Puhekupla gets updated +b
By Mark at 26-09-2009 14:05:15
v2.3 is here and it brings a heap of new features with it.

Well as most of you have noticed the site has been updated again, this time we have brought in a log in box so you only have to sign in once a few new comment tools, most of which can only be used by the new VIP system.

What do people in VIP get?
Well simple really they get a few extra comment/forum tools such as:

They also get a nifty little icon so you can identify who is VIP (), you will also notice staff have one too ().

Now most of you are wondering how do you get VIP? It's simple, all you have to do is be a valued member of the community, which really means people who find stuff or help us a lot, people who win Puhekupla comps such as Pixel Blitz.

Also I would like to introduce our newest staff member, nuno-mc. He will be helping us with reporting new finds.

Now...what to put in the next version?

Mark and the Puhekupla team.

Found Bugs
- All unregistered accounts now have staff tags, this is no longer allowed on the new site.
- Some people can't change their language
- Some people seem to be speaking in Pirate


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