New codes: May 2018 - Habbovision -UPDATE2
By AlexGeek at 04-04-2018 15:34:12

landing.view.may18eurovision.body=Support your favourite Habbovision artist or even represent your own hotel on stage LIVE inside the Habtice Arena! And, if the jury gives you the much-coveted 'Douze Pixels'... you MIGHT just win cool badges or the Turquoise Tortoise!
landing.view.may18eurovision.button=Open the navigator!
landing.view.may18eurovision.header=Welcome to Habbovision 2018!

badge_name_HIC12=Habbovision winner 2018
badge_name_HIC13=Habbovision 2018 Fortune Teller

landing.view.may18breakfast.body=Cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sound good? Make sure to check out this bundle! (Includes 3x EXCLUSIVE Cereal Selection furni).
landing.view.may18breakfast.button=See the bundle
landing.view.may18breakfast.header=Breakfast of Champions Bundle

landing.view.may18classic.body=Don't miss your one and only chance to pick up this classic piece of Habbo's rich history! Available for a short time only.
landing.view.may18classic.button=See the rare
landing.view.may18classic.header=Classic Rare AVAILABLE NOW!

landing.view.may18doll.body=Calling all Asiaphiles! Rare Ball-Jointed Dolls are available NOW for a limited time only.
landing.view.may18doll.button=See the rare
landing.view.may18doll.header=RARE Ball-Jointed Doll

landing.view.may18furni.body=Go check out the furni we've brought back for Habbo in the House!
landing.view.may18furni.button=See the furni
landing.view.may18furni.header=Selected Classic Furni Returns!

landing.view.may18games.body=This bundle containts some of the most technically advanced gaming equipment ever made! Contains a selection of furni exclusive to this bundle.
landing.view.may18games.button=See the bundle
landing.view.may18games.header=NEW: Pro Gamer Bundle

landing.view.may18habitat.body=Habbos - make sure to go and check out our BRAND NEW range of pet habitats!
landing.view.may18habitat.button=See the bundle
landing.view.may18habitat.header=NEW: Pet Habitat Bundles

landing.view.may18laundry.body=Calling all clean freaks: this bundle is for you! Contains a selection of furni exclusive to this bundle.
landing.view.may18laundry.button=See the bundle
landing.view.may18laundry.header=NEW: Habbo Laundry Bundle

landing.view.may18paint.body=Collectors! A handful of new Habbo paintings are now available in the Catalogue.
landing.view.may18paint.button=See the paintings
landing.view.may18paint.header=NEW Diamond Paintings!

["diamond_painting20","Lunch atop the Hotel",""]
["diamond_painting21","The Empty Inventory",""]
["diamond_painting22","Marketplace Man",""]
["diamond_painting23","Self-Portrait of Frank",""]
["diamond_painting24","The Duck Woman",""]
["diamond_painting25","Sunflowers in your Inventory",""]
["diamond_painting26","The Persistence of Furni",""]
["diamond_painting27","Lido Nostalgia",""]
["diamond_painting28","Frank's Love",""]
["diamond_painting29","Misplaced Duck",""]
["diamond_painting30","Frank's Mother",""]

landing.view.may18piccolo.body=We decided to bring back a total classic this month - the Piccolo Halls Bundle! (New and exclusive badge included).
landing.view.may18piccolo.button=See the bundle
landing.view.may18piccolo.header=Piccolo Halls Room Bundle

landing.view.may18pig.body=Our brand new (rare) Golden Piggy Bank credit furni is in the Catalogue now. Get one while you can - they're available for a limited time only!
landing.view.may18pig.button=See the furni
landing.view.may18pig.header=RARE Golden Piggy Bank Credit Furni!

["CF_750_goldenpig","Golden Piggy Bank",""]

landing.view.may18vacuum.body=Deluxe Vaccuum Cleaners are available NOW for a limited time only! (New and exclusive badge included).
landing.view.may18vacuum.button=See the rare
landing.view.may18vacuum.header=RARE Deluxe Vaccum Cleaner

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