Viking or pirate?
By Djosueadd at 02-03-2016 20:03:43
New codes found from rares vikings/pirates.

landing.view.pvsv16engagement.body=After years of desperate searching, the Pirates and the Vikings have FINALLY retrieved an ancient map that shows the location of the Five Forsaken Rares. Now, they're sailing at full speed towards them! Whose ranks will you join in this incredible adventure?

landing.view.pvsv16engagement.button1=Ride with the Pirates!

landing.view.pvsv16engagement.button2=Sail with the Vikings!

landing.view.pvsv16engagement.header=Search for the Five Forsaken Rares

And not only that, also six new challenges have been uploaded.

badge_name_PV005=Buccaneer I
badge_name_PV006=Viking Rider I
badge_name_PV007=Buccaneer II
badge_name_PV008=Viking Rider II
badge_name_PV009=Buccaneer III
badge_name_PV010=Viking Rider III
badge_name_PV011=Buccaneer IV
badge_name_PV012=Viking Rider IV
badge_name_PV013=Buccaneer V
badge_name_PV014=Viking Rider V
badge_name_PV015=Buccaneer VI
badge_name_PV016=Viking Rider VI
badge_name_PV018=Famous Treasures Quiz
badge_name_PV019=Famous Treasures Hunters Quiz
badge_name_PV023=Intrepid Pirate
badge_name_PV024=Fearless Viking

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