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Sunlight City Codes - Habbo.COM

landing.view.suncity19biosphere.body=The artisans of Sunlight City are expert biosphere builders. These are rare and were made by one of the city's most prestigious guilds.
landing.view.suncity19biosphere.button=See the rare!
landing.view.suncity19biosphere.header=RARE Sunlight City Biosphere!

landing.view.suncity19bundlea.body=Kick back and enjoy the sights and smells of Sunlight City. Get a great deal on our new furni line with this bundle. Exclusive badge included!
landing.view.suncity19bundlea.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.suncity19bundlea.header=NEW: Sunlight City Bundle!

landing.view.suncity19bundleb.body=Settle down and enjoy a late summers evening sat next to a peaceful, lazily flowing urban waterway. Comes with an exclusive badge!
landing.view.suncity19bundleb.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.suncity19bundleb.header=NEW: Canal-side Relaxation Bundle!

landing.view.suncity19cloth.body=Go check out the brand new selection of clothing we just added to the Catalogue!
landing.view.suncity19cloth.button=See the clothing!
landing.view.suncity19cloth.header=NEW Sunlight City Clothing!

landing.view.suncity19cowl.body=Feathered cowls: the ultimate status symbol in Sunlight City. These are only available for a limited time!
landing.view.suncity19cowl.button=See the rare!
landing.view.suncity19cowl.header=RARE Feathered Cowl!

landing.view.suncity19craft.body=Use the Trashbot Jr. crafting table in conjunction with different ingredients to create Sunlight City clothing and furni!
landing.view.suncity19craft.button=Go craft!
landing.view.suncity19craft.header=Sunlight City Crafting!

landing.view.suncity19dress.body=Charm the citizens of Sunlight City with this exquisite new dress. Rare and NEVER to be sold again!
landing.view.suncity19dress.button=See the rare!
landing.view.suncity19dress.header=RARE Butterfly Dress!

landing.view.suncity19fountain.body=These fountains are crafted from shards of crystal extracted from the depths of the ocean. Get one while you can!
landing.view.suncity19fountain.button=See the rare!
landing.view.suncity19fountain.header=RARE Aqua Crystal Fountain!

landing.view.suncity19new.body=Build the utopian paradise of your dreams with our new furni line: Sunlight City!
landing.view.suncity19new.button=See the furni!
landing.view.suncity19new.header=NEW Sunlight City Furni!

landing.view.suncity19old.body=We've brought back a selection of classic city-themed furni for you all. Go and check out what's available now!
landing.view.suncity19old.button=See the furni!
landing.view.suncity19old.header=BACK: Classic Furni!

landing.view.suncity19pondltd.body=Ducks are almost sacred in Habbo. This LTD doesn't just provide a fantastic centrepiece to any room - it's also the perfect collector's item.
landing.view.suncity19pondltd.button=See the LTD!
landing.view.suncity19pondltd.header=Duck Sanctuary LTD!

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