Last Chance for Pixel Bli
By Lab-Rat at 03-09-2009 18:25:29
In less then 3 days entries will close for Pixel Blitz then community voting will start for the winner. Send in your entries now as it is your last chance.

What is Pixel Blitz?
Pixel Blitz is a monthly competition held on Puhekupla by Lab-Rat.
In Pixel Blitz, Lab-Rat comes up with a theme and invites all of Puhekupla’s users to join in to create a piece of artwork based on thatmonths theme.
Each month there is 2 weeks of making and sending period, then a week of community voting then a week of rest for Lab-Rat.
Each month the prize is VIP on the News comments area (and other possible prizes in the future).
So what are you waiting for? Join in today and win a heap of prizes.

This months theme
This month Habbo updated to R37, when they did so there was a public ourcry because of the changes to the Navigator, so my mission for you guys is to design your own navigator, it can look however you want, it doesn’t even have to look like the current navigator.


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