Press release from Sulake
The following is a press release from Sulake.

Log in to receive daily gifts from the Habbo advent calendar and craft special holiday items with Rune Rocks

Feel the chill this holiday season in Habbo’s snow covered Enchanted Winter Forest, full of frosted trees, plants and new magical furni. Log in every day until December 25th to win a daily gift from the Advent Calendar, which includes 8 new and exclusive items that will never again be available.

Purchase a crafting table and Rune Rocks, which can be cracked open and transformed into five different colors and used to craft a range of different magical forest creatures, such as Magma Gnomes, Earth Vikings, Rock Elders and Icy Beasts! Additionally, participating in daily activities will help you earn Rune Stones, which are required to create some of the enchanted forest dwellers, so don’t miss your chance to get involved and create them all!

“As we prepare for our big changeover to Unity, we wanted to give Habbo fans one big holiday farewell to Flash,” said Valtteri Karu, CEO of Sulake. “Therefore most of the Enchanted Winter Forest features will still only be available on Flash while we continue to prepare for the big changeover at the end of the year. The new Habbo will be full of new features as well as updates to our older, most popular features, so dive into our wintery Nordic wonderland for the last chance to get some of these limited edition items now!”

About Habbo & Sulake
Sulake is a social entertainment company focused on providing a safe and fun online service for self-expression through its games, Habbo and Hotel Hideaway. Sulake was founded in 2000 by a small team of passionate people and now after 20 years, Habbo is still one of the largest virtual communities in the world, reaching players all over the world each month. With paying customers in over 115 countries and over 850,000 active users a month, Habbo continues to be a hugely popular and globally recognised brand.

Sulake's mission is to enable its users to meet new people, make friends and give them a place to create and share their user-generated content in fun virtual surroundings. Dutch media and technology company Azerion has been a majority stake holder since 2018, with long term shareholder Elisa Oyj still retaining a minority stake in the business. Sulake is also a leader in ensuring online safety for children.
Winter in Habbo Stonehenge Bundle - Habbo
NEW: Winter in Habbo Stonehenge Bundle
We hear that Stonehenge is beautiful in winter. After seeing it with our own pixel eyes, we can confirm that's true! Room made by Pulx (COM)

199 credits
90 credits + 90 diamonds

Includes the following items:

Code: xmas_c20_stonearch
Name: Stone Arch

Code: xmas2011_snowlog
Name: Snowy Log

Code: xmas_c20_pebblepeeps
Name: Pebble People

Code: xmas_c20_stage
Name: Snow-covered Rocks

Code: xmas_c20_bigstump
Name: Forest Stump

Code: xmas2011_tree3
Name: Big Snowy Tree

Code: xmas2011_tree4
Name: Snowy Pine

Code: easter_c20_ornamentalrocks
Name: Cairn

Code: easter_c20_waypointrocks
Name: Waypoint Rocks

Code: xmas_c20_frostedweeds
Name: Frosted Weeds

Code: xmas_c17_robins
Name: Winter Robins

Code: xmas_c20_forestbg
Name: Nordic Winter Forest

Code: xmas_c20_frozenwaterfall
Name: Frozen Waterfall

Code: xmas_c20_snowbush
Name: Snow Covered Bush

Code: xmas2011_rock1
Name: Snowy Rock 1

Code: easter_c20_logwalk
Name: Water Logs

Code: xmas_c20_snowdrops
Name: Frosted Snowdrops

Code: xmas_c20_shrine
Name: Woodland Shrine

Code: xmas2011_tree2
Name: Tiny Snowy Tree

Code: xmas_c20_frozenstream
Name: Frozen Stream

Code: xmas_c20_frostedfungi
Name: Frosted Wild Mushrooms

Code: xmas2011_tree1
Name: Snowy Tree

Code: xmas_c20_frostytree
Name: Frosted Tree

Code: xmas_c20_frostedholly
Name: Frosted Holly Bush

Code: xmas_c20_bridge
Name: Snowy Rock Bridge

Code: xmas2011_rock2
Name: Snowy Rock 2

Code: xmas_c20_smallstump
Name: Small Forest Stump

Code: easter_c20_scatteredforestfloor
Name: Fallen Leaves

Code: xmas_snow
Name: Snow Storm

NUEVO: Lote Invierno en Habbo Stonehenge
NOVO: Pack Habbo Stonehenge
UUTTA: Habbon talvinen Stonehenge-huonepaketti
NOUVEAU : Pack Hiver à Habbo Stonehenge
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Inverno nella Stonehenge di Habbo
NIEUW: Winter in Habbo Stonehenge Bundel
NEU: Winter im Habbo Stonehenge Bündel
YENİ: Habbo Stonehenge'ta Kış Oda Paketi
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Enchanted Winter Forest Clothing! - Habbo
NEW: Enchanted Winter Forest Clothing!
Some brave fashion choices await as part of our new collection. Check them out now!

Code: clothing_braidedwavyhair
Name: Nordic Braids
Price: 5 credits + 10 diamonds

Nordic Braids

Code: clothing_kilt
Name: Tartan Kilt
Price: 4 credits + 10 diamonds

Tartan Kilt

Code: clothing_kilttop
Name: Tartan Sash
Price: 4 credits + 10 diamonds

Tartan Sash

Code: clothing_lanternstaff
Name: Back Lantern
Price: 3 credits + 10 diamonds

Back Lantern

NUEVO: Ropa de Invierno Bosque Encantado
NOVO: Itens de Vestir Floresta Nórdica Encantada!
UUTTA: Lumotun talvimetsän kuteet!
NOUVEAU : Vêtements Forêt d'hiver Enchantée !
NUOVO: Indumenti Foresta Invernale Incantata!
NIEUW: Winter Toverbos Kleding!
NEU: Bezaubernde Winterwald-Kleidung!
YENİ: Büyülü Kış Orman Giysileri!
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HC Gifts 2021 / Bonus Bags 2021 / Diamond Paintings - Habbo

Code: CF_250_toiletpaper
Name: CF_250_toiletpaper name
Price: 250 credits

Code: CF_350_giantpearl
Name: CF_350_giantpearl name
Price: 350 credits

Code: CF_500_egg
Name: CF_500_egg name
Price: 500 credits

Code: CF_750_golddragon
Name: CF_750_golddragon name
Price: 750 credis

Code: bonusbag21_1
Name: bonusbag21_1 name

Code: bonusbag21_2
Name: bonusbag21_2 name

Code: bonusbag21_3
Name: bonusbag21_3 name

Code: bonusbag21_4
Name: bonusbag21_4 name

Code: bonusrare21_1a*0
Name: bonusrare21_1a_1 name
Available in March 2021

Code: bonusrare21_1a*1
Name: bonusrare21_1a_2 name
Available in March 2021

Code: bonusrare21_1a*2
Name: bonusrare21_1a_3 name
Available in March 2021

Code: bonusrare21_1a*3
Name: bonusrare21_1a_4 name
Available in March 2021

Code: bonusrare21_1a*4
Name: bonusrare21_1a_5 name
Available in March 2021

Code: bonusrare21_1a*5
Name: bonusrare21_1a_6 name
Available in March 2021

Code: bonusrare21_2*0
Name: bonusrare21_2_0 name
Available in June 2021

Code: bonusrare21_2*1
Name: bonusrare21_2_1 name
Available in June 2021

Code: bonusrare21_2*2
Name: bonusrare21_2_2 name
Available in June 2021

Code: bonusrare21_2*3
Name: bonusrare21_2_3 name
Available in June 2021

Code: bonusrare21_2*4
Name: bonusrare21_2_4 name
Available in June 2021

Code: bonusrare21_2*5
Name: bonusrare21_2_5 name
Available in June 2021

Code: bonusrare21_3*1
Name: bonusrare21_3_1 name
Available in September 2021

Code: bonusrare21_3*2
Name: bonusrare21_3_2 name
Available in September 2021

Code: bonusrare21_3*3
Name: bonusrare21_3_3 name
Available in September 2021

Code: bonusrare21_3*4
Name: bonusrare21_3_4 name
Available in September 2021

Code: bonusrare21_3*5
Name: bonusrare21_3_5 name
Available in September 2021

Code: bonusrare21_3*6
Name: bonusrare21_3_6 name
Available in September 2021

Code: bonusrare21_4*0
Name: bonusrare21_4_0 name
Available in December 2021

Code: bonusrare21_4*1
Name: bonusrare21_4_1 name
Available in December 2021

Code: bonusrare21_4*2
Name: bonusrare21_4_2 name
Available in December 2021

Code: bonusrare21_4*3
Name: bonusrare21_1_3 name
Available in December 2021

Code: bonusrare21_4*4
Name: bonusrare21_4_4 name
Available in December 2021

Code: bonusrare21_4*5
Name: bonusrare21_4_5 name
Available in December 2021

Code: china_c21_gong
Name: china_c21_gong name

Code: china_c21_orangebasket
Name: china_c21_orangebasket name

Code: china_c21_vase
Name: china_c21_vase name

Code: china_goldenox
Name: china_goldenox name

Code: clothing_goldhatpack1
Name: clothing_goldhatpack1 name

Code: year2021
Name: 2021 NY Countdown

Code: clothing_oxset
Name: clothing_oxset name

Code: ny_r20_crackable
Name: 2021 Facemask Gift Box

Code: clothing_r20_mask1
Name: Spotty Facemask

Code: clothing_r20_mask2
Name: Floral Facemask

Code: clothing_r20_mask3
Name: Gold Facemask

Code: clothing_r20_mask4
Name: Green Facemask

Code: clothing_r20_mask5
Name: Kitty Facemask

Code: clothing_r20_mask6
Name: My Love Facemask

Code: clothing_r20_mask7
Name: Grinning Facemask

Code: clothing_r20_mask8
Name: Blue Striped Facemask

Code: diamond_painting53
Name: diamond_painting53 name

Code: diamond_painting54
Name: diamond_painting54 name

Code: diamond_painting55
Name: diamond_painting55 name

Code: diamond_painting56
Name: diamond_painting56 name

Code: diamond_painting57
Name: diamond_painting57 name

Code: diamond_painting58
Name: diamond_painting58 name

Code: diamond_painting59
Name: diamond_painting59 name

Code: diamond_painting60
Name: diamond_painting60 name

Code: diamond_painting61
Name: diamond_painting61 name

Code: diamond_painting62
Name: diamond_painting62 name

Code: diamond_painting63
Name: diamond_painting63 name

Code: hc21_10
Name: hc21_10 name

Code: hc21_11
Name: hc21_11 name

Code: hc21_12
Name: hc21_12 name

Code: hc21_1
Name: hc21_1 name

Code: hc21_2
Name: hc21_2 name

Code: hc21_3
Name: hc21_3 name

Code: hc21_4
Name: hc21_4 name

Code: hc21_5
Name: hc21_5 name

Code: hc21_6
Name: hc21_6 name

Code: hc21_7
Name: hc21_7 name

Code: hc21_8
Name: hc21_8 name

Code: hc21_9
Name: hc21_9 name

Code: messy_c21_clothespile
Name: messy_c21_clothespile name

Code: messy_c21_forgottenvase
Name: messy_c21_forgottenvase name

Code: messy_c21_kitchencorner
Name: messy_c21_kitchencorner name

Code: messy_c21_kitchenette
Name: messy_c21_kitchenette name

Code: messy_c21_magazines
Name: messy_c21_magazines name

Code: messy_c21_messybed
Name: messy_c21_messybed name

Code: messy_c21_messycloset
Name: messy_c21_messycloset name

Code: messy_c21_messydrawers
Name: messy_c21_messydrawers name

Code: messy_c21_messyendtable
Name: messy_c21_messyendtable name

Code: messy_c21_messyfootwear
Name: messy_c21_messyfootwear name

Code: messy_c21_messyhifi
Name: messy_c21_messyhifi name

Code: messy_c21_messyrug
Name: messy_c21_messyrug name

Code: messy_c21_messysofa
Name: messy_c21_messysofa name

Code: messy_c21_oldwall
Name: messy_c21_oldwall name

Code: messy_c21_plushcarpet
Name: messy_c21_plushcarpet name

Code: messy_c21_stackedletters
Name: messy_c21_stackedletters name

Code: messy_c21_stepladder
Name: messy_c21_stepladder name

Code: messy_c21_trashbags
Name: messy_c21_trashbags name

Code: messy_c21_wonkychair
Name: messy_c21_wonkychair name

Code: messy_c21_wonkydoormat
Name: messy_c21_wonkydoormat name

Code: messy_c21_wonkylamp
Name: messy_c21_wonkylamp name

Code: messy_c21_wonkylowtable
Name: messy_c21_wonkylowtable name

Code: messy_c21_wonkytable
Name: messy_c21_wonkytable name

Code: messy_c21_wonkywallitems
Name: messy_c21_wonkywallitems name

Code: plushie_r21_kingbear
Name: plushie_r21_kingbear name

Code: garden_r21_wisteriaarch
Name: garden_r21_wisteriaarch name

Code: rare_r21_coffeesiphon
Name: rare_r21_coffeesiphon name

Code: clothing_r21_sunnycloudhat
Name: clothing_r21_sunnycloudhat name

Code: ltd21_unicornpup
Name: ltd21_unicornpup name

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