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landing.view.habbo15balloon.body=So you've received one of our snazzy gold Habbo 15th Birthday Balloons, huh?! You lucky yellow duck! The balloons can be a little tricky to open sometimes, we've made a set-by-step guide to help you...
landing.view.habbo15balloon.button=Show me how to POP!
landing.view.habbo15balloon.header=HOW TO: Pop Birthday Balloons
landing.view.habbo15comp1.body=We are giving away awesome prizes to the best Habbo creators! Do you think you have what it takes? Then dive in this new competition: build a room, one block a time, and recreate what you think Habbo will look like in 15 years
landing.view.habbo15comp1.button=Read more
landing.view.habbo15comp1.header=Block Competition
landing.view.habbo15comp2.body=A new competition just started, dedicated to the Habbos fashionistas. Grab your pixel-pencil and start designing a brand new outfit for your Habbo! It can be a simple but unforgettable accessory, a single piece of clothing or a full outfit from hat to shoes, the choice is your!
landing.view.habbo15comp2.button=Read more
landing.view.habbo15comp2.header=Outfit Competition
landing.view.habbo15comp3.body=There's a new challenge waiting for you! We are always looking for some amazing Habbo creators in the Hotel and this time we want to find the best room builder. Get to work and create your "dream room"!
landing.view.habbo15comp3.button=Read more
landing.view.habbo15comp3.header=Room Competition
landing.view.habbo15comp4.body=You certainly have a favourite movie scene or music video, and you certainly love Habbo, so let's mix it all in a Pixel Video! Let your inner artist guide you and grab a video of maximum 30 seconds recreating one of your favourite music or movie scenes.
landing.view.habbo15comp4.button=Read more
landing.view.habbo15comp4.header=Video Competition
landing.view.habbo15comp5.body=What about creating your very own Rare furni? For this competition you'll need to put the best of your Pixel skills in practice. Design a brand-new Habbo rare furni, pixel by pixel, small or big, it doesn't matter, just make it epic!
landing.view.habbo15comp5.button=Read more
landing.view.habbo15comp5.header=Rare Competition
landing.view.habbo15launch.body=*HIP HIP HOORAY* We've made it to our 15TH BIRTHDAY! Naturally, we are ready to P-A-R-T-Y and have got a TON of AWESOME birthday celebrations coming to you over the next six weeks! From 1st of July to 15th August, we have a LOADS of amazing competitions, prizes, activities and furni coming your way. Make sure to check the schedule below so you don't miss out…
landing.view.habbo15launch.button=See what's coming
landing.view.habbo15launch.header=Let the celebrations begin!
landing.view.habbo15palooza.body=Just in time for our birthday, PALOOZA Furni is back! Rolling into the hotel, this furni is FRESH and FUN and perfect addition to any Habbo 15th Birthday room. Not enugh? Grab yourself a snazzy Palooza Bundle too! Pre-made party room, you just bring the friends! Get your party groove on while this rockin' furni is still around...
landing.view.habbo15palooza.button=See the furni
landing.view.habbo15palooza.header=PARTY with Palooza Furni
landing.view.habbo15rare.body=POP! Hiding in these RARE 15th Birthday Balloons will be 1 of 15 Habbo EXCLUSIVE 15th Birthday Rares in a DAZZLING Maroon colour. For only 24hrs EVERY TUESDAY until 15th August, you have the chance to get your hands on these snazzy rares. Thats FIVE chances to grab RARE Balloons! So... Which one will you get?!
landing.view.habbo15rare.button=POP! Show me
landing.view.habbo15rare.header=ON SALE NOW: RARE Balloons
landing.view.habbo15verify.body=Haven't received your snazzy Habbo 15th Birthday Balloon? It might be because you haven't verified your email address yet. Simply follow the steps in the article to verify your email and start getting your FREE Balloons! Note: If you registered and log in with Facebook Twitter, Google+,Yahoo! or Microsoft Live, you will NOT need to verify your details.
landing.view.habbo15verify.button=Show me how
landing.view.habbo15verify.header=HOW TO: Verify your email

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