All in One (15-11-18) -UPDATE
By AlexGeek at 11-03-2018 06:22:46

landing.view.xmas18cloth.body=Go and check out our BRAND NEW selection of Christmas clothing!
landing.view.xmas18cloth.button=See the clothing!
landing.view.xmas18cloth.header=Winter City Christmas Clothing!

Preview 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11

landing.view.xmas18crackable.body=This furni turns into one of five matroyoshka dolls of your choice (keep cracking them until you get the one you want). Use them in conjunction with the Nutcracker Crafting Table and the other dolls to create brand new Winter City Christmas clothing items!
landing.view.xmas18crackable.button=See the Dolls!
landing.view.xmas18crackable.header=Available: Red Matroyoshka Dolls!

landing.view.xmas18crafting.body=The Nutcracker Crafting Table is now available in the Catalogue! Use the various matroyoshka dolls (obtainable through the Catalogue at various times in December and official Christmas games and activities) in conjunction with it to craft brand new clothing items!
landing.view.xmas18crafting.button=See the furni!
landing.view.xmas18crafting.header=Winter City Christmas Crafting!


badge_name_ACH_wintercity1=Crafted 2 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity2=Crafted 4 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity3=Crafted 6 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity4=Crafted 8 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity5=Crafted 10 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity6=Crafted 12 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity7=Crafted 14 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity8=Crafted 16 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity9=Crafted 18 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity10=Crafted 20 items of Winter City Christmas clothing

landing.view.xmas18crown.body=Hand-crafted by a secretive network of artisan babushkas, these rare Feathered Crowns are available for a very short time only!
landing.view.xmas18crown.button=See the rare!
landing.view.xmas18crown.header=RARE Feathered Crown


landing.view.xmas18dress.body=Dancers! It's your time to shine. Get one of these gorgeous new dresses while you still can - they're available for a short time only!
landing.view.xmas18dress.button=See the rare!
landing.view.xmas18dress.header=RARE Imperial Dancer's Dress


landing.view.xmas18fountain.body=The intricate lights that have been worked into this fountain are to die for. Get one while you can - they're available for a short time only!
landing.view.xmas18fountain.button=See the rare!
landing.view.xmas18fountain.header=RARE Illuminated Winter Fountain


landing.view.xmas18furni.body=Take a look at our all-new range of wintery Christmas furni! It won't be around forever, so pick up what you need while you can.
landing.view.xmas18furni.button=See the new items!
landing.view.xmas18furni.header=NEW Winter City Festival Furni!

landing.view.xmas18games.body=Make sure you play every single one of our 25 Christmas games so you can earn all 25 of our collectible Christmas badges! Note: you also have the opportunity to earn special craftable matroyoshka dolls.
landing.view.xmas18games.button=Visit the Navigator!
landing.view.xmas18games.header=Winter City Christmas Games!

badge_name_X1811=Matryoshka´s 01/05
badge_name_X1812=Christmas Deers 01/05
badge_name_X1813=Winter Festival 01/05
badge_name_X1814=Christmas Theatre 01/05
badge_name_X1815=Christmas Socks 01/05
badge_name_X1816=Matryoshka´s 02/05
badge_name_X1817=Winter Festival 02/05
badge_name_X1818=Christmas Deers 02/05
badge_name_X1819=Christmas Socks 02/05
badge_name_X1820=Christmas Theatre 02/05
badge_name_X1821=Matryoshka´s 03/05
badge_name_X1822=Winter Festival 03/05
badge_name_X1823=Christmas Theatre 03/05
badge_name_X1824=Christmas Socks 03/05
badge_name_X1825=Christmas Deers 03/05
badge_name_X1826=Matryoshka´s 04/05
badge_name_X1827=Christmas Deers 04/05
badge_name_X1828=Winter Festival 04/05
badge_name_X1829=Christmas Theatre 04/05
badge_name_X1830=Christmas Socks 04/05
badge_name_X1831=Matryoshka´s 05/05
badge_name_X1832=Winter Festival 05/05
badge_name_X1833=Christmas Deers 05/05
badge_name_X1834=Christmas Theatre 05/05
badge_name_X1835=Christmas Socks 05/05

landing.view.xmas18key.body=Rare and only available for a limited time, this Golden Key credit furni is one for the collectors out there. Get one while you can!
landing.view.xmas18key.button=See the rare!
landing.view.xmas18key.header=RARE Golden Key Credit Furni

["CF_1000_goldenkey","Golden Key (worth 1000 credits)",""]

landing.view.xmas18ltd.body=The ultimate addition to any classic Habbo furni hoarder's collection. There are only a handful of these as they are limited edition, so make sure you're online when they're released!
landing.view.xmas18ltd.button=See the LTD!
landing.view.xmas18ltd.header=Frosted Habberge Egg LTD


landing.view.xmas18magic.body=Ever wanted to put on a Christmas play for your friends? This is the bundle for you. Comes with exclusive badge!
landing.view.xmas18magic.button=See the Bundle!
landing.view.xmas18magic.header=Magical Christmas Theatre Bundle

landing.view.xmas18only.body=This year, back by extremely popular demand are eight BRAND NEW party hats. Get yours now!
landing.view.xmas18only.button=See the hats!
landing.view.xmas18only.header=NEW Party Hats!

landing.view.xmas18owl.body=Get your very own rare Snowy Owl! Just be prepared for it to bring home *filtered* mice every now and again. Available for a short time only!
landing.view.xmas18owl.button=See the rare!
landing.view.xmas18owl.header=RARE Snowy Owl


landing.view.xmas18play.body=Pick up a stack of the new Winter City Christmas furni at a HUGE discount with this bundle. Comes with exclusive badge!
landing.view.xmas18play.button=See the Bundle!
landing.view.xmas18play.header=Winter City Playground Bundle

New Codes - November 2018

landing.view.hygge18antlers.body=Rare Antlers. It's Christmas soon. They're never, EVER to be sold again. Don't miss out, Habbos!
landing.view.hygge18antlers.button=See the rare!
landing.view.hygge18antlers.header=RARE Nordic Antlers!


Preview 1

landing.view.hygge18diamond.body=Affordably priced, these gift boxes can contain one of a variety of items. If you're REALLY lucky, you might get a classic, diamond version of clothing!
landing.view.hygge18diamond.button=See the boxes!
landing.view.hygge18diamond.header=NEW: Diamond Gift Boxes!


Preview 1 - 2

Preview 3

landing.view.hygge18dungarees.body=Who doesn't fancy wearing a pair of stylish dungarees once in a while? Rare and NEVER to be sold again!
landing.view.hygge18dungarees.button=See the rare!
landing.view.hygge18dungarees.header=RARE Logger's Dungarees!


Preview 1

landing.view.hygge18forest.body=Get a bit closer to nature and explore a tiny corner of Denmark's forests with this bundle. Comes with exclusive badge!
landing.view.hygge18forest.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.hygge18forest.header=Danish Forest Bundle

landing.view.hygge18fox.body=Awwwww. This cute little fox is rare and will NEVER be available again.
landing.view.hygge18fox.button=See the rare!
landing.view.hygge18fox.header=RARE Dozing Fox!


landing.view.hygge18furni.body=In keeping with the Danish word 'Hygge', our designers have created a small selection of items for you to add that extra bit of comfort to your rooms.
landing.view.hygge18furni.button=See the furni!
landing.view.hygge18furni.header=Danish Hygge Furni!

landing.view.hygge18hair.body=You need this in your avatar editor, people. It's superb, suave and above all Danish! This is a rare item and is never to be sold again.
landing.view.hygge18hair.button=See the rare!
landing.view.hygge18hair.header=RARE Nordic Fringe Hairstyle!


Preview 1

landing.view.hygge18hygge.body=Walk through the door and sink into a warm pool of comfort and well-being with this bundle. Comes with exclusive badge!
landing.view.hygge18hygge.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.hygge18hygge.header=Hygge House Bundle

landing.view.hygge18only.body=Classic items of Habbo clothing, fashioned from diamonds. The ultimate status symbol, available now!
landing.view.hygge18only.button=See the items!
landing.view.hygge18only.header=NEW: Diamond Clothing!

targeted.offer.bf18_tko_gr1.desc=Save 20% on an EXCLUSIVE Diamond Party Hat, 35 bronze coins, a badge and a month of HC!
targeted.offer.bf18_tko_gr2.desc=Save 20% on 2x EXCLUSIVE Diamond Party Hats, 35 bronze coins, a badge and 3 months of HC!


Preview 1

New Codes - November 2018

landing.view.hygge18antlers.body=¡La Navidad se acerca y no puedes quedarte sin estas cornamentas nórdicas! Nunca volverán a salir a la venta.
landing.view.hygge18antlers.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.hygge18antlers.header=RARO Cornamentas Nórdicas

landing.view.hygge18diamond.body=Por un precio muy razonable, estas cajas regalo contienen un solo ítem, de entre una gran variedad. Si eres lo bastante suertud@, podrás conseguir una prenda de vestir clásica en su versión diamante.
landing.view.hygge18diamond.button=Ver las cajas
landing.view.hygge18diamond.header=NUEVO: Cajas Regalo Diamantes

landing.view.hygge18dungarees.body=¿A quién no le apetece llevar este estiloso mono vaquero? ¡Es un RARO y no volverá a salir a la venta!
landing.view.hygge18dungarees.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.hygge18dungarees.header=RARO Mono Vaquero

landing.view.hygge18forest.body=Acércate a la naturaleza y explora una pequeña hectárea de los famosos bosques daneses con este lote. Incluye una placa exclusiva.
landing.view.hygge18forest.button=Ver el lote
landing.view.hygge18forest.header=Lote Bosque Danés

landing.view.hygge18fox.body=Awwwww. Este adorable y pequeño zorro es un raro y NUNCA más volverá a estar disponible. ¿No te dan ganas de acariciarlo?
landing.view.hygge18fox.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.hygge18fox.header=RARO Zorro Perezoso

landing.view.hygge18furni.body=En consonancia con el concepto danés 'Hygge', nuestros diseñadores han creado una pequeña pero selecta línea de ítems con los que darle un toque de comfort y buen feeling a tus salas.
landing.view.hygge18furni.button=Ver el furni
landing.view.hygge18furni.header=Furnis Hygge Danés

landing.view.hygge18hair.body=Este peinado no puede faltar en tu fondo de armario. ¡Es suave, sedoso, y sobre todo danés! ¡Y sí, es un raro y no volverá a estar disponible!
landing.view.hygge18hair.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.hygge18hair.header=RARO Flequillo Nórdico

landing.view.hygge18hygge.body=Camina hasta la puerta y sumérgete en una piscina de agua caliente, relajante y reconfortante. Incluye una placa.
landing.view.hygge18hygge.button=Ver el lote
landing.view.hygge18hygge.header=Lote Hogar Hygge

landing.view.hygge18only.body=Classic items of Habbo clothing, fashioned from diamonds. The ultimate status symbol, available now!
landing.view.hygge18only.button=See the items!
landing.view.hygge18only.header=NEW: Diamond Clothing!

New Codes - November 2018

landing.view.hygge18antlers.body=Nadire Boynuzlar! Yakında yılbaşı ve asla tekrardan satışa çıkmayacak bu ürünleri sakın kaçırmayın!
landing.view.hygge18antlers.button=Nadireye göz at!
landing.view.hygge18antlers.header=NADİRE İskandinav Boynuzları

landing.view.hygge18diamond.body=Uygun fiyatlı, bu hediye kutuları çeşitli öğelerden birini içerebilir. GERÇEKTEN şanslıysanız, klasik kıyafetlerden birinin elmas versiyonunu elde edebilirsiniz!
landing.view.hygge18diamond.button=Kutulara göz at!
landing.view.hygge18diamond.header=YENİ: Elmas Hediyelik Kutular!

landing.view.hygge18dungarees.body=Kim bir kere bile olsa şık bir oduncu tulumu giymeyi istemez ki? Nadire ve ASLA yeniden satışa çıkmayacak olan bu kıyafeti sakın kaçırma!
landing.view.hygge18dungarees.button=Nadireye göz at!
landing.view.hygge18dungarees.header=NADİRE Oduncu Tulumu!

landing.view.hygge18forest.body=Doğaya biraz daha yaklaşın ve bu paketle Danimarka ormanlarının küçük bir köşesini keşfedin. Özel bir rozet ile birlikte geliyor!
landing.view.hygge18forest.button=Pakete göz at!
landing.view.hygge18forest.header=Danimarka Ormanı Oda Paketi

landing.view.hygge18fox.body=Awwwww. Bu sevimli küçük tilki tam bir nadiredir ve bir daha ASLA satışa çıkmayacak.
landing.view.hygge18fox.button=Nadireye göz at!
landing.view.hygge18fox.header=NADİRE Uyuklayan Tilki

landing.view.hygge18furni.body=Danca 'Hygge' kelimesine uygun olarak, tasarımcılarımız, odalarınıza ekstra konfor katacağınız için küçük bir ürün yelpazesi oluşturdular.
landing.view.hygge18furni.button=Mobiye göz at!
landing.view.hygge18furni.header=Danimarkalı Hygge Mobiler!

landing.view.hygge18hair.body=Bu ürün avatar editörünüzde mutlaka olmalı! Süper havalı ve Danimarkalı Nadire modelimiz bir daha asla satışa çıkmayacak.
landing.view.hygge18hair.button=Nadireye göz at!
landing.view.hygge18hair.header=NADİRE Nordic Kâküllü Saç Modeli!

landing.view.hygge18hygge.body=Kapıdan yürüyün ve bu paketle sıcacık rahatlık ve ferahlık havuzuna dalın. Özel bir rozet ile birlikte geliyor!
landing.view.hygge18hygge.button=Pakete göz at!
landing.view.hygge18hygge.header=Hygge Ev Oda Paketi

landing.view.hygge18only.body=Classic items of Habbo clothing, fashioned from diamonds. The ultimate status symbol, available now!
landing.view.hygge18only.button=See the items!
landing.view.hygge18only.header=NEW: Diamond Clothing!

New Codes - November 2018

landing.view.hygge18antlers.body=Geweih-Rare. Bald ist Weihnachten, und es ist nur jetzt zum Kauf verfügbar. Lasst es euch nicht entgehen, Habbos!
landing.view.hygge18antlers.button=Sieh dir das Rare an!
landing.view.hygge18antlers.header=RARE Nordisches Geweih!

landing.view.hygge18diamond.body=Diese Geschenkboxen sind preisgünstig und enthalten eines von mehreren unterschiedlichen Objekten. Mit ganz viel Glück bekommst du eine klassische Diamantversion eines Kleidungsstücks!
landing.view.hygge18diamond.button=Sieh dir die Boxen an!
landing.view.hygge18diamond.header=NEU: Diamant-Geschenkboxen!

landing.view.hygge18dungarees.body=Wer trägt nicht gerne hin und wieder eine stylische Latzhose? Sehr selten und NIE wieder zum Kauf erhältlich!
landing.view.hygge18dungarees.button=Sieh dir das Rare an!
landing.view.hygge18dungarees.header=RARE Holzfäller-Latzhose!

landing.view.hygge18forest.body=Komm der Natur etwas näher und entdecke mit diesem Bündel eine kleine Ecke von den Wäldern Dänemarks. Enthält ein exklusives Badge!
landing.view.hygge18forest.button=Sieh dir das Bündel an!
landing.view.hygge18forest.header=Dänisches Wald-Bündel

landing.view.hygge18fox.body=Oooooohhh... dieser süße kleine Fuchs ist sehr selten und wird NIE wieder zum Kauf erhältlich sein.
landing.view.hygge18fox.button=Sieh dir das Rare an!
landing.view.hygge18fox.header=RARE Dösender Fuchs!

landing.view.hygge18furni.body=Ganz im dänischen Hygge-Stil haben unsere Designer eine kleine Auswahl an Möbeln für euch kreiert, so wird es in euren Räumen so richtig heimelig.
landing.view.hygge18furni.button=Sieh dir das Möbel an!
landing.view.hygge18furni.header=Dänische Hygge-Möbel!

landing.view.hygge18hair.body=Das braucht ihr in eurem Avatar-Editor, Leute. Es ist großartig, süß und vor allem so dänisch! Es ist sehr selten und wird nie wieder zum Kauf erhältlich sein.
landing.view.hygge18hair.button=Sieh dir das Rare an!
landing.view.hygge18hair.header=RARE Nordischer Haarstil mit Pony!

landing.view.hygge18hygge.body=Gehe durch die Tür von diesem Raumbündel und lass dich von warmer Gemütlichkeit und angenehmer Stimmung willkommen heißen. Enthält ein exklusives Badge!
landing.view.hygge18hygge.button=Sieh dir das Bündel an!

landing.view.hygge18only.body=Classic items of Habbo clothing, fashioned from diamonds. The ultimate status symbol, available now!
landing.view.hygge18only.button=See the items!
landing.view.hygge18only.header=NEW: Diamond Clothing!

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