New codes + Images - January 2019 / UPDATE
By AlexGeek at 04-12-2018 13:43:42

landing.view.jan19attic.body=Here we have an absolute classic. Not only do you get a shiny new badge, you also get a brand new (and exclusive) Lazy Day Hammock as well. How great is that?
landing.view.jan19attic.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.jan19attic.header=Forgotten Attic Bundle

badge_name_STY01=Forgotten Attic Bundle


landing.view.jan19forces.body=Hidden deep underground, these military headquarters contain all the high-tech monitoring equipment you need to keep control of your troops and your eye on the enemy. Includes EXCLUSIVE furni and badge
landing.view.jan19forces.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.jan19forces.header=Habbo Forces HQ Bundle

landing.view.jan19wavy2.body=This hairstyle. This HAIRSTYLE! It's rare, and we will never, ever put it back into the Catalogue: once it's gone, it's gone. Get one while you can, Habbos!
landing.view.jan19wavy2.button=See the rare
landing.view.jan19wavy2.header=Rare Long Wavy Locks!


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