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By AlexGeek at 24-05-2019 17:15:15
NEW Music Da'Beach Bundle!
Great music. The beach. Friends. One of life's greatest combinations! Exclusive badge included. (Built by .COM Habbo Pulx.)

90 + 90

MFT01 (badge)
Music Da'Beach Bundle

NUEVO Lote Música en la Playa
NOVO Pack Festa BoHo Chic!
UUSI Rantabileet-paketti!
NOUVEAU : Music Da'Beach !
NUOVO Affare Stanza Musica in Spiaggia!
NIEUWE Music Da'Beach Bundel
NEU Musik Da'Beach Bündel!
YENİ Müzik Da'Beach Oda Paketi!

NEW Boho Street Market Bundle!
All manner of trinkets, baubles and gadgets are on offer at the Boho Street Market. Also included is an exclusive badge!

MFT02 (badge)
Boho Street Market Bundle

NUEVO Lote Mercadillo Callejero Boho
NOVO Pack Feira BoHo Chic!
UUSI Boheemit markkinat-paketti
NOUVEAU Marché Boho Street !
NUOVO Affare Stanza Mercatino Boho!
NIEUW! Boho Straatmarkt Bundel!
NEU Boho Strassenmarkt-Bündel!
YENİ Boho Sokak Pazarı Oda Paketi!

Healthy Canteen Bundle
Ever wanted to own a Veggie Fiend? Now is your chance: get one EXCLUSIVELY when you buy this bundle!


45 + 45

MFT03 (badge)
Healthy Canteen Bundle

Lote Cantina Saludable
Pack Cantina Saudável
Cantine Bio
Affare Stanza Mensa Salutare
Gezonde Sportkantine Bundel
Gesundes Kantinen Bündel
Sağlıklı Kantin Paketi

Fashion Week Runway Bundle!
With four exclusive badges and a whopping SIX exclusive clothing items (2x Brain Jars, Paparazzi Cameras and Head Bandages), the full version of this bundle is not to be missed!

Brain Jar - Paparazzi Camera - Head Bandage

275 + 275

MFT04 - MFT05 - MFT06 - MFT07 (badges)
Runway Bundle 1 - Runway Bundle 2 - Runway Bundle 3 - Runway Bundle 4

Lote Pasarela Fashion Week
Pack Passarela!
Muotiviikkojen lava-paketti!
Pack Défilé
Affare Stanza Passarella!
Fashion Week Catwalk Bundel!
Moda Haftası Pist Paketi!

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