Spring Cleaning With Puhekupla
By Vado at 06-03-2013 07:33:10

It's the time of the year again (if you're in America, that is) for Spring during March, April and May. We're doing a lot around Puhekupla to clean up the place and make it easier for you to find your content and get the most out of the website.

If you haven't noticed, we've added "view more" to each of our content boxes to view the archives of each badge, furni, dump, hotel versions, Habbo staff, along with news and blogs.

We're starting to get our shop organised with a newer design coming soon to make it easier to grab what you want and make it quicker to let your creative side show quicker. Later on in March we'll be adding a Puhekupla tab to the navigator, that will include all of the stuff that is based within Puhekupla, instead of having each page in different tabs which is totally confusing for new viewers.

Here's some ways which you can clean up your stuff this Spring, to make your life clutter free.

Habbo Friends
We all have friends on Habbo that may not have come online for a few years, so why are they taking up that precious space in your friends list when we have a limit? It's time to get rid of the people you never talk to with a list clean out!

Go to Habbo > Account Settings > Friend Management

Did you know? You can create tabs in your console, make it whatever name you like, and you can move certain friends into that tab, whether it be important people, people you might envy or just people you love.

Inventory Clean Out
From ducks, to plants, we all have so much in our inventories, even though Habbo is making your stuff load faster now, why take so much effort to try and find what you're looking for, saying to yourself "I know it's in here!" when you can simply place it all in Habbo rooms to make your inventory clutter free (which will also make the hotel load faster too)

Or perhaps for all of your unwanted stuff you could hold a good old genuine giveaway on Habbo, I'm sure those bacons would love that furni.

Files on your computer
Who has time to clean up their computer continuously from all of the random files we download and create? Uhh.. no one!

This would be a great time to go through your pictures, documents, and music and clean out everything you hardly even use.. remember that song you always skip in your playlist? I think it's time to go.

Once you're done, I'm sure you will let out a sigh of relief, your life is totally clutter free (for the next few months at least..)

By *filtered*, Community Manager


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