fulfill our work by providing news about Habbo Staff(s) lately as you have may noticed. We are currently the only source that provides news about Habbo Staffs and the video game company Sulake. Unfortunately our scanners are almost completly down, and our tools are broken. We are no longer able to discover new Habbo Staff(s) which has been our vision and our main goal since day one to deliver, regular news and changes about the Habbo Staff(s) within Sulake by making use of the open source code, the API. This is not possible anymore as it once was since the developers started to prevent our work in different kind of ways. For example when they decided to remove the visible ADM badge from the badge widget of every Habbo user(s) public profile. To be able to maintain this account, we ask you now to please constantly updating us if you have news about Habbo Staff(s) or as well Sulake. Please retweet this statement to show your support to our team and to underline your signature for a better and more open source code to all the users of the Habbo community as well as your support for Habbo Fansites using different widgets to provide information about user(s) in Habbo globally like us. By retweet this tweet you also clarify that the developers have done wrong and that they should be open minded for ideas. Your support is very important for us and we believe that we can together make a big difference.

Puhekupla Staff Team.
Puhekupla is back! (Introduction)
Guess who's back, back again... Puhekupla's back, tell a friend!

Puhekupla is finally back! Hooray! We've had some issues recently, I won't go in to detail, but now that that's out of the way the site is going to be a lot more active than it has been for a very, very long time! We've got some great things planned for both Halloween and Christmas, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

We've also got some brand new faces to introduce you to! One of those faces, being my... face? We now have 2 diffrent Community Managers! "But how does that work?" I hear you saying. Well, we each have diffrent things we do, diffrent tasks and responsibilities. It's all very simple. Now, let's meet them!

Hi there! My name is Laurens and I'm one of the Community Managers at Puhekupla. My job is to take care of the graphics around the website and for our Official Fansite Events inside Habbo and to keep a look out on the behaviour of our users!

Hiya! My name is Imogen and I’m one of the Community Managers at Puhekupla. Mý job is to look after our community in-client, making sure that our users are entertained. I also build official fansite events with the building team.

It sure is good to be back. If you have any questions, you can tweet at us @Puhekupla or find us on Habbo!

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