Macklebee criticizes Puhekupla and what I think about it
Recently, the former Sulake employee Macklebee has posted on his personal Twitter criticism of the work of collecting sensitive information, citing the @Puhekupla and @Puhekupla_Staff accounts.

"Stalking, harassing, bothering, or trying to find personally identifiable pieces of data about employees at any company, just so you can compile your lists is not ok. Pack that shit in, those that want visibility will share it with you."

Although not explicit, the tweet leaves no doubt that it is the attempt to collect information from Sulake employees by Puhekupla.


Whoever accesses our website, has already noticed that we have the section "Habbo Staffs", where you can find data about the start and exit date, function and fakes of almost 2000 staffs of all hotels. What some people may not yet know, is how we're able to get this information. Simply for years, we have been engaged in analyzing data from millions of registered users (currently our operational capacity has been reduced to monitor only a few dozen accounts). Searching a little more on Google, we're able to find some other more interesting data and put together a giant puzzle. With this information in hand, we're able to unveil strategies, future plans and other interesting secrets that Habbo hides. Remember when we unveiled the Hideaway Hotel?


Users who are more faithful to the game are looking for curiosities. Fansites are just a space created by players to share their curiosities with other people, whether in forums or news, are always competing with each other to publish the best information about what the next furniture will enter the store or emblem that will be distributed. That's the reason for many fansites. We also participate in forums of other fansites and we have our own community on Twitter, and we're able to get a lot of information that contributes to our puzzle. In other words, there is a community that collects and encourages it. We aren't alone in this.

Mentioning us or not, several fansites publishes news about Sulake after us, and so we know our responsibility. We avoid exposing sensitive information about the company and users, and maintain caution about what is published. We would like to take personal information even more seriously, but if you have an open profile on Facebook and a post that identifies who you are in Habbo then there is not much to complain about.

Unfortunately Habbo has removed many interesting features that we could explore and offer differentiated curiosities to users. A rare case of what we were able to do recently were the LTD statistics. How about Sulake open the Marketplace or the Helpers Tool API? Or the forum, Habbo Club, etc. There is a lot of interesting information that can be made available, and maybe this way we would be less concerned about what the employees are doing in their office.

In the end, we're just a community in love with Habbo, but ignored by himself. Sulake seeks the support of fansites and users to produce content and activities for Habbo in return for some privileges. But when we look for them, they offer us robots and automatic messages. They don't trust us. Consequently we will also not trust them and will continue to have reasons for not liking what users are doing.
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Habbo Economy Statistics
Last Saturday, Habbo posted a tweet about the numbers of items traded in 2017. There are not many details, but the numbers for each hotel. We would like to gather here with other statistics published.

In 2017, according to Habbo, 176,284,459 items were traded. Below are the numbers for each hotel. 66,899,074 (37.9%) 5,797,589 (3.2%) 38,366,414 (21.7%) 2,274,169 (1.2%) 9,031,824 (5.1%) 3,982,071 (2.2%) 13,310,549 (7.5%) 8,784,163 (4.9%) 27,838,606 (15.7%)

In addition, Habbo also posted on Twitter the number of completed trades in each hotel. 8,279,327 (38.8%) 544,806 (2.5%) 4,883,529 (22.9%) 184,316 (0.8%) 1,115,376 (5.2%) 487,232 (2.2%) 1,284,452 (6.0%) 1,327,533 (6.2%) 3,177,353 (14.9%)

We assume that these numbers deal with all trading features (trade rooms and marketplace). Unfortunately we do not have information about Habbo Credits and furnitures. Remember the statistics for the year 2016 and 2013.

Global Habbo Club Payday

We also have informations about the monthly payment of Habbo Club in our database. Payment is due on the 15th of each month at all hotels.

January: 1,142,789 coins
February: 822,825 coins
March: 797,309 coins
April: 817,648 coins
May: 774,839 coins
June: 802,730 coins
July: 889,123 coins
August: 776,594 coins
September: 922,919 coins
October: 704,539 coins
November: 705,060 coins
December: 838,614 coins

The payment refers to the 10% of credits spent in Shop. Habbo doesn't provide data separately by hotel. In total, it paid globally 9,994,989 coins to users in 2017.

Limited Edition Rares

Earlier we captured data on all the rare from the Edition Limited Rares collection of all hotels. Click here to check out the article again.

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Reporters blog - All in one (15-10-18) -UPDATE

New Clothes / December - Preview

New Codes - November 2018

landing.view.hygge18antlers.body=Rare Antlers. It's Christmas soon. They're never, EVER to be sold again. Don't miss out, Habbos!
landing.view.hygge18antlers.button=See the rare!
landing.view.hygge18antlers.header=RARE Nordic Antlers!


Preview 1

landing.view.hygge18diamond.body=Affordably priced, these gift boxes can contain one of a variety of items. If you're REALLY lucky, you might get a classic, diamond version of clothing!
landing.view.hygge18diamond.button=See the boxes!
landing.view.hygge18diamond.header=NEW: Diamond Gift Boxes!


Preview 1 - 2

Preview 3

landing.view.hygge18dungarees.body=Who doesn't fancy wearing a pair of stylish dungarees once in a while? Rare and NEVER to be sold again!
landing.view.hygge18dungarees.button=See the rare!
landing.view.hygge18dungarees.header=RARE Logger's Dungarees!


Preview 1

landing.view.hygge18forest.body=Get a bit closer to nature and explore a tiny corner of Denmark's forests with this bundle. Comes with exclusive badge!
landing.view.hygge18forest.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.hygge18forest.header=Danish Forest Bundle

landing.view.hygge18fox.body=Awwwww. This cute little fox is rare and will NEVER be available again.
landing.view.hygge18fox.button=See the rare!
landing.view.hygge18fox.header=RARE Dozing Fox!


landing.view.hygge18furni.body=In keeping with the Danish word 'Hygge', our designers have created a small selection of items for you to add that extra bit of comfort to your rooms.
landing.view.hygge18furni.button=See the furni!
landing.view.hygge18furni.header=Danish Hygge Furni!

landing.view.hygge18hair.body=You need this in your avatar editor, people. It's superb, suave and above all Danish! This is a rare item and is never to be sold again.
landing.view.hygge18hair.button=See the rare!
landing.view.hygge18hair.header=RARE Nordic Fringe Hairstyle!


Preview 1

landing.view.hygge18hygge.body=Walk through the door and sink into a warm pool of comfort and well-being with this bundle. Comes with exclusive badge!
landing.view.hygge18hygge.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.hygge18hygge.header=Hygge House Bundle

landing.view.hygge18only.body=Classic items of Habbo clothing, fashioned from diamonds. The ultimate status symbol, available now!
landing.view.hygge18only.button=See the items!
landing.view.hygge18only.header=NEW: Diamond Clothing!

targeted.offer.bf18_tko_gr1.desc=Save 20% on an EXCLUSIVE Diamond Party Hat, 35 bronze coins, a badge and a month of HC!
targeted.offer.bf18_tko_gr2.desc=Save 20% on 2x EXCLUSIVE Diamond Party Hats, 35 bronze coins, a badge and 3 months of HC!


Preview 1

New Codes - November 2018

landing.view.hygge18antlers.body=¡La Navidad se acerca y no puedes quedarte sin estas cornamentas nórdicas! Nunca volverán a salir a la venta.
landing.view.hygge18antlers.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.hygge18antlers.header=RARO Cornamentas Nórdicas

landing.view.hygge18diamond.body=Por un precio muy razonable, estas cajas regalo contienen un solo ítem, de entre una gran variedad. Si eres lo bastante suertud@, podrás conseguir una prenda de vestir clásica en su versión diamante.
landing.view.hygge18diamond.button=Ver las cajas
landing.view.hygge18diamond.header=NUEVO: Cajas Regalo Diamantes

landing.view.hygge18dungarees.body=¿A quién no le apetece llevar este estiloso mono vaquero? ¡Es un RARO y no volverá a salir a la venta!
landing.view.hygge18dungarees.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.hygge18dungarees.header=RARO Mono Vaquero

landing.view.hygge18forest.body=Acércate a la naturaleza y explora una pequeña hectárea de los famosos bosques daneses con este lote. Incluye una placa exclusiva.
landing.view.hygge18forest.button=Ver el lote
landing.view.hygge18forest.header=Lote Bosque Danés

landing.view.hygge18fox.body=Awwwww. Este adorable y pequeño zorro es un raro y NUNCA más volverá a estar disponible. ¿No te dan ganas de acariciarlo?
landing.view.hygge18fox.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.hygge18fox.header=RARO Zorro Perezoso

landing.view.hygge18furni.body=En consonancia con el concepto danés 'Hygge', nuestros diseñadores han creado una pequeña pero selecta línea de ítems con los que darle un toque de comfort y buen feeling a tus salas.
landing.view.hygge18furni.button=Ver el furni
landing.view.hygge18furni.header=Furnis Hygge Danés

landing.view.hygge18hair.body=Este peinado no puede faltar en tu fondo de armario. ¡Es suave, sedoso, y sobre todo danés! ¡Y sí, es un raro y no volverá a estar disponible!
landing.view.hygge18hair.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.hygge18hair.header=RARO Flequillo Nórdico

landing.view.hygge18hygge.body=Camina hasta la puerta y sumérgete en una piscina de agua caliente, relajante y reconfortante. Incluye una placa.
landing.view.hygge18hygge.button=Ver el lote
landing.view.hygge18hygge.header=Lote Hogar Hygge

landing.view.hygge18only.body=Classic items of Habbo clothing, fashioned from diamonds. The ultimate status symbol, available now!
landing.view.hygge18only.button=See the items!
landing.view.hygge18only.header=NEW: Diamond Clothing!

New Codes - November 2018

landing.view.hygge18antlers.body=Nadire Boynuzlar! Yakında yılbaşı ve asla tekrardan satışa çıkmayacak bu ürünleri sakın kaçırmayın!
landing.view.hygge18antlers.button=Nadireye göz at!
landing.view.hygge18antlers.header=NADİRE İskandinav Boynuzları

landing.view.hygge18diamond.body=Uygun fiyatlı, bu hediye kutuları çeşitli öğelerden birini içerebilir. GERÇEKTEN şanslıysanız, klasik kıyafetlerden birinin elmas versiyonunu elde edebilirsiniz!
landing.view.hygge18diamond.button=Kutulara göz at!
landing.view.hygge18diamond.header=YENİ: Elmas Hediyelik Kutular!

landing.view.hygge18dungarees.body=Kim bir kere bile olsa şık bir oduncu tulumu giymeyi istemez ki? Nadire ve ASLA yeniden satışa çıkmayacak olan bu kıyafeti sakın kaçırma!
landing.view.hygge18dungarees.button=Nadireye göz at!
landing.view.hygge18dungarees.header=NADİRE Oduncu Tulumu!

landing.view.hygge18forest.body=Doğaya biraz daha yaklaşın ve bu paketle Danimarka ormanlarının küçük bir köşesini keşfedin. Özel bir rozet ile birlikte geliyor!
landing.view.hygge18forest.button=Pakete göz at!
landing.view.hygge18forest.header=Danimarka Ormanı Oda Paketi

landing.view.hygge18fox.body=Awwwww. Bu sevimli küçük tilki tam bir nadiredir ve bir daha ASLA satışa çıkmayacak.
landing.view.hygge18fox.button=Nadireye göz at!
landing.view.hygge18fox.header=NADİRE Uyuklayan Tilki

landing.view.hygge18furni.body=Danca 'Hygge' kelimesine uygun olarak, tasarımcılarımız, odalarınıza ekstra konfor katacağınız için küçük bir ürün yelpazesi oluşturdular.
landing.view.hygge18furni.button=Mobiye göz at!
landing.view.hygge18furni.header=Danimarkalı Hygge Mobiler!

landing.view.hygge18hair.body=Bu ürün avatar editörünüzde mutlaka olmalı! Süper havalı ve Danimarkalı Nadire modelimiz bir daha asla satışa çıkmayacak.
landing.view.hygge18hair.button=Nadireye göz at!
landing.view.hygge18hair.header=NADİRE Nordic Kâküllü Saç Modeli!

landing.view.hygge18hygge.body=Kapıdan yürüyün ve bu paketle sıcacık rahatlık ve ferahlık havuzuna dalın. Özel bir rozet ile birlikte geliyor!
landing.view.hygge18hygge.button=Pakete göz at!
landing.view.hygge18hygge.header=Hygge Ev Oda Paketi

landing.view.hygge18only.body=Classic items of Habbo clothing, fashioned from diamonds. The ultimate status symbol, available now!
landing.view.hygge18only.button=See the items!
landing.view.hygge18only.header=NEW: Diamond Clothing!

New Codes - November 2018

landing.view.hygge18antlers.body=Geweih-Rare. Bald ist Weihnachten, und es ist nur jetzt zum Kauf verfügbar. Lasst es euch nicht entgehen, Habbos!
landing.view.hygge18antlers.button=Sieh dir das Rare an!
landing.view.hygge18antlers.header=RARE Nordisches Geweih!

landing.view.hygge18diamond.body=Diese Geschenkboxen sind preisgünstig und enthalten eines von mehreren unterschiedlichen Objekten. Mit ganz viel Glück bekommst du eine klassische Diamantversion eines Kleidungsstücks!
landing.view.hygge18diamond.button=Sieh dir die Boxen an!
landing.view.hygge18diamond.header=NEU: Diamant-Geschenkboxen!

landing.view.hygge18dungarees.body=Wer trägt nicht gerne hin und wieder eine stylische Latzhose? Sehr selten und NIE wieder zum Kauf erhältlich!
landing.view.hygge18dungarees.button=Sieh dir das Rare an!
landing.view.hygge18dungarees.header=RARE Holzfäller-Latzhose!

landing.view.hygge18forest.body=Komm der Natur etwas näher und entdecke mit diesem Bündel eine kleine Ecke von den Wäldern Dänemarks. Enthält ein exklusives Badge!
landing.view.hygge18forest.button=Sieh dir das Bündel an!
landing.view.hygge18forest.header=Dänisches Wald-Bündel

landing.view.hygge18fox.body=Oooooohhh... dieser süße kleine Fuchs ist sehr selten und wird NIE wieder zum Kauf erhältlich sein.
landing.view.hygge18fox.button=Sieh dir das Rare an!
landing.view.hygge18fox.header=RARE Dösender Fuchs!

landing.view.hygge18furni.body=Ganz im dänischen Hygge-Stil haben unsere Designer eine kleine Auswahl an Möbeln für euch kreiert, so wird es in euren Räumen so richtig heimelig.
landing.view.hygge18furni.button=Sieh dir das Möbel an!
landing.view.hygge18furni.header=Dänische Hygge-Möbel!

landing.view.hygge18hair.body=Das braucht ihr in eurem Avatar-Editor, Leute. Es ist großartig, süß und vor allem so dänisch! Es ist sehr selten und wird nie wieder zum Kauf erhältlich sein.
landing.view.hygge18hair.button=Sieh dir das Rare an!
landing.view.hygge18hair.header=RARE Nordischer Haarstil mit Pony!

landing.view.hygge18hygge.body=Gehe durch die Tür von diesem Raumbündel und lass dich von warmer Gemütlichkeit und angenehmer Stimmung willkommen heißen. Enthält ein exklusives Badge!
landing.view.hygge18hygge.button=Sieh dir das Bündel an!

landing.view.hygge18only.body=Classic items of Habbo clothing, fashioned from diamonds. The ultimate status symbol, available now!
landing.view.hygge18only.button=See the items!
landing.view.hygge18only.header=NEW: Diamond Clothing!

New Habboween Codes - October 2018

landing.view.lab18axe.body=Pick up this quintessential Habboween fancy dress item. Never to be sold again, it comes with its own exclusive badge. You know you want one!
landing.view.lab18axe.button=See the rare
landing.view.lab18axe.header=RARE Axe to the Head

landing.view.lab18chem.body=The perfect addition to any crazy scientist's laboratory, this ornate piece of furni is rare and only available for a short time. Get one while you can!
landing.view.lab18chem.button=See the rare
landing.view.lab18chem.header=RARE Antique Chemistry Set

landing.view.lab18cloth.body=New clothing has arrived! Note: the bloodstained clothing can be cleaned using the upcoming crafting table and ingredients.
landing.view.lab18cloth.button=See the clothing
landing.view.lab18cloth.header=NEW Infected Laboratory clothing!


ACH_InfectedLab1 - ACH_InfectedLab10

Preview 1 - Preview 2

Preview 1 2 3 4 5

Preview 1 2 3 4 5

landing.view.lab18dog.body=Half machine, half canine, Cyber is one of our Habboween mascots this year. Available for a short time only, get one while you can!
landing.view.lab18dog.button=See the rare
landing.view.lab18dog.header=RARE Cyber the Cyborg Dog

landing.view.lab18games.body=Complete our latest game to earn Super Strength Bleach and the latest Infected Laboratory badge! Click the button to go to the Navigator.
landing.view.lab18games.button=Go to the Navigator
landing.view.lab18games.header=Play Infected Laboratory Games!


landing.view.lab18infected.body=Get a ton of the new Infected Laboratory furni at a GREAT price with this bundle. Double the size, double the value! Includes exclusive badge.
landing.view.lab18infected.button=See the bundle
landing.view.lab18infected.header=NEW: Infected Laboratory Bundle

Infected Laboratory Bundle

landing.view.lab18living.body=Strange and horrific things are happening inside the Hotel. Take shelter in this lovely, safe living room. Nothing can get you in here, right?
landing.view.lab18living.button=See the bundle
landing.view.lab18living.header=NEW: 80s Living Room Bundle

landing.view.lab18ltd.body=Toby is cute. Toby needs a new home! This furni is limited edition and comes with three different switch states (three different hats). Don't miss out!
landing.view.lab18ltd.button=See the LTD
landing.view.lab18ltd.header=Toby LTD!

landing.view.lab18new.body=Dimensions are colliding and strange and horrific experiments are being conducted this Habboween. Our new furni line is live in the Catalogue - go take a look!
landing.view.lab18new.button=See the furni
landing.view.lab18new.header=NEW Infected Laboratory furni!

landing.view.lab18testing.body=It's time to answer the question. Who will be your test subject? Pick up this bundle and decide! Comes with exclusive badge.
landing.view.lab18testing.button=See the bundle
landing.view.lab18testing.header=NEW: Testing Facility Bundle

landing.view.lab18vamp.body=Grimace like a bloodthirsty vampire this Habboween! Available for a short time only, get one while they're in the Catalogue...
landing.view.lab18vamp.button=See the rare
landing.view.lab18vamp.header=RARE Vampire Grimace


targeted.offer.oct18_washliquid_tto_all.desc=Jumpstart your Habboween crafting achievement with this one time offer for 10x Super Strength Bleach!
targeted.offer.oct18_washliquid_tto_all.title=10x Super Strength Bleach Offer!


New Habboween Codes - October 2018

landing.view.lab18axe.body=¡Un complemento indispensable para disfrazarte este Habboween! ¡Tan terrorífico que no volverá a estar a la venta! Incluye una placa exclusiva.
landing.view.lab18axe.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.lab18axe.header=RARO Hachazo

landing.view.lab18chem.body=Lo necesitarás para llevar a cabo tus locos experimentos. Este set RARO estará disponible por tiempo limitado, ¡ni te lo pienses!
landing.view.lab18chem.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.lab18chem.header=RARO Set Experimentos Químicos

landing.view.lab18cloth.body=¡Nuevas prendas de vestir estilo "laboratorio de los horrores"! Nota: las manchas de sangre se pueden limpiar con la mesa de crafteo y los ingredientes que sacaremos dentro de poco.
landing.view.lab18cloth.button=Ver la ropa
landing.view.lab18cloth.header=NUEVA Ropa Laboratorio Infectado

landing.view.lab18dog.body=Mitad máquina, mitad perro, Cyber será la mascota Habboween de este año. Solo disponible por tiempo limitado.
landing.view.lab18dog.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.lab18dog.header=RARO Cyborg Dog

landing.view.lab18games.body=Completa el último juego si quieres ganar mas 'Fórmula Blanqueadora' y la última placa del Laboratorio Infectado. ¡Pincha en el botón para ir al Navegador!
landing.view.lab18games.button=Ir al Navegador
landing.view.lab18games.header=¡Juega al Laboratorio Infectado!

landing.view.lab18infected.body=¡Consigue cientos de furnis nuevos de la línea 'Laboratorio Infectado' a un precio increíble con este lote! ¡A mayor tamaño, mayor valor! Incluye una placa exclusiva
landing.view.lab18infected.button=Ver el lote
landing.view.lab18infected.header=NUEVO: Lote Laboratorio Infectado

landing.view.lab18living.body=Cosas terroríficas están sucediendo dentro del Hotel. Si quieres mantenerte a salvo, puedes refugiarte en este apacible salón. ¡En principio, nada extraño puede traspasar sus paredes!
landing.view.lab18living.button=Ver el lote
landing.view.lab18living.header=NUEVO: Lote Salón de los 80

landing.view.lab18ltd.body=¡Toby es una ricura y necesita un hogar! Este minino es de una edición limitada y tiene tres estados diferentes (tres sombreros distintos). ¡Deja que forme parte de tu familia!
landing.view.lab18ltd.button=Ver el LTD
landing.view.lab18ltd.header=LTD Toby

landing.view.lab18new.body=Este Habboween extraños experimentos están teniendo lugar dentro del Hotel. Una pegajosa masa verdi-marrón se está apoderando de los nuevos furnis. ¿Aún no los has visto? ¡Echa un vistazo al Catálogo!
landing.view.lab18new.button=Ver el furni
landing.view.lab18new.header=NUEVO Furnis Laboratorio Infectado

landing.view.lab18testing.body=Es hora de responder a esta pregunta. ¿Qué sujeto será presa de tus experimentos? ¡Consigue este lote y decídelo dentro! Incluye una placa exclusiva
landing.view.lab18testing.button=Ver el lote
landing.view.lab18testing.header=NUEVO: Lote Sala de Pruebas

landing.view.lab18vamp.body=¡Este Habboween puedes convertirte en un vampiro sediento de sangre! Disponible por tiempo limitado en el Catálogo...
landing.view.lab18vamp.button=Ver el raro
landing.view.lab18vamp.header=RARO Rostro Vampírico

targeted.offer.oct18_washliquid_tto_all.desc='Comienza a conseguir tus recompensas por craftear en Habboween con esta única oferta de 10 botellas 'Fórmula Blanqueadora'
targeted.offer.oct18_washliquid_tto_all.title=¡Oferta 10 Botellas 'Fórmula Blanqueadora'!

New Habboween Codes - October 2018

landing.view.lab18axe.body=Um clássico dos filmes de terror converte-se em um item de vestir Raro especialmente para este Habboween e não será vendido novamente. Vem com um Emblema exclusivo. Você sabe que quer um!
landing.view.lab18axe.button=Confira o Raro
landing.view.lab18axe.header=RARO Machado na Cabeça

landing.view.lab18chem.body=Materiais indispensáveis para qualquer cientista maluco, esta peça vintage da ciênca não pode faltar em nenhum laboratório. É rara e está disponível por um curto período de tempo. Adquira a sua enquanto há tempo.
landing.view.lab18chem.button=Confira o Raro
landing.view.lab18chem.header=Raro Mesa de Ensaios Químicos Vintage

landing.view.lab18cloth.body=Novos itens de vestir disponíveis! AVISO: os itens manchados de sangue podem ser limpos usando as combinações da super Máquina Alvejante!
landing.view.lab18cloth.button=Confira os Looks
landing.view.lab18cloth.header=NOVOS Looks Laboratório Tóxico!

landing.view.lab18dog.body=Metade máquina, metade cão, Cyber é um dos nossos Mascotes do Habboween 2018. Disponível por um curto período de tempo, adquira o seu enquanto há tempo!
landing.view.lab18dog.button=Confira o Raro
landing.view.lab18dog.header=RARO Cyber, o Cão Biônico

landing.view.lab18games.body=Participe e complete o nosso último jogo para conseguir a Água Sanitária Extra Forte e um Emblema do Laboratório Tóxico. Clique para ir ao Navegador.
landing.view.lab18games.button=Vá ao Navegador
landing.view.lab18games.header=Participe dos jogos do Laboratório Tóxico!

landing.view.lab18infected.body=Adquira vários Mobis do Laboratório Tóxico de uma só vez e por um preço FANTÁSTICO com este super Pack gigante! Vem com um Emblema exclusivo.
landing.view.lab18infected.button=Confira o Pack
landing.view.lab18infected.header=Novo: Pack Laboratório Tóxico

landing.view.lab18living.body=Coisas estranhas e bizarras estão acontecendo no Habbo Hotel. Proteja-se de qualquer mal nesta Sala de Estar. Nada pode atacar você aqui, não é mesmo?
landing.view.lab18living.button=Confira o Pack
landing.view.lab18living.header=NOVO: Pack Sala de Estar Anos 80

landing.view.lab18ltd.body=Dark é gótico, mas é fofo. Dark é o gato preto da sorte e está em busca de um novo lar! Este mobi é um LTD e vem com 4 looks diferentes! Não perca!
landing.view.lab18ltd.button=Confira o LTD
landing.view.lab18ltd.header=Dark, o Gato LTD!

landing.view.lab18new.body=Um portal para uma outra dimensão se abriu. Estranhos testes estão sendo realizados no Habbo Hotel neste Habboween. Nossa nova coleção de Mobis já está disponível na Habbo Loja - confira!
landing.view.lab18new.button=Confira o Mobi
landing.view.lab18new.header=NOVO Mobis Laboratório Tóxico!

landing.view.lab18testing.body=É hora de responder a esta questão: quem será a sua cobaia? Adquira este Pack e decida! Vem com um Emblema exclusivo.
landing.view.lab18testing.button=Confira o Pack
landing.view.lab18testing.header=NOVO: Pack Laboratório de Testes

landing.view.lab18vamp.body=Neste Habboween, ponha os seus caninos para fora e sirva-se de uma bela taça de sangue! Este look vampiresco está disponível por pouco tempo. Corra!
landing.view.lab18vamp.button=Confira o Raro
landing.view.lab18vamp.header=RARO Look Vampiresco

New Habboween Codes - October 2018

landing.view.lab18axe.body=Tekisikö mieli upeaa Habboween-asustetta? Hanki omasi nyt, sillä tuote ei tule myyntiin enää koskaan. Sisältää ainutlaatuisen merkin.
landing.view.lab18axe.button=Tsekkaa harvinaisuus
landing.view.lab18axe.header=HARVINAINEN Pääkirves

landing.view.lab18chem.body=Täydellinen lisä jokaisen hullun tiedemiehen labraan. Koristeellinen kama-setti on harvinaisuus ja saatavilla vain rajoitetun ajan. Hanki omasi nyt!
landing.view.lab18chem.button=Tsekkaa harvinaisuus
landing.view.lab18chem.header=HARVINAINEN Antiikkinen kemia-setti

landing.view.lab18cloth.body=Uudet vaatteet ovat saapuneet! Huom.! Veren tahrimat vaatteet saa puhtaaksi tulevan arkartelupöydän ja -tarvikkaiden avulla.
landing.view.lab18cloth.button=Tsekkaa vaate
landing.view.lab18cloth.header=UUDET Infektoitunut laboratorio-vaatteet

landing.view.lab18dog.body=Puoliksi koira, puoliksi kone. Cyborg-koira on lemmikkisi Habboweeniin. Saatavilla vain rajoitetun ajan, hanki omasi vielä kun voit!
landing.view.lab18dog.button=Tsekkaa harvinaisuus
landing.view.lab18dog.header=HARVINAINEN Cyborg-koira

landing.view.lab18games.body=Suorittamalla viimeisimmän pelimme, saat Supeteho-valkaisuaineen ja uusimman Infektoitunut laboratorio-merkin! Klikkaa nappia päästäksesi huonevalikkoon.
landing.view.lab18games.button=Mene huonevalikkoon
landing.view.lab18games.header=Pelaa Infektoitunut laboratorio-pelejä

landing.view.lab18infected.body=Hanki itsellesi kasoittain uusia Infektoitunut laboratorio-kamoja huonepaketin muodossa. Saat lisäksi hyvään hintaan tuplakoon ja -arvon! Sisältää merkin.
landing.view.lab18infected.button=Tsekkaa huonepaketti
landing.view.lab18infected.header=UUSI: Infektoitunut laboratorio-huonepaketti

landing.view.lab18living.body=Hotellissa sattuu outoja ja karmivia juttuja. Suojaudu vaaroilta kotoisassa ja turvallisessa olohuoneessa. Siellä olet turvassa, eikö?
landing.view.lab18living.button=Tsekkaa huonepaketti
landing.view.lab18living.header=UUSI: 80-luvun olkkari-huonepaketti

landing.view.lab18ltd.body=Eikö olekin Salem söpö? Annatko sille uuden kodin? Kamaa on vain rajoitettu erä ja se tulee kolmessa eri muodossa (kolmen eri hatun kera).
landing.view.lab18ltd.button=Tsekkaa LTD
landing.view.lab18ltd.header=Salem LTD!

landing.view.lab18new.body=Habbon uudessa kampanjassa rikotaan rajoja ja tehdään karmaisevia labra-kokeita. Uudet kamat ovat saatavilla kuvastossamme - Käy tsekkaamassa ne!
landing.view.lab18new.button=Tsekkaa kama
landing.view.lab18new.header=UUTTA: Infektoitunut laboratorio-kamat!

landing.view.lab18testing.body=Kuka tulee olemaan koekaniinisi? Hanki huonepaketti ja päätä sitten! Sisältää merkin.
landing.view.lab18testing.button=Tsekkaa huonepaketti
landing.view.lab18testing.header=UUSI: Testaustila-huonepaketti

landing.view.lab18vamp.body=Irvistele Habboweenina kuin verenjanoinen vampyyri! Saatavilla vain rajoitetun ajan. Hanki omasi vielä kun ehdit...
landing.view.lab18vamp.button=Tsekkaa harvinaisuus
landing.view.lab18vamp.header=HARVINAINEN Vampyyri-irvistys

targeted.offer.oct18_washliquid_tto_all.desc=Ota varaslähtö Habboween-askarteluihin ainutlatuisen 10x Superteho-valkaisuainetarjouksen avulla!
targeted.offer.oct18_washliquid_tto_all.title=10x Superteho-valkaisuainetarjous!

New Habboween Codes - October 2018

landing.view.lab18axe.body=Voilà un vêtement très Habboween. Il ne sera plus jamais vendu au catalogue par la suite et est livré avec son propre badge. Attention, ça va trancher !
landing.view.lab18axe.button=Regarde le rare
landing.view.lab18axe.header=RARE Hache en pleine tête

landing.view.lab18chem.body=Ce meuble rare est parfait pour terminer la décoration de ton laboratoire. Il sera disponible pour une courte durée. Si tu le veux, c'est maintenant.
landing.view.lab18chem.button=Regarde le rare
landing.view.lab18chem.header=Kit de Chimie Antique RARE

landing.view.lab18cloth.body=Les nouveaux vêtements sont arrivés ! Note: les vêtements tachés de sang peuvent être nettoyés à l'aide de la table et des ingrédients qui arriveront prochainement.
landing.view.lab18cloth.button=Regarde les vêtements
landing.view.lab18cloth.header=NOUVEAUX Vêtements Laboratoire Infecté

landing.view.lab18dog.body=Moitié machine, moitié chien, on te présente Cyber, le Cyborg Dog de Habboween. Il sera disponible pendant un temps limité. Prêt à l'adopter ?
landing.view.lab18dog.button=Regarde Cyber
landing.view.lab18dog.header=Cyber le Cyborg Dog RARE

landing.view.lab18games.body=Participe à nos jeux pour remporter de la Javel Super Forte ainsi que les badges Labo Infecté !
landing.view.lab18games.header=Et si tu prenais part aux jeux Labo Infecté ?

landing.view.lab18infected.body=Ce pack est composé d'une tonne de nouveaux mobis Labo Infecté. Plus grand avec plus de valeur. Comprend son badge exclusif.
landing.view.lab18infected.button=Regarde le pack
landing.view.lab18infected.header=NOUVEAU: Laboratoire Infecté

landing.view.lab18living.body=Des choses étranges et terrifiantes arrivent dans notre Hôtel. Trouve refuge dans ce salon très charmant. Rien ne pourra t'arriver de mal ici, n'est-ce pas ?
landing.view.lab18living.button=Regarde le pack
landing.view.lab18living.header=NOUVEAU: Salon des années 80

landing.view.lab18ltd.body=Salem est si mignon. Ce LTD peut être changé en trois différents états (3 chapeaux différents).
landing.view.lab18ltd.button=Regarde le LTD
landing.view.lab18ltd.header=LTD Salem !

landing.view.lab18new.body=Des choses étranges et terrifiantes se passent en ce moment, c'est le choc des dimensions. Les nouveaux mobis sont enfin au catalogue - regarde-les !
landing.view.lab18new.button=Regarde les mobis
landing.view.lab18new.header=NOUVEAUX Mobis Laboratoire Infecté

landing.view.lab18testing.body=Il est temps de répondre à la question. Que sera votre sujet du test? Ce pack est livré avec badge exclusif.
landing.view.lab18testing.button=Regarde le pack
landing.view.lab18testing.header=NOUVEAU: Centre de Tests

landing.view.lab18vamp.body=Change-toi en vampire assoiffé de sans. Ce beau sourire de vampire sera disponible pendant un temps limité au catalogue.
landing.view.lab18vamp.button=Regarde le rare
landing.view.lab18vamp.header=Sourire de Vampire RARE

targeted.offer.oct18_washliquid_tto_all.desc=Donne un coup de pouce à ton WinWin HabboWeen avec cette offre limitée de 10 bouteilles de Javel Super Forte !
targeted.offer.oct18_washliquid_tto_all.title=Offre, 10x bouteilles de Javel Super Forte !

New Habboween Codes - October 2018

landing.view.lab18axe.body=Ottieni questo Indumento, vera quintaessenza di Habboween. Non verrà più messo in vendita, e include un Distintivo esclusivo. sai che lo desideri!
landing.view.lab18axe.button=Guarda il Raro
landing.view.lab18axe.header=Ascia in Testa RARO

landing.view.lab18chem.body=È l'aggiunta perfetta per ogni folle laboratorio scientifico. Questo ricercato Furni è Raro e sarà disponibile solamente per un periodo limitato di tempo. Ottienine uno finché puoi.
landing.view.lab18chem.button=Guarda il Raro
landing.view.lab18chem.header=Kit del Chimico Antico RARO

landing.view.lab18cloth.body=Arrivano nuovi Indumenti! Nota bene: gli Indumenti macchiati di sangue potranno essere puliti con il Tavolo e gli Ingredienti del prossimo crafting.
landing.view.lab18cloth.button=Guarda gli Indumenti
landing.view.lab18cloth.header=NUOVO: Indumenti Laboratorio Infetto!

landing.view.lab18dog.body=Mezzo macchina, mezzo cane, Cyber è una delle nostre mascotte di Habboween di quest'anno. Disponibile per un periodo limitato di tempo, ottienine finché puoi!
landing.view.lab18dog.button=Guarda il Raro
landing.view.lab18dog.header=Cyber, il Cane Cyborg RARO

landing.view.lab18games.body=Completa il nostro ultimo Gioco per ottenere la Candeggina Forte e l'ultimo Distintivo Laboratorio Infetto! Clicca il bottone per andare al Navigatore!
landing.view.lab18games.button=Vai al Navigatore
landing.view.lab18games.header=Partecipa ai Giochi Laboratorio Infetto!

landing.view.lab18infected.body=Ottieni un sacco di nuovi Furni Laboratorio Infetto a un prezzo GRANDIOSO con questo Affare Stanza. Raddoppia la dimensione, raddoppia il valore. Include un Distintivo esclusivo.
landing.view.lab18infected.button=Guarda l'Affare Stanza
landing.view.lab18infected.header=NUOVO: Affare Stanza Laboratorio Infetto

landing.view.lab18living.body=Strani e orribili cose stanno accadendo in Hotel. Mettiti al riparo in questa tranquillo e sicuro soggiorno. Nulla potrà raggiungerti qui dentro, vero?
landing.view.lab18living.button=Guarda l'Affare Stanza
landing.view.lab18living.header=NUOVO: Affare Stanza Soggiorno Anni 80

landing.view.lab18ltd.body=Toby è carino. Toby ha bisogno di una casa! Questo Furni è in Edizione Limitata e ha 3 stati differenti (3 diversi Cappellini). Non perdertelo!
landing.view.lab18ltd.button=Guarda l'LTD
landing.view.lab18ltd.header=Toby LTD!

landing.view.lab18new.body=Si scontrano le dimensioni e questo Habboween degli esperimenti strani e orribili saranno condotti. La nostra nuova linea di Furni è adesso in Negozio, corri a darci un'occhiata!
landing.view.lab18new.button=Guarda i Furni
landing.view.lab18new.header=NUOVI Furni Laboratorio Infetto!

landing.view.lab18testing.body=È arrivato il momento di chiederti: chi sarà la tua cavia? Prendi questo Affare e decidi. Include un Distintivo esclusivo.
landing.view.lab18testing.button=Guarda l'Affare Stanza
landing.view.lab18testing.header=NUOVO: Affare Stanza Esperimenti di Laboratorio

landing.view.lab18vamp.body=Trasforma il tuo viso in quello di un vampiro sanguinante questo Habboween! Disponibile solo per un periodo limitato di tempo, ottienine uno finché è in Negozio...
landing.view.lab18vamp.button=Guarda il Raro
landing.view.lab18vamp.header=Faccia da Vampiro RARA

New Habboween Codes - October 2018

landing.view.lab18axe.body=Haal dit typische Habboween jurk, nu je kan! Dit item wordt geleverd met een exclusieve badge en zal hierna nooit meer verkocht worden.
landing.view.lab18axe.button=Bekijk de Zeldzaamheid
landing.view.lab18axe.header=Zeldzaam Hakbijl in je Hoofd

landing.view.lab18chem.body=Dit sierlijke meubi is een zeldzaamheid en is de perfecte aanvulling op het laboratorium van elke gekke wetenschapper. Slechts voor een korte tijd beschikbaar. Haal er eentje nu je kan!
landing.view.lab18chem.button=Bekijk de Zeldzaamheid
landing.view.lab18chem.header=Zeldzaam Antieke Scheikunde Set

landing.view.lab18cloth.body=Nieuwe kleding in Habbo! Opmerking: de met bloed besmeurde kleding kan schoongemaakt worden met behulp van de craft tafel en ingrediënten die binnenkort beschikbaar zullen zijn.
landing.view.lab18cloth.button=Bekijk de kleding
landing.view.lab18cloth.header=NIEUW Geïnfecteerde Laboratoriumkleding!

landing.view.lab18dog.body=Cyber, een half machine en half hond, is dit jaar een van onze Habboween mascotte. Alleen beschikbaar voor een korte tijd. Mis het niet!
landing.view.lab18dog.button=Bekijk de Zeldzaamheid
landing.view.lab18dog.header=Cyber de Cyborg Hond Zeldzaamheid

landing.view.lab18games.body=Speel ons nieuwste spel om Supersterk Bleekmiddel en de nieuwste Geïnfecteerde Laboratorium badge te verdienen! Klik op de knop om naar de Navigator te gaan.
landing.view.lab18games.button=Ga naar de Navigator
landing.view.lab18games.header=Speel de Geïnfecteerde Laboratorium Games!

landing.view.lab18infected.body=Met deze bundel ontvang je een heleboel nieuwe Geïnfecteerde Laboratorium meubi voor een GEWELDIGE prijs! Twee keer zo groot, twee keer meer waard! Je ontvangt er een exclusieve badge bij.
landing.view.lab18infected.button=Bekijk de bundel
landing.view.lab18infected.header=NIEUW: Geïnfecteerde Laboratorium Bundel

landing.view.lab18living.body=Er gebeuren vreemde en enge dingen in het hotel. Verstop jezelf in deze mooie, veilige woonkamer. Hier zal je veilig zijn, toch?
landing.view.lab18living.button=Bekijk de bundel
landing.view.lab18living.header=NIEUW: Jaren Tachtig Woonkamerbundel

landing.view.lab18ltd.body=Toby is schattig en heeft een nieuw huis nodig! Deze meubi is een limited edition en wordt geleverd met drie verschillende standen (drie verschillende hoeden). Mis het niet!
landing.view.lab18ltd.button=Bekijk de LTD
landing.view.lab18ltd.header=Toby LTD!

landing.view.lab18new.body=Verschillende dimensies zijn gebotst en deze Habboween worden er gruwelijke experimenten uitgevoerd. Onze nieuwe meubi-lijn is beschikbaar in de Catalogus. Neem snel een kijkje!
landing.view.lab18new.button=Bekijk de meubi
landing.view.lab18new.header=NIEUW Geïnfecteerde Laboratorium meubi!

landing.view.lab18testing.body=Het is tijd om de volgende vraag te beantwoorden: Wie zal jouw volgende proefkonijn zijn? Haal de bundel en maak je keuze! Je ontvangt er een exclusieve badge bij.
landing.view.lab18testing.button=Bekijk de bundel
landing.view.lab18testing.header=NIEUW: Testfaciliteit Bundel

landing.view.lab18vamp.body=Grijns deze Habboween als een bloeddorstige vampier! Beschikbaar voor slechts een korte tijd. Haal er een nu ze nog in de Catalogus staan...
landing.view.lab18vamp.button=Bekijk de Zeldzaamheid
landing.view.lab18vamp.header=Zeldzaam Vampiergrimas

New Habboween Codes - October 2018

landing.view.lab18axe.body=Hole dir dieses besondere Habboween-Kleidungsstück. Nur jetzt verfügbar, inklusive exklusives Badge. Du weißt, du willst es haben!
landing.view.lab18axe.button=Sieh dir das Rare an.
landing.view.lab18axe.header=RARE Achst im Kopf

landing.view.lab18chem.body=Das perfekte Accessoire für alle Verrückter Professor-Labore. Ein seltenes, schön geformtes Möbel, dass nur für kurze Zeit verfügbar ist. Hole es dir, solange du kannst!
landing.view.lab18chem.button=Sieh dir das Rare an.
landing.view.lab18chem.header=RARE Antikes Chemie-Set

landing.view.lab18cloth.body=Es gibt neue Kleidung! Hinweis: Die blutbefleckte Kleidung kann mit dem bald erscheinenden Handwerkertisch sowie den Zutaten gereinigt werden.
landing.view.lab18cloth.button=Sieh dir die Kleidung an.
landing.view.lab18cloth.header=NEU Verseuchtes Labor - Kleidung!

landing.view.lab18dog.body=Halb Maschine, halb Hund: Cyber ist eines unserer Habboween-Haustiere in diesem Jahr. Er ist nur für kurze Zeit verfügar, hole ihn dir so schnell wie möglich!
landing.view.lab18dog.button=Sieh dir das Rare an.
landing.view.lab18dog.header=RARE Cyber der Cyborg-Dog

landing.view.lab18games.body=Spiel unser neues Spiel, um das superstarke Bleichmittel und das neueste Verseuchtes Labor-Badge zu erhalten! Klicke auf das Feld, um zum Navigator zu gelangen.
landing.view.lab18games.button=Gehe zum Navigator.
landing.view.lab18games.header=Spiele die Verseuchtes Labor-Spiele!

landing.view.lab18infected.body=In diesem Bündel sind jede Menge neue Verseuchtes Labor-Möbel enthalten, zu einem super Preis. Doppelt so groß, doppelter Wert! Enthält außerdem ein exklusives Badge.
landing.view.lab18infected.button=Sieh dir das Bündel an.
landing.view.lab18infected.header=NEU: Verseuchtes Labor-Bündel

landing.view.lab18living.body=Seltsame und gruselige Dinge passieren im Hotel. In diesem wunderhübschen, sicheren Wohnzimmer bist du sicher. Hier kann dir nichts passieren, oder?
landing.view.lab18living.button=Sieh dir das Bündel an.
landing.view.lab18living.header=NEU: 80er-Wohnzimmer-Raumbündel

landing.view.lab18ltd.body=Toby ist knuffig. Toby braucht ein neues Zuhause! Dieses Möbel ist limitiert und unfasst drei unterschiedliche Schalterstellungen (drei verschiedene Hüte). Lass ihn dir nicht entgehen!
landing.view.lab18ltd.button=Sieh dir das LTD an.
landing.view.lab18ltd.header=Toby LTD!

landing.view.lab18new.body=Dimensionen prallen aufeinander, und seltsame, grausame Experimente werden dieses Jahr Habboween durchgeführt. Unsere neue Möbellinie ist im Katalog verfügbar - sieh sie dir mal an!
landing.view.lab18new.button=Sieh dir das Möbel an.
landing.view.lab18new.header=NEU Verseuchtes Labor-Möbel!

landing.view.lab18testing.body=Es ist Zeit, die Frage zu beantworten. Wer wird dein Versuchskaninchen? Hole dir das Bündel und entscheide selbst! Es umfasst ein exklusives Badge.
landing.view.lab18testing.button=Sieh dir das Bündel an.
landing.view.lab18testing.header=NEU: Versuchseinrichtungs-Bündel

landing.view.lab18vamp.body=Schneide Grimassen als wärst du ein blutrünstiger Vampir. Nur für kurze Zeit verfügbar, hole sie dir so schnell du kannst...
landing.view.lab18vamp.button=Sieh dir das Rare an.
landing.view.lab18vamp.header=RARE Vampir-Grimasse

targeted.offer.oct18_washliquid_tto_all.desc=Starte mit diesem Angebot für 10x super starkes Bleichmittel und hole dir Habboween-Handwerks-Aktivitätspunkte!
targeted.offer.oct18_washliquid_tto_all.title=10x super starkes Bleichmittel-Angebot!

New Habboween Codes - October 2018

landing.view.lab18axe.body=Pür Habboween havasındaki bu süslü elbiseyi kaçırma. Bir daha asla satışa çıkmayacak olan bu ürün, kendi özel rozeti ile birlikte gelir. Bir tanesine sahip olmak istemez misin?
landing.view.lab18axe.button=Nadireye göz at
landing.view.lab18axe.header=NADİRE Kafaya Balta

landing.view.lab18chem.body=Çılgın bilim adamlarının laboratuvarına mükemmel bir katkı sağlayacak bu süslü mobilya parçası nadirdir ve sadece kısa bir süre için satışta olacak. Tükenmeden bir tane alın!
landing.view.lab18chem.button=Nadire'ye göz at
landing.view.lab18chem.header=NADİRE Antik Kimya Seti

landing.view.lab18cloth.body=Yeni kıyafetler geldi! Not: Kanlı kıyafetler, yeni gelecek olan üretim masası ve üretim malzemeleri kullanılarak temizlenebilir.
landing.view.lab18cloth.button=Kıyafetlere Göz at
landing.view.lab18cloth.header=YENİ Enfekte Laboratuvar kıyafetleri!

landing.view.lab18dog.body=Yarım makine, yarım köpek, Siber ​​Cyborg Köpek bu yılki Habboween maskotlarımızdan biri. Sadece kısa bir süre için satışta olacaklar ve kaçırmak istemiyorsan tükenmeden alın!
landing.view.lab18dog.button=Nadire'ye göz at
landing.view.lab18dog.header=NADİRE Siber ​​Cyborg Köpek

landing.view.lab18games.body=Super etkili leke çıkarıcı ve Enfekte Laboratuvar rozeti kazanmak için son oyunumuzu tamamlayın! Odalar gezginine gitmek için düğmeye tıklayın.
landing.view.lab18games.button=Odalar Gezginine git
landing.view.lab18games.header=Enfekte Laboratuvar Oyunlarını Oynayın!

landing.view.lab18infected.body=Bir sürü yeni Enfekte Laboratuvar mobilerine, kaçırılmayacak HARİKA bir fiyat ile sahip ol! Boyutu ikiye katlayın, değeri ikiye katlayın! Ayrıca paketimiz özel bir rozet içermektedir.
landing.view.lab18infected.button=Pakete bakın
landing.view.lab18infected.header=YENİ: Enfekte Laboratuvar Paketi

landing.view.lab18living.body=Otel içinde garip ve korkunç şeyler oluyor. Bu güzel, sevimli oturma odasında güvende olacaksın. Seni buradan kimse çıkaramaz, değil mi?
landing.view.lab18living.button=Pakete göz at
landing.view.lab18living.header=YENİ: 80'ler Salonu Oda Paketi

landing.view.lab18ltd.body=Toby çok tatlı ve yeni bir eve ihtiyacı var! Bu mobi sınırlı sayıdadır ve üç farklı kullanma (üç farklı şapka)özelliğine sahip. Kaçırmayın!
landing.view.lab18ltd.button=Sınırlı Sürüm Nadiresi'ne (LTD) gözatın!
landing.view.lab18ltd.header=Sınırlı Sürüm Nadiresi (LTD) Toby!

landing.view.lab18new.body=Kötülükler çarpışıyor ve Habboween'de garip ve korkunç deneyler yapılıyor. Yeni mobi hattımız Katalogda yerini aldı - hemen göz atın!
landing.view.lab18new.button=Mobi'ye Göz atın
landing.view.lab18new.header=YENİ Enfekte Laboratuvar furni!

landing.view.lab18testing.body=Soruyu cevaplamanın zamanı geldi. Test konusun kim olacak? Bu paketi al ve karar ver! Özel bir rozetle birlikte geliyor.
landing.view.lab18testing.button=Pakete göz at
landing.view.lab18testing.header=YENİ: Deney Tesisi Oda Paketi

landing.view.lab18vamp.body=Grimace, bu Habboween kana susamış vampir gibi! Sadece kısa bir süre için satışta ve hazır katalogdayken bir tane alın ...
landing.view.lab18vamp.button=Nadire'ye göz atın
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Limited Edition Rares: the black box
Puhekupla, with the help of several fansites partners, was able to obtain detailed information about the Limited Edition Rares collection. Basically, we set up a database with information on each of the 171,547 items from the 89 rare ones launched at the 9 hotels over their 5 years of existence. The data collected, are just the one you see in the shop during the sale of a LTD: items available, items sold and price.
This work lasted for months and today we are being able to introduce it.

For the data, consider the following facts:

1. We are no longer able to get this data from Habbo Denmark, Norway and Sweden;
2. The Habbo Turkey was opened after the sale of several LTD, but even so the shop provides information on items made available and sold prior to the opening. Probably the items that appear as sold were distributed differently in the community;
3. The calculations are only valid for Habbo Coins. Diamonds and other currencies were not considered;
4. All data are from the Habbo Shop and refer to the items only. We have no information about buyers.

About LTDs

They first came to Habbo on April 4, 2012 during the Easter campaign. They are characterized by being available for a limited amount in the shop. This amount is pre-determined and varies in each Hotel, depending on the demand and varies for each rare released, as well as the price. Once the threshold quantity is reached, it is no longer possible to buy. Just like all the rare ones, they are also available in the shopfor a limited time.

Habbo Staffs claim that if the rare do not sold out, stranded items can be distributed in other ways. But there is no evidence that this happened at some point.

The black box

There is so much information collected that it would be impossible to display everything here in this article. Therefore, we summarize graphically for each hotel, as you can see below. The sales data for each rare one is in a PDF file hosted on Google Drive.

We share this responsibility with other fansites so they can show you more detailed information about your hotel. At the end of this article, just select your country to find it.

Habbo Global Statistics

9 hotels
89 rares
171,547 items available
123,338 items sold
25,990,509 Habbo credits spent
42 badges

Best Selling
Four rare are in this position. They have achieved 100% sales in all hotels!

Worst Selling
This was the biggest failure: only 33% of the items available were sold.

Code: scifi_ltd17_mech
Release date: May 15, 2017
954 items available
315 items sold
157,500 coins spent

The most abundant rare
In absolute numbers, that is, the rare one found in greatest quantity.

Code: sf_pod_dark
Release date: April 6, 2012
13,600 items available
11,047 items sold
552,350 coins spent

The most rare
In absolute numbers, that is, the rare one found in least quantity.

Code: vikings_throne
Release date: May 28, 2014
315 items available
265 items sold
265,000 coins spent

Hotel Ranking
This is the ranking of hotels where most users buy rare in relation to the quantity available. - 87.2% - 83.6% - 75.3% - 73.7% - 71.6% - 67.5% - 66.6% - 63.2% - 16.1%

The badges became a rule only from September 2014. Before that, they were distributed in the rare ones on only five occasions.

Unfortunately we are not able to tell how many badges were distributed to users. A user can purchase multiple items from the same rare one, but will receive the badge only once. So we are not able to do this calculation. You can discover information like this on sites like Habbowidgets by searching for one of the badges. However, it is still not possible to obtain 100% accuracy.

Badge Sales
Referring only to items that were sold with badge
Selling rate: 76.2%
50,048 items available
38,154 items sold

Non Badge Sales
Referring only to items that were sold without badge
Selling rate: 70.1%
121,499 items available
85,184 items sold

Sales rose 6% with the badges.
Highlight for, where it reaches 97%!

If Sulake has as a goal the sale of all items, that is, 171,547 items, then it would be spent 34,517,540 coins! However, only 123,338 items were sold and this had the cost of 25,990,509 coins. Thus, players saved 8,643,031 of coins around the world.
Did you also avoid spending?

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Unfortunately in recent times the Habbo Team has made it difficult for us to get interesting information like this, but we hope Sulake will be able to enjoy our work.
We hope we can continue doing more things like this and keep you updated on Habbo.

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