New codes - July 2018 -UPDATE
By AlexGeek at 13-06-2018 15:20:47

Rare Aqua Ice Cream Maker - Rare Green Parasol - Rare Purple Dragonlamp

RARE Aqua Ice Cream Maker - RARE Purple Dragonlamp

badge_name_ICM09=RARE Aqua Ice Cream Maker
badge_name_RPA01=Rare Green Parasol
badge_name_RDL10=RARE Purple Dragonlamp

badge_name_ICM07=Rare Ochre Ice Cream Maker
badge_name_SPY01=Rare Dragon Egg

badge_name_JMC01=Puffin Collector
badge_name_JMC02=Spoonbill Collector
badge_name_JMC03=Cardinal Collector
badge_name_JMC04=Crane Collector
badge_name_JMC05=Quetzal Collector
badge_name_JMC06=Peacock Collector
badge_name_JMC07=Exotic Birds Mega Collector
badge_name_JMC08=RARE Wavy Locks
badge_name_JMC09=RARE Frohawk
badge_name_JMC10=Habbo 18 Rare
badge_name_JMC11=2018 Football Trophy LTD
badge_name_JMC12=Habbo 18 - Maze in the sky
badge_name_JMC13=Habbo 18 - Pixels & Duckets
badge_name_JMC14=Habbo 18 - Wired Creations
badge_name_JMC15=Habbo 18 - Snowstorm
badge_name_JMC16=Habbo 18 - Habbo App
badge_name_JMC17=Habbo 18 - Habbo Camera
badge_name_JMC18=Habbo 18 - Frank & Bonnie
badge_name_JMC19=Habbo 18 - Great Builders
badge_name_JMC20=Star Gazer Bundle
badge_name_JMC21=Cafe Diner Bundle
badge_name_JMC22=Palooza Pack One
badge_name_JMC23=Palooza Pack Two
badge_name_JMC24=Beach Pack One
badge_name_JMC25=Beach Pack Two

featured.offer.bundle221.title=Cafe Diner Bundle
Cafe Diner Bundle
Coffee? Bacon and eggs? ...Get down to the cafe, Habbos! This bundle comes with an exclusive badge

featured.offer.jul18_music.title=Palooza Packs
featured.offer.jul18birds.title=RARE Exotic Birds
featured.offer.jul18colours.title=Extra Colours
featured.offer.jul18frohawk.title=RARE Frohawk
featured.offer.jul18icmoc.title=RARE Ochre Ice Cream Maker
featured.offer.jul18locks.title=RARE Wavy Locks
featured.offer.jul18ltd.title=2018 Football Trophy LTD
featured.offer.jul18posters.title=Old VIP posters
featured.offer.jul18rare.title=Habbo 18 Rare Furni
featured.offer.jul18spyro.title=RARE Dragon Egg
featured.offer.jul18summer.title=Beach Packs

["jul18_beach_p1","Beach Pack 1","Everything you need for the beach..."]
["jul18_beach_p2","Beach Pack 2","Everything you need for the beach..."]
["jul18_music_p1","Palooza Pack 1","It's summer, and in summer come festivals!"]
["jul18_music_p2","Palooza Pack 2","It's summer, and in summer come festivals!"]

campaign.calendar.summer18.title=Summer Calendar
landing.view.summer18cal.body=Between the 2nd and 31st of July, every day you will receive a free gift from your Summer Calendar. Open yours now!
landing.view.summer18cal.button=Open it!
landing.view.summer18cal.header=Open Your Summer Calendar!

Rare Ochre Ice Cream Maker - Rare Dragon Egg

RARE Frohawk - RARE Wavy Locks

Star Gazer Bundle

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