Habbo Memories: Habbo Beta
By Leotoddy at 16-06-2019 16:25:45
If you have registered with Habbo until the end of 2009, you will certainly remember the greatest maintenance of Habbo history: the Habbo Beta program.

Shortly after seeing the Adobe Shockwave Player becomes an obsolete technology, Sulake found himself in the challenge of saving Habbo from its obsolescence too, which at the time worked based on this technology. To this end, developers of Sulake have engaged all departments of the company and faithful players to implement the so-called "new Habbo."

The program that in the first few weeks had just over a hundred players-testers selected by local Habbo Staff Teams, may have reached almost half a million players-testers after the release of invitations to the Beta. The forum was the main tool to report bugs found and was for months the most discussed subject in Habbo with millions of comments generated by players of all hotels. In fact, some features of the pre-Beta never came back, despite promises, but we can consider the hard work of months with successful.

The program ended in November 2009. There was no more drama, the new Habbo had been deployed and lived in the years following its best phase.

Today, ten years later, it seems we are reliving this same drama. Paradoxically, the solution implemented to keep Habbo alive to this day is the same one that can kill him at any time. With just a few months to shut down support for Adobe Flash Player and major browsers restrict its execution, Sulake is still a mystery about the future of Habbo. And it was for this reason that we found it interesting to rescue the memory of the Habbo Beta.

Repeatedly Sulake employees say that Habbo will continue to function normally, but there is more information.

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