Limited Edition Rares
By Guarante at 04-04-2012 00:41:31
So, you all know about Rares, right… they’re Rare. Well, some more so than others, of course. Because while some are so Rare that they go for thousands of Credits in the Marketplace, others were sold in much larger quantities and are worth much less.

There’s been a lot of talk about the reselling of Rares, the uncertainty of numbers, and the inflation/deflation of Rare value, with Habbos wanting new Rares, how could we make them work better for the future? Our product team (the people behind the Furni!) discussed the issue at length, and then they came up with an idea that just might work:

What if Rares were truly LIMITED? What if we only offered up a certain amount, and once they were sold out, that was it. No more. You would know exactly how many of that particular Rare were available in your Hotel. It would be limited from the start, and with time, as always, it would get even more and more… Rare.

This idea caught on, and after working out the details and going through the motions, they’re ready to launch! And maybe it’s because it’s been a bit… nuts around here lately, but we hear that you can expect not just one or two new Limited Edition Rares… but one for every day of the Easter week. Yep, that ought to do it!

They’ll be very different, all belonging to various existing Furni lines, selling in different quantities, at different price points, but all marked “LTD” – because of course… they’ll all be limited. Once a Limited Edition Rare is sold out, it’s gone.

First ever Limited Edition Rare is set to go live in all Hotels tomorrow, Wednesday April 4th!


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