Habbo Economy Statistics
By Leotoddy at 29-04-2018 16:39:04
Last Saturday, Habbo posted a tweet about the numbers of items traded in 2017. There are not many details, but the numbers for each hotel. We would like to gather here with other statistics published.

In 2017, according to Habbo, 176,284,459 items were traded. Below are the numbers for each hotel.

Habbo.com.br: 66,899,074 (37.9%)
Habbo.de: 5,797,589 (3.2%)
Habbo.es: 38,366,414 (21.7%)
Habbo.fi: 2,274,169 (1.2%)
Habbo.fr: 9,031,824 (5.1%)
Habbo.it: 3,982,071 (2.2%)
Habbo.nl: 13,310,549 (7.5%)
Habbo.com.tr: 8,784,163 (4.9%)
Habbo.com: 27,838,606 (15.7%)

In addition, Habbo also posted on Twitter the number of completed trades in each hotel.

Habbo.com.br: 8,279,327 (38.8%)
Habbo.de: 544,806 (2.5%)
Habbo.es: 4,883,529 (22.9%)
Habbo.fi: 184,316 (0.8%)
Habbo.fr: 1,115,376 (5.2%)
Habbo.it: 487,232 (2.2%)
Habbo.nl: 1,284,452 (6.0%)
Habbo.com.tr: 1,327,533 (6.2%)
Habbo.com: 3,177,353 (14.9%)

We assume that these numbers deal with all trading features (trade rooms and marketplace). Unfortunately we do not have information about Habbo Credits and furnitures. Remember the statistics for the year 2016 and 2013.

Global Habbo Club Payday

We also have informations about the monthly payment of Habbo Club in our database. Payment is due on the 15th of each month at all hotels.

January: 1,142,789 coins
February: 822,825 coins
March: 797,309 coins
April: 817,648 coins
May: 774,839 coins
June: 802,730 coins
July: 889,123 coins
August: 776,594 coins
September: 922,919 coins
October: 704,539 coins
November: 705,060 coins
December: 838,614 coins

The payment refers to the 10% of credits spent in Shop. Habbo doesn't provide data separately by hotel. In total, it paid globally 9,994,989 coins to users in 2017.

Limited Edition Rares

Earlier we captured data on all the rare from the Edition Limited Rares collection of all hotels. Click here to check out the article again.

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