Habbelina's Forest Bundle + Seven Dwarves Bundle - Habbo
By AlexGeek at 21-03-2019 12:58:37
NEW: Habbelina's Forest Bundle!
Habbelina lives in a forest overflowing with magical energy. Revitalise your pixels by bathing in the river! Comes with a lovely and EXCLUSIVE badge. Room made by Frission (.COM)

NUEVO: ¡Lote Bosque de Habbelina!
NOVO: Pack Refúgio de Habbelina!
UUSI paketti: Peukalo-Liisan metsä!
NOUVEAU : La Forêt d'Habbelina
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Foresta di Habbelina
NIEUW: Habbelijntje's Bos Bundel!
NEU: Habbelinas Wald Bündel!
YENİ: Habbelina'nın Ormanı Oda Paketi!

NEW: Seven Dwarves Bundle!
Snow White's seven dwarves own a house together. This house is now YOURS, if you wish. An exclusive badge is also included!

NUEVO: ¡Lote Siete enanitos!
NOVO: Pack 7 Anões!
UUSI paketti: Seisemän kääpiötä!
NOUVEAU : Maison des 7 nains
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Sette Nani!
NIEUW: Zeven Dwergen Bundel!
NEU: Sieben Zwerge Bündel!
YENİ: Yedi Cüceler Oda Paketi!


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