Hi everyone!

welcome to the new Puhekupla! We've worked really hard over the past months so we could release this before the summer. Please take a look around and let us know what you think. You'll see some small improvements in the next couple of weeks

Mark, Joe & Terregan

It's summer, it's getting warm outside, and PixelBlitz is finally back! Calling all designers: It's your time to shine!

PixelBlitz is a monthly graphics competition Puhekupla runs for all of our budding pixel artists out there to take part in to challenge themselves to create better and better graphics. Each month we open up voting to the public with two or more finalists, and let the community vote who should be crowned the winner of that selected month.

The winner of PixelBlitz scores some really cool prizes! This month we're giving away Puhekupla VIP, which allows them to have extra features on their homepage such as Twitter, YouTube and more notes. VIP members also get a cool badge to show off on their homepage.

The winner will also get a special badge for their profile. The runner ups (those who make it to the voting stage), will also get a badge.

And the theme for Summer 2014 is My crazy summer!
Check out and enter now!

Can't wait to see all of your entries!

Terregan, Community Manager

Meet Terregan!
Hey all!

You've probably noticed the slow community side of the site, which is to do with real life commitments from myself and also Mark, so that's where we believed it's time to get a fresh face in, from the community, to bring it back to life.

This is where Terregan comes in! He's our brand, spanking new Community Manager and will be working alongside Mark and I to get the community vibe buzzing again. He's young with fresh and exciting ideas which we believe will help bump up the site and strive to become official once again, which would be lovely.

I'm sure you'll all join us in welcoming Terregan to the team and wish him the best of success with his role on the site. I'm positive he'll do fantastic.

For me? I'll be taking a much more backseat role. It's time to give someone else a chance at being a manager of such a great site. I was given free reign of the community and so shall he. So, if you don't see me, I'm still here, still tweeting on our official twitter account and still commenting on the news articles, but Terregan will be our main man.

LiquefiedFilth, ready to catch them summer vibes...

We recently ran a recruitment drive for our excellent team of reporters and we're especially happy to announce that among all the applications, we've asked five... yes FIVE reporters to join our ranks and bring the latest news to your screens. You'll see them around the site, so why not congratulate them and say hello!

They couldn't wait to get themselves stuck in and introduced, so, in no particular order, please meet...

"Hello world! I'm Mr. Tele. I live in Brazil since birth and I love doing travels to other countries. I speak Portuguese and I'd be happy to update you with news about Habbo!"

"Hello! My name is Leonardo and I live in Brazil. I play Habbo since 2007 and two years working as a reporter on fansites."

"Hello, I'm JooneH-(Brazilian habbo). Working as a journalist fan sites, I am cool, smart enough and hope to exchange ideas with people from Puhekupla. I welcome "

"Im from Germany. My .com habbo username is "xBruuder". I love writing article about the habbo world. I search the communication with another users. I Play habbo since 2008/2009. In the reality I like and Play Football. I'm in the School. I have good experience with Computers, mobiles, electronic, etc. My english is not the best, but every day I learn more about the language english"

"Hello to all, my name is Alexander, I was born in Connecticut but nowadays I live in Barcelona - Spain. I like to publish news on Habbo. A taste to collaborate with the web and I wait to be of his pleasure. Regards to all."

Happy Easter!

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