Vado Returns!
Hiya! (again!)

Five whole years ago, I originally started at Puhekupla, working as a graphic designer, then getting promoted to the Community Manager. Then, three years later in 2013, I left Puhekupla to follow other projects.

Well today, in 2015 (a whole five years after originally starting!) I’d like to announce that I am taking over Puhekupla as an official owner!

Don’t worry though! Mark will still be here over seeing things, however I will be running the show (or website, if you will). Nothing will change in terms of website or how we run things.

We still aim to be the best Habbo fansite, providing the community with the latest Habbo news and updates.

By *filtered* & Mark
Puhekupla Owners

New Community Manager [ + COMPETITION]
My name is Jonathan, and I'm your new Community Manager! There's not really much to say about me; I'm 21 years old and goes to a boardingschool near Germany, in the southern part of Denmarks one and only Jutland. So basicly, I'm here to make sure everything at Puhekupla is running. Talking about running, also be shooting out some competitions, and if you have any questions or ideas, do not hesitate to contact my. My Twitter is probably the fastest way, and you can find me by @JokeHabbo.

Competition: Come say hi!
My first competition isn't really a tough one. The only thing you have to do, is write a short welcoming in my guestbook at my profile (find it here). If you do that before the 17th January, you'll recieve the awesome badge shown on the right (inspiration @Sturmgeist). I'm even gonna pick a special one, and the writer of that will get VIP here at Puhekupla!

* At any time for any reason, the competition can get withdraw, rules and/or prices can be changed without further notice. Updates may or may not occur in this blog entry. Puhekupla,, Sulake or Habbo, other corporations and/or individuals involved with or not involved with this competition can't he held responsible.
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I hate to say I told you so...
Roll up, roll up, for I have news!

Well, if you wouldn't mind setting your mind back to when I had to announce that Puhekupla was no longer an official fansite. Remember? We certainly do - loads of tweets and emails and comments came flooding through to how much of an outrage it was that we were no longer official! We also remember messages floating around the Welcome Lounge discussing it. That really made us think - we have, easily, one of the strongest communities at any fansite.

So, it's my absolute pleasure to say that Puhekupla is once again an official fansite for We want to thank you all for your continued support throughout our time as a website, especially times when we haven't been as active etc. But, that's in the past now, and we're back to our deserved status, so it's time to treat you all!

The community will come flooding back in abundance to ensure that you original users from all that time ago get to join in on the fun and also have a new set of users joining us - possibly ones that have just began to use Habbo. Despite that, we welcome one and we welcome all, so it's a pleasure to meet all of you.

Time to wrap up I think (I'm excited so it's hard not to type loads). Tweet us at our new twitter @Puhekupla and also don't forget to follow our sister account @Puhekupla_staff.

Anyway, it's good to be back, let's get back to normal.

Off to the pub...
Joe, Mark and the rest of the Puhekupla team (and Carl is coming too!)
Puhekupla Review: 2014
I hope you're all well, we haven't spoke for a while.

Why? Everyone's super busy. But we're back and want to make your experience as good as it possibly can be.

This is why we're running the Puhekupla Review for 2014, to find out what you most use the website for and what you think will improve it. If you have a minute to spare, why not take part? It's anonymous and nothing is tracked, we just want to know what you think. Of course, if you want to make yourself known, leave your name and we'll drop you a quick thank you on twitter or on your profile.

So, without further ado, please visit the survey by clicking here.

This survey really helps us and gives you a chance to mould Puhekupla's future.

We hope you take part in the survey and we'll speak again when its complete.

Mark and Joe, still looking after Carl...
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