Fairytale Easter Bundles - Habbo
By AlexGeek at 05-04-2019 14:14:08
NEW: Teatime in Wonderland Bundle!
Ensure you retain your grip on pixellated reality as you tumble down the rabbit hole into the second room included in this bundle! (Comes with an exclusive badge.) Room made by Frission (.COM)

45 + 45

EFT02 (badge)
Teatime in Wonderland Bundle

NUEVO: ¡Lote Hora del Té en el País de las Maravillas!
NOVO: Pack Chá no País das Maravilhas!
UUSI paketti: Ihmemaan teekestit!
NOUVEAU : Heure du Thé à Wonderland !
NUOVO: Ora del Tè nel Paese delle Meraviglie!
NIEUW: Teatime in Wonderland Bundel!
NEU: Teatime im Wunderland Bündel
YENİ: Harikalar Diyarında Çay Saati Oda Paketi!

NEW: Habbelina's Forest Bundle!
Habbelina lives in a forest overflowing with magical energy. Revitalise your pixels by bathing in the river! Comes with a lovely and EXCLUSIVE badge. Room made by Frission (.COM)

45 + 45

EFT04 (badge)
Habbelina's Forest Bundle

NUEVO: ¡Lote Bosque de Habbelina!
NOVO: Pack Refúgio de Habbelina!
UUSI paketti: Peukalo-Liisan metsä!
NOUVEAU : La Forêt d'Habbelina
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Foresta di Habbelina
NIEUW: Habbelijntje's Bos Bundel!
NEU: Habbelinas Wald Bündel!
YENİ: Habbelina'nın Ormanı Oda Paketi!

NEW: Seven Dwarves Bundle!
Snow White's seven dwarves own a house together. This house is now YOURS, if you wish. An exclusive badge is also included!

45 + 45

EFT03 (badge)
Seven Dwarves Bundle

NUEVO: ¡Lote Siete enanitos!
NOVO: Pack 7 Anões!
UUSI paketti: Seisemän kääpiötä!
NOUVEAU : Maison des 7 nains
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Sette Nani!
NIEUW: Zeven Dwergen Bundel!
NEU: Sieben Zwerge Bündel!
YENİ: Yedi Cüceler Oda Paketi!

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