New codes - Black Friday MEGA Deal
By AlexGeek at 09-10-2017 16:06:00
targeted.offer.bf17_tko_gr1.desc=Save 20% on an EXCLUSIVE Yeti Mask, 70 bronze coins, a Snowy Pine, an Ice Patch, 4x Yeti Footprints, a badge and a month of HC!
targeted.offer.bf17_tko_gr1.title=Black Friday MEGA Deal

targeted.offer.bf17_tko_gr2.desc=Save 20% on 2x EXCLUSIVE Yeti Masks, 80 bronze coins, 2x Snowy Pines, 2x Ice Patches, 4x Yeti Footprints, a badge and 3 months of HC!
targeted.offer.bf17_tko_gr2.title=Black Friday MEGA Deal

Black Friday MEGA Deal

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