April 2018 - New codes + Furnis + Sketches
By AlexGeek at 06-03-2018 14:35:11
landing.view.apr18army.body=Including 2x Rambo Outfits (a bandana and bullet chain), this bundle is SERIOUSLY not one to miss out on.
landing.view.apr18army.button=Get the bundle
landing.view.apr18army.header=New: Military Camp Bundle!

landing.view.apr18buggy.body=Cart your friends about with this nippy little buggy. Available for a short time only - don't miss out!
landing.view.apr18buggy.button=Get the rare
landing.view.apr18buggy.header=RARE Director's Buggy

landing.view.apr18camera.body=The tech inside this mobile camera is right at the top of 'top of the range' - and it's only available for a limited time. Get one while you can!
landing.view.apr18camera.button=Get the rare
landing.view.apr18camera.header=RARE Mobile Film Camera

landing.view.apr18catcopter.body=This extremely weird-looking drone is available for a short time. Are you going to miss out? (Comes with a switch state in case you're not a fan of taxidermy)
landing.view.apr18catcopter.button=Get the rare
landing.view.apr18catcopter.header=RARE Catcopter

landing.view.apr18fantasy.body=Fancy a little 'rumble in the jumble'? We thought so. Get one of these extra-size bundles today and pick up 2x exclusive Yeti Feet!
landing.view.apr18fantasy.button=Get the bundle
landing.view.apr18fantasy.header=Get a Jurassic Jungle Bundle!

landing.view.apr18police.body=As well as a humongous stack of cool furni, this extra-size police-themed bundle contains 2x EXCLUSIVE Inmate Overalls!
landing.view.apr18police.button=Get the bundle
landing.view.apr18police.header=New: Police Force Bundle!

landing.view.apr18trailer.body=Prepare for your film scene in opulent luxury. This furni is only available for a VERY limited time - pick one up while you can!
landing.view.apr18trailer.button=Get the rare
landing.view.apr18trailer.header=RARE Film Star's Trailer

landing.view.apr18west.body=Ever played the role of an indian before? Want to? We've got you sorted. This extra-size bundle comes with 2x exclusive Indian Ponchos!
landing.view.apr18west.button=Get the bundle
landing.view.apr18west.header=Get a Wild West Bar Bundle!

["cine_r18_buggy","Director's Buggy",""]
["cine_r18_camera","Mobile Film Camera",""]
["cine_r18_trailer","Film Star's Trailer",""]

["clothing_U_inmate","Inmate Overalls",""]
["clothing_U_mercenary","Rambo Outfit",""]
["clothing_U_poncho","Indian Poncho",""]
["clothing_U_yetifeet","Yeti Feet",""]

badge_name_MSC01=Wild West Bar Bundle
badge_name_MSC02=Military Camp Bundle
badge_name_MSC03=Jurassic Jungle Bundle
badge_name_MSC05=RARE Film Star's Trailer
badge_name_MSC06=RARE Mobile Film Camera
badge_name_MSC07=RARE Director's Buggy
badge_name_MSC04=Police Force Bundle
badge_name_MSC08=RARE Catcopter

featured.offer.apr18buggy.title=RARE Director's Buggy
featured.offer.apr18camera.title=RARE Mobile Film Camera
featured.offer.apr18trailer.title=RARE Film Star's Trailer
featured.offer.apr18catcopter.title=RARE Catcopter
featured.offer.bundle206.title=Wild West Bar Bundle
featured.offer.bundle207.title=Military Camp Bundle
featured.offer.bundle208.title=Jurassic Jungle Bundle
featured.offer.bundle209.title=Police Force Bundle

Thanks Bottila


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