Builders Club hits .com!
By 123http at 04-12-2013 16:28:36
Today Builders Club was released onto for the price of $10.99 per month. Find out more below..


Hey Habbos! Today we’re excited to announce a brand new feature that’ll bring the joy of room building to the masses...
...and at the same time give experienced builders the freedom to create bigger, better and more elaborate room designs!
You’ll notice a brand new ‘Builders Club Warehouse’ in the game navigation – It stocks a huge selection of furni which you can use to create anything you like. There’s a free trial available that’ll give you 150 furni for free, and if you enjoy building and want to unlock your rooms for people to visit and walk around, you’ll need a Builders Club subscription. There’ll be an awesome boost to your furni limit (to 1.000 items!) when you join!
We’ve had a great response from beta testers so far, and although we’re excited to bring this to everyone for the first time, we’re also aware of some concerns from Habbo’s regarding the impact a subscription service could have to aftermarket furni values. Trading remains a huge priority for us and for that reason we’ve taken many steps to minimize the impact to our traders...
Important things to note;
· Builders Club Furni is not tradable, and no additional furni is being added to the trading market.
· There is a limit to how mauch Builders Club Furni can be used at one time in rooms.
· Opening Builders Club rooms to visitors requires an active subscription.
· Builders Club Furni will have a distinct "context menu" to distinguish from other furni.
· The warehouse will contain a selection (but not all items) of furni from the current catalogue.
· Campaign furni will only be available to Builders Club members during campaign times.
· Pets, Rares and some super complex items won’t be available as part of the subscription.
· Old furni lines will only become available if they are placed in the normal catalogue. We’ll avoid adding items that became "rare" even though they weren't initially sold as rares.
· We will be updating the Furni-Matic prizes more frequently in the future to ensure that items in low demand can be swapped for more exclusive items.
We’re confident that the impact on furni trading will be minimal, long term it may even have a positive effect! During campaigns many items are purchased and sold shortly after the festivities; the Club Warehouse will replace some of this ‘temporary’ furni use for many Habbo’s and there’ll be a less tradeable aftermarket supply once a furni line has left the catalogue. This’ll allow for furni values to increase sooner rather than having to wait to adjust to an excess supply.
Builders Club should be a positive change for the entire Habbo community! More and more Habbo’s will have the opportunity to join in the fun of creating awesome rooms; and even those players who already have a large inventory could use the Warehouse to expand in the number of spaces they create! We don’t expect Habbo’s to choose between buying furni or subscribing to Builders Club; there are benefits to either choice and many of you will choose both! We hope this will lead to more people creating anything they can think of and trading more items, making Habbo a more livelier place.
Happy Building!


After removing builders club furniture (you can use :pickallbc) it reopens your room.

A free trial isn't everything, if you stay on a free trial you won't be able to open your room

Group rooms aren't compatible with the furniture.

Active subscription






builder.catalog.title=The Builders Club Warehouse
builder.front_page.extend=Extend Limit
builder.front_page.join=Manage Subscription
builder.header.status.limit=Borrowed items: %COUNT%/%LIMIT%
builder.header.status.member=Full Member
builder.header.status.membership=Days Left: %DURATION%
builder.header.status.trial=Free Trial
builder.header.title=Your Builders Club status: %BCSTATUS%
builder.placement_widget.error.group_room=You cannot place Builders Club furni in group rooms.
builder.placement_widget.error.limit_reached=You reached your club limit!
builder.placement_widget.error.not_in_room=You need to be in a room to place furni!
builder.placement_widget.error.not_room_owner=You can only place Builders Club furni in your own room.
builder.placement_widget.error.visitors=You’re in the Trial Mode and there are visitors in the room.
builder.placement_widget.hint=Try dragging items from the catalogue into the Room!
builder.placement_widget.place_many=Place many items
builder.placement_widget.place_one=Place one item
notification.builders_club.membership_expired.linkTitle=Go to Membership Status
notification.builders_club.membership_expired.message=Your Builders Club membership has expired. Your rooms that contain Builders Club items are now locked!
notification.builders_club.membership_expired.message_no_rooms=Renew now to keep building!
notification.builders_club.membership_expired.title=Your Builders Club membership has expired!
notification.builders_club.membership_expires.linkTitle=Check your membership status...
notification.builders_club.membership_expires.message=If your membership is not renewed, your rooms that contain Builders Club items will become locked!
notification.builders_club.membership_expires.title=Your Builders Club membership expires soon!
notification.builders_club.membership_extended.linkTitle=Check your membership status
notification.builders_club.membership_extended.message=You’ve extended your Builders Club Membership, and your club limit has been raised to %FURNI_LIMIT% items! Happy building!
notification.builders_club.membership_extended.title=Your Builders Club membership is extended!
notification.builders_club.membership_made.linkTitle=Check your membership status
notification.builders_club.membership_made.message=Your rooms that contain Builders Club items have been unlocked, and your club limit has been raised to %FURNI_LIMIT% items! Happy building!
notification.builders_club.membership_made.title=Welcome to Builders Club!
notification.builders_club.membership_renewed.linkTitle=Check your membership status
notification.builders_club.membership_renewed.message=Your rooms that contain Builders Club items are now unlocked, and your club limit has been raised to %FURNI_LIMIT% items! Happy building!
notification.builders_club.membership_renewed.title=Welcome to Builders Club!
notification.builders_club.room_locked.linkTitle=Builders Club FAQ
notification.builders_club.room_locked.message=This room contains Builders Club items and you do not have club membership.
notification.builders_club.room_locked.title=This room has been locked!
notification.builders_club.room_unlocked.message=You’ve removed the last Builders Club item, and the room is now unlocked!
notification.builders_club.visit_denied_for_owner.message=%USERNAME% could not visit this room, because it contains Builders Club items and you do not have club membership.
notification.builders_club.visit_denied_for_visitor.linkTitle=Builders Club FAQ
notification.builders_club.visit_denied_for_visitor.message=This room contains Builders Club items and the owner does not have club membership...
notification.builders_club.visit_denied_for_visitor.title=This room is locked!


JOIN The Builder club now!

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