New codes - Christmas 2018
By AlexGeek at 02-11-2018 11:56:21
landing.view.xmas18cloth.body=Go and check out our BRAND NEW selection of Christmas clothing!
landing.view.xmas18cloth.button=See the clothing!
landing.view.xmas18cloth.header=Winter City Christmas Clothing!

Previews 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

landing.view.xmas18crackable.body=This furni turns into one of five matroyoshka dolls of your choice (keep cracking them until you get the one you want). Use them in conjunction with the Nutcracker Crafting Table and the other dolls to create brand new Winter City Christmas clothing items!
landing.view.xmas18crackable.button=See the Dolls!
landing.view.xmas18crackable.header=Available: Red Matroyoshka Dolls!

landing.view.xmas18crafting.body=The Nutcracker Crafting Table is now available in the Catalogue! Use the various matroyoshka dolls (obtainable through the Catalogue at various times in December and official Christmas games and activities) in conjunction with it to craft brand new clothing items!
landing.view.xmas18crafting.button=See the furni!
landing.view.xmas18crafting.header=Winter City Christmas Crafting!

landing.view.xmas18crown.body=Hand-crafted by a secretive network of artisan babushkas, these rare Feathered Crowns are available for a very short time only!
landing.view.xmas18crown.button=See the rare!
landing.view.xmas18crown.header=RARE Feathered Crown


landing.view.xmas18dress.body=Dancers! It's your time to shine. Get one of these gorgeous new dresses while you still can - they're available for a short time only!
landing.view.xmas18dress.button=See the rare!
landing.view.xmas18dress.header=RARE Imperial Dancer's Dress


landing.view.xmas18fountain.body=The intricate lights that have been worked into this fountain are to die for. Get one while you can - they're available for a short time only!
landing.view.xmas18fountain.button=See the rare!
landing.view.xmas18fountain.header=RARE Illuminated Winter Fountain


landing.view.xmas18furni.body=Take a look at our all-new range of wintery Christmas furni! It won't be around forever, so pick up what you need while you can.
landing.view.xmas18furni.button=See the new items!
landing.view.xmas18furni.header=NEW Winter City Festival Furni!

landing.view.xmas18games.body=Make sure you play every single one of our 25 Christmas games so you can earn all 25 of our collectible Christmas badges! Note: you also have the opportunity to earn special craftable matroyoshka dolls.
landing.view.xmas18games.button=Visit the Navigator!
landing.view.xmas18games.header=Winter City Christmas Games!

landing.view.xmas18key.body=Rare and only available for a limited time, this Golden Key credit furni is one for the collectors out there. Get one while you can!
landing.view.xmas18key.button=See the rare!
landing.view.xmas18key.header=RARE Golden Key Credit Furni

["CF_1000_goldenkey","Golden Key (worth 1000 credits)",""]

landing.view.xmas18ltd.body=The ultimate addition to any classic Habbo furni hoarder's collection. There are only a handful of these as they are limited edition, so make sure you're online when they're released!
landing.view.xmas18ltd.button=See the LTD!
landing.view.xmas18ltd.header=Frosted Habberge Egg LTD


landing.view.xmas18magic.body=Ever wanted to put on a Christmas play for your friends? This is the bundle for you. Comes with exclusive badge!
landing.view.xmas18magic.button=See the Bundle!
landing.view.xmas18magic.header=Magical Christmas Theatre Bundle

landing.view.xmas18only.body=This year, back by extremely popular demand are eight BRAND NEW party hats. Get yours now!
landing.view.xmas18only.button=See the hats!
landing.view.xmas18only.header=NEW Party Hats!


landing.view.xmas18owl.body=Get your very own rare Snowy Owl! Just be prepared for it to bring home mice every now and again. Available for a short time only!
landing.view.xmas18owl.button=See the rare!
landing.view.xmas18owl.header=RARE Snowy Owl


landing.view.xmas18play.body=Pick up a stack of the new Winter City Christmas furni at a HUGE discount with this bundle. Comes with exclusive badge!
landing.view.xmas18play.button=See the Bundle!
landing.view.xmas18play.header=Winter City Playground Bundle

badge_name_ACH_wintercity1=Crafted 2 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity2=Crafted 4 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity3=Crafted 6 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity4=Crafted 8 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity5=Crafted 10 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity6=Crafted 12 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity7=Crafted 14 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity8=Crafted 16 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity9=Crafted 18 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
badge_name_ACH_wintercity10=Crafted 20 items of Winter City Christmas clothing

badge_name_X1811=Matryoshka´s 01/05
badge_name_X1812=Christmas Deers 01/05
badge_name_X1813=Winter Festival 01/05
badge_name_X1814=Christmas Theatre 01/05
badge_name_X1815=Christmas Socks 01/05
badge_name_X1816=Matryoshka´s 02/05
badge_name_X1817=Winter Festival 02/05
badge_name_X1818=Christmas Deers 02/05
badge_name_X1819=Christmas Socks 02/05
badge_name_X1820=Christmas Theatre 02/05
badge_name_X1821=Matryoshka´s 03/05
badge_name_X1822=Winter Festival 03/05
badge_name_X1823=Christmas Theatre 03/05
badge_name_X1824=Christmas Socks 03/05
badge_name_X1825=Christmas Deers 03/05
badge_name_X1826=Matryoshka´s 04/05
badge_name_X1827=Christmas Deers 04/05
badge_name_X1828=Winter Festival 04/05
badge_name_X1829=Christmas Theatre 04/05
badge_name_X1830=Christmas Socks 04/05
badge_name_X1831=Matryoshka´s 05/05
badge_name_X1832=Winter Festival 05/05
badge_name_X1833=Christmas Deers 05/05
badge_name_X1834=Christmas Theatre 05/05
badge_name_X1835=Christmas Socks 05/05
badge_name_X1845=Matryoshka´s Golden badge
badge_name_X1846=Christmas deers Golden badge
badge_name_X1847=Outdoor winter festival Golden badge
badge_name_X1848=Theatre Golden badge
badge_name_X1849=Christmas Socks Golden badge

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