Finfur's meeting
By Jeppe at 11-02-2013 16:32:40
Today,'s hotel manager Finfur had a chat with users in a public room.
Here are the most important things he said:

- Pixels aren't coming back.
- Hotel managers can do all kinds of competitions they want.
- The Habbo frontpage news are going to be updated frequently.
- The old news system isn't coming back.
- There are going to be competitions soon..?

And the valentines part:

- FI hotel manager is dating with sayanova, COM.TR manager
- Sayanova were jealous because another habbo pixel-kissed Finfur
- Sayanova and Finfur are having a date tonight and they are going to eat hamburgers in the light of candles :3

Thanks to kivasima and T6767T-vara from, the best Finnish fansite


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