June 2019 - Bohemian Festival - New codes + Achievements - Habbo
By WhiteBlack at 06-05-2019 13:22:01
landing.view.fest19bundlea.body=Great music. The beach. Friends. One of life's greatest combinations! Exclusive badge included. (Built by .COM Habbo Pulx.)
landing.view.fest19bundlea.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.fest19bundlea.header=NEW Music Da'Beach Bundle!

MFT01 (badge)
Music Da'Beach Bundle

landing.view.fest19bundleb.body=All manner of trinkets, baubles and gadgets are on offer at the Boho Street Market. Also included is an exclusive badge!
landing.view.fest19bundleb.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.fest19bundleb.header=NEW Boho Street Market Bundle!

MFT02 (badge)
Boho Street Market Bundle

landing.view.fest19cloth.body=Our brand new selection of bohemian-style apparel is now available in the Catalogue!
landing.view.fest19cloth.button=See the clothing!
landing.view.fest19cloth.header=NEW Bohemian Festival Clothing!

Bohemian Handbag - 20 Year Dreads - Flower-Studded Beard - Flowing Shirt

Grand Ay Tail - Lake Plunger Bikini - Festival Bum Bag

landing.view.fest19collect.body=There are six of these Skulls to collect, each with their own badge. Collect all six and you'll get a bonus Skull Collector's Badge! NOTE: each skull is available for 24 hours only!
landing.view.fest19collect.button=See today's mask!
landing.view.fest19collect.header=Collectible Skull Masks!

Floral Festival Skull - Seer's Festival Skull - Mystic Festival Skull

Bountiful Festival Skull - Divine Festival Skull - Opulent Festival Skull

MFT19 (badge)
Skulls Mega Collector

MFT13 (badge) - MFT14 (badge) - MFT15 (badge)
Collectible Skull 1 - Collectible Skull 2 - Collectible Skull 3

MFT16 (badge) - MFT17 (badge) - MFT18 (badge)
Collectible Skull 4 - Collectible Skull 5 - Collectible Skull 6

landing.view.fest19craft.body=Use the Artisan Sewing Box with various materials, patterns and dyes to create eight different clothing items ONLY obtainable via crafting!
landing.view.fest19craft.button=Go craft!
landing.view.fest19craft.header=Bohemian Festival Pattern Crafting!

Artisan Sewing Box

Artisan Sewing Material - Green Festival Dye - Purple Festival Dye

Book of Patterns (OPEN ME!)

Facepaint Patterns - Headgear Patterns - Shirt Patterns - Backpack Patterns

Bohemian Facepaint - Crystal Bead Tiara - Bohemian Vest - Rugged Backpack

Gemstone Facepaint - Gemstone Tiara - Bohemian Tunic - Bohemian Backpack
(not confirmed)

landing.view.fest19game.body=If you are into festivals, music, and dressing up in the most stylish clothes, you won't want to miss what we have prepared for you! Forget about being bored, and join us for a summer like no other!
landing.view.fest19game.button=Open the Navigator!
landing.view.fest19game.header=Ready for a summer full of adventures?

landing.view.fest19hair.body=Rainbow Hair - the first of its kind in Habbo. Rare and never to be sold again, this is a hairstyle you do NOT want to miss out on!
landing.view.fest19hair.button=See the rare!
landing.view.fest19hair.header=RARE Rainbow Curls!


MFT08 (badge)
RARE Rainbow Curls

landing.view.fest19lady.body=Lady Gaia watches over all that happens within the festival. She watches out for you and your pixels. Be thankful!
landing.view.fest19lady.button=See the rare!
landing.view.fest19lady.header=RARE Lady Gaia!


MFT09 (badge)
RARE Lady Gaia

landing.view.fest19ltd.body=Grace is a festival veteran. Apparently her mum was at Woodstock... apparently. This furni is LIMITED EDITION and is available for a short time only!
landing.view.fest19ltd.button=See the LTD!
landing.view.fest19ltd.header=Grace the Alpaca LTD!


MFT12 (badge)
Grace the Alpaca LTD

landing.view.fest19new.body=Go take a look at our BRAND NEW furni line, Habbos!
landing.view.fest19new.button=See the furni!
landing.view.fest19new.header=NEW Bohemian Festival Furni!

landing.view.fest19owl.body=Crafted by hippies, coveted by festival goers, available for you. Pick up one of these wooden owl statues while you can, Habbos - they're not around for long!
landing.view.fest19owl.button=See the rare!
landing.view.fest19owl.header=RARE Gem-Studded Owl


MFT11 (badge)
RARE Gem-Studded Owl

landing.view.fest19runway.body=With four exclusive badges and a whopping SIX exclusive clothing items (2x Brain Jars, Paparazzi Cameras and Head Bandages), the full version of this bundle is not to be missed!
landing.view.fest19runway.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.fest19runway.header=Fashion Week Runway Bundle!

Brain Jar - Paparazzi Camera - Head Bandage

MFT04 (badge)
Runway Bundle 1

MFT05 (badge)
Runway Bundle 2

MFT06 (badge)
Runway Bundle 3

MFT07 (badge)
Runway Bundle 4

landing.view.fest19shades.body=This perfect accompaniment to the Rainbow Hair is now live and available from the Catalogue as a rare furni!
landing.view.fest19shades.button=See the rare!
landing.view.fest19shades.header=RARE Rainbow Shades!


MFT10 (badge)
RARE Rainbow Shades

badge_name_ACH_Festival1=Crafted 2 Bohemian Festival Items
badge_name_ACH_Festival2=Crafted 4 Bohemian Festival Items
badge_name_ACH_Festival3=Crafted 6 Bohemian Festival Items
badge_name_ACH_Festival4=Crafted 8 Bohemian Festival Items
badge_name_ACH_Festival5=Crafted 10 Bohemian Festival Items
badge_name_ACH_Festival6=Crafted 12 Bohemian Festival Items
badge_name_ACH_Festival7=Crafted 14 Bohemian Festival Items
badge_name_ACH_Festival8=Crafted 16 Bohemian Festival Items
badge_name_ACH_Festival9=Crafted 18 Bohemian Festival Items
badge_name_ACH_Festival10=Crafted 20 Bohemian Festival Items

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