COMING SOON: Sofas Offer One / Two / Three
targeted.offer.extra20_sofas1_tto_all.title=Sofas Offer One
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Sofas Offer One

targeted.offer.extra20_sofas2_tto_all.title=Sofas Offer Two
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Sofas Offer Two

targeted.offer.extra20_sofas3_tto_all.title=Sofas Offer Three
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Sofas Offer Three

Bundles returning next month! - Habbo
Classic Hotel View Bundle
The original hotel view is a legendary and iconic piece of our history, and this bundle represents it perfectly. Pick one up while you can!

SPD01 (badge)
Classic Hotel View Bundle

Lote Vista Hotel Clásico
Pack Habbo Hotel Clássico
Klassinen hotellinäkymä -paketti
Vue de l'Hôtel Classique
Affare Stanza Vista dell'Hotel Classica
Classic Hotel Uitzicht Bundel
Klassische Hotelansicht-Bündel
Klasik Otel Manzaralı Paket

Relaxation Bundle
SIX different coloured Swiss Balls inside this bundle? No, we're not joking. It contains these and much more!

SPD03 (badge)
Relaxation Bundle

Lote Sala de Relajación
Pack Sala de Descanso
Salle de relax
Affare Stanza Aula di Rilassamento
Yoga Bundel
Entspannungsraum Bündel
Dinlenme Odası Paketi

Classic Tea Room Bundle
The Classic Tea Room bundle is back for a limited time only - get involved! Comes with a new badge, too.

SPD04 (badge)
Classic Tea Room Bundle

¡Lote Salón del Té!
Pack Casa de Chá Clássica
Klassinen Teehuone-huonepaketti!
Pack Salon de Thé Classique!
Affare Stanza Classico Sala da Tè!
De Klassieke Theehuis Bundel!
Klassisches Teestuben Bündel!
Çay Salonu Oda Paketi!

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MAY 2020: Spa Codes - Habbo
landing.view.may20corgi.body=Pick up one of the most cheerful looking and regal breeds of pooch around for a great price! Comes with exclusive badge.
landing.view.may20corgi.button=See the rare
landing.view.may20corgi.header=RARE Royal Corgi!

Rare Royal Corgi

landing.view.may20crafta.body=Use the Fragrant Bath crafting table with bath bombs to craft different coloured face masks! Bath bombs are obtained from Spa Sacks, which are found in the Catalogue.
landing.view.may20crafta.button=Get a crafting table
landing.view.may20crafta.header=Face Mask Crafting!

Face Mask

Fragrant Bath (Crafting Table)

clothing_maskrose / clothing_maskcitrus
Rose Face Mask / Citrus Face Mask

clothing_maskmint / clothing_maskcharcoal
Mint Face Mask / Charcoal Face Mask

clothing_eyetomato / clothing_eyecucumber
Tomato Eyes / Cucumber Eyes

clothing_eyestrawberry / clothing_eyecitrus
Strawberry Eyes / Orange Eyes

Mint Face Mask / Charcoal Face Mask

Rose Face Mask / Citrus Face Mask

landing.view.may20craftb.body=Use the Fragrant Bath crafting table with bath bombs to craft different coloured face masks! Bath bombs are obtained from Spa Packs, which are found in the Catalogue.
landing.view.may20craftb.button=Get a crafting table
landing.view.may20craftb.header=Face Mask Crafting! (This is for users from .FR and .NL)

["spa_c20_bath","Fragrant Bath (Crafting Table)",""]

landing.view.may20marimo.body=Marimo is a rare species of algae and is found in a number of lakes and rivers in Japan and Northern Europe. Get your very own today!
landing.view.may20marimo.button=See the rare
landing.view.may20marimo.header=RARE Marimo Aquarium!

Rare Marimo Aquarium

landing.view.may20old.body=A selection of classic furni is available in the Catalogue, Habbos. Go and see what's on offer!
landing.view.may20old.button=See the furni
landing.view.may20old.header=Classic Furni Available!

landing.view.may20paint.body=We just dropped a selection of brand new diamond paintings. Collectors, go take a look!
landing.view.may20paint.button=See the bundle
landing.view.may20paint.header=NEW: Diamond Paintings!

landing.view.may20rarecf.body=You can never own enough gold stuff. And just like gold tends to, credit furni holds its value. This will always exchange for 500 credits! Rare and never to be sold again.
landing.view.may20rarecf.button=See the furni
landing.view.may20rarecf.header=RARE Golden Beetle Credit Furni!

["CF_500_goldenbettle","Solid Gold Beetle",""]

landing.view.may20sacka.body=Spa Sacks contain a one of four set selections of spa clothing, furni and bath bombs (bath bombs are used to craft face masks.)
landing.view.may20sacka.button=See the furni
landing.view.may20sacka.header=NEW: Spa Sacks!

spa_c20_crackable1A / spa_c20_crackable2A
Blue Spa Sack / Orange Spa Sack

Includes the following items

spa_c20_bbmint / spa_c20_bbcharcoal / spa_c20_bbcitrus / spa_c20_bbrose
Mint Bath Bomb / Charcoal Bath Bomb / Citrus Bath Bomb / Rose Bath Bomb

clothing_towelhair / clothing_towelwrapfull / clothing_towelwraphalf / clothing_eyemask
Towel Hair / Full Towel Wrap / Lower Towel Wrap / Eye Mask

spa_c20_incense / spa_c20_lavendersalt
Spa Incense / Lavender Salt

Eye Mask / Towel Hair

Full Towel Wrap / Lower Towel Wrap

landing.view.may20sackb.body=A selection of spa-themed items are available, Habbos!
landing.view.may20sackb.button=See the furni
landing.view.may20sackb.header=NEW: Spa Packs! (This is for users from .FR and .NL)

["spa_c20_crackable1B","Blue Spa Sack (Non-crackable)",""]
["spa_c20_crackable2B","Orange Spa Sack (Non-crackable)",""]

["spa_c20_bbcharcoal","Charcoal Bath Bomb",""]
["spa_c20_bbcitrus","Citrus Bath Bomb",""]
["spa_c20_bbmint","Mint Bath Bomb",""]
["spa_c20_bbrose","Rose Bath Bomb",""]

["spa_c20_incense","Spa Incense",""]
["spa_c20_lavendersalt","Lavender Salt",""]

["clothing_eyemask","Eye Mask",""]
["clothing_towelhair","Towel Hair",""]
["clothing_towelwrapfull","Full Towel Wrap",""]
["clothing_towelwraphalf","Lower Towel Wrap",""]

landing.view.may20spa.body=Based on an old and very popular bundle and accompanied by a brand new and exclusive badge, this bundle isn't one to miss!
landing.view.may20spa.button=See the bundle
landing.view.may20spa.header=NEW: Serenity Health Spa Bundle

landing.view.may20treehouse.body=The tiniest of tiny treehouses is now available from the Catalogue. Rare and never to be sold again!
landing.view.may20treehouse.button=See the rare
landing.view.may20treehouse.header=RARE Tiny Treehouse!

Rare Tiny Treehouse

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MAY 2020: Classic Rares - Habbo


JLP07 (badge)
White Laser Portal


SBR03 (badge)
Ocean Sleeping Bag


SFD09 (badge)
Sky Spaceship Door


SFR07 (badge)
Grey Smoke Machine

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