Sunlight City Campaign - Rares - Habbo
By AlexGeek at 16-07-2019 16:52:35
RARE Butterfly Dress!
Charm the citizens of Sunlight City with this exquisite new dress. Rare and NEVER to be sold again!


SLC05 (badge)
RARE Butterfly Dress

RARO Vestido Mariposa
RARO Vestido Butterfly!
HARVINAINEN Perhosmekko!
Robe Papillon RARE !
Vestito Farfalla RARO!
Zeldzame Vlinderjurk!
RARE Schmetterlingskleid
NADİRE Kelebek Elbise!

RARE Aqua Crystal Fountain!
These fountains are crafted from shards of crystal extracted from the depths of the ocean. Get one while you can!


SLC06 (badge)
RARE Aqua Crystal Fountain

RARO Fuente Agua Cristalina
RARO Fonte Áquacristal!
HARVINAINEN Kristallisuihkulähde
Fontaine Aqua Crystal RARE
Fontana di vetro Aqua RARA!
Zeldzaam Kristalwater Fontein!
RARE Wasser Kristallfontäne!
NADİRE Aqua Kristal Çeşmesi!

RARE Feathered Cowl!
Feathered cowls: the ultimate status symbol in Sunlight City. These are only available for a limited time!


SLC07 (badge)
RARE Feathered Cowl

¡RARO Chaleco Plumoso!
RARO Colete Plumas Douradas!
Capuchon à Plumes RARE
Cappa Piumata RARA!
Zeldzaam Veren Vest!
RARE Gefederte Kapuze!
NADİRE Tüylü Cübbe!

RARE Sunlight City Biosphere!
The artisans of Sunlight City are expert biosphere builders. These are rare and were made by one of the city's most prestigious guilds.


SLC08 (badge)
RARE Sunlight City Biosphere

¡RARO Biosfera Ciudad de la Luz!
RARO Biosfera do Amanhã!
HARVINAINEN Auringonpaisteisen kaupungin kuplaistutus!
Biosphère de Sunlight City RARE !
Biosfera Città del futuro RARA!
Zeldzame Sunlight City Biosfeer!
RARE Sunlight City Biosphäre!
NADİRE Güneş Işığı Şehri Biyosferi!

Duck Sanctuary LTD!
Ducks are almost sacred in Habbo. This LTD doesn't just provide a fantastic centrepiece to any room - it's also the perfect collector's item.


SLC09 (badge)
Duck Sanctuary LTD

LTD Santuario Patuno
Santuário dos Patos LTD!
Ankkojen turvapaikka LTD!
LTD Sanctuaire des Canards
Santuario dell'Anatroccolo LTD!
Heiligdom van de Eendjes LTD
Entenschutzgebiet LTD!
Ördek Mabeti Sınırlı Sürüm Nadiresi LTD!

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