(CLOSED) NOW HIRING: Room Builders
By LiquefiedFilth at 06-09-2016 19:28:23
Are you an aspiring, hardworking room builder looking for a challenge? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we here at Puhekupla are now on the lookout for a couple of talented room builders to add to our team! As a room builder, you get to create fun, exciting and innovative official games for the whole of Habbo to see! We’ve got loads of things coming up in the next few months, so there’ll be plenty of stuff to do! Do you think you have what it takes?

As a room builder, you must:
- Be an active member of Habbo.com
- Speak English. English as a second language is also fine
- Act professional and mature
- Be willing to put in 3-4 days of work
- Be creative and open-minded
- Have experience with wired
- Have innovative ideas for brand new/fun games

Does this sound like you?
Apply to be a room builder now!

Send the following information to info@puhekupla.com with the subject line “Room Builder Application”

- Puhekupla username
- Habbo username
- Have you worked on previous fansites? If so, which ones?
- Are you willing to put in 3-4 days of work for the website?
- In detail, why do you think you're the perfect person for the job?
- Do you have experience with building large scale rooms?
- What are some Habbo games you have created for a wide audience? Please provide an image.
- Are you experienced with Wired?

Applications will remain open until we’ve found enough room builders. Successful applicants will be contacted by e-mail.

Good luck!
By Terregan

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