June 2019 - Bohemian Festival Rares - Habbo
By AlexGeek at 13-05-2019 17:31:58
RARE Rainbow Curls!
Rainbow Hair - the first of its kind in Habbo. Rare and never to be sold again, this is a hairstyle you do NOT want to miss out on!


MFT08 (badge)
RARE Rainbow Curls

¡RARO Rizos Arcoíris!
RARO Cabelo Arco-íris!
HARVINAISET Sateenkaarikikkarat
RARE Boucles Arc-en-ciel !
Riccioli Arcobaleno RARI!
Zeldzame Regenbogen Krullen
RARE Regenbogenlocken!
NADİRE Gökkuşağı Bukleleri!

RARE Lady Gaia!
Lady Gaia watches over all that happens within the festival. She watches out for you and your pixels. Be thankful!


MFT09 (badge)
RARE Lady Gaia

RARO Lady Gaia
RARO Lady Gaia!
RARE Lady Gaia !
Lady Gaia RARA!
Zeldzame Lady Gaia!
RARE Lady Gaia!
NADİRE Lady Gaia!

RARE Rainbow Shades!
This perfect accompaniment to the Rainbow Hair is now live and available from the Catalogue as a rare furni!


MFT10 (badge)
RARE Rainbow Shades

RARO Gafas Arcoíris
RARO Óculos Arco-íris!
HARVINAISET Sateenkaarilasit!
RARE Lunettes Arc-en-ciel !
Occhiali da Sole Arcobaleno RARI!
Zeldzame Regenboogbril!
RARE Regenbogensonnenbrille
NADİRE Gökkuşağı Tonları

RARE Gem-Studded Owl
Crafted by hippies, coveted by festival goers, available for you. Pick up one of these wooden owl statues while you can, Habbos - they're not around for long!


MFT11 (badge)
RARE Gem-Studded Owl

RARO Búho con Gemas
RARO Estátua Coruja BoHo
HARVINAINEN Jalokivipöllö!
Hibou Cool RARE
Gufo di Gemme RARO
Zeldzame Glimmende Uil
RARE Juwelbesetzte Eule
NADİRE Mücevherli Baykuş

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