Rainy Day Furni + Supermarket Bundle (September)
By AlexGeek at 09-08-2019 11:47:59
- NEW: Back to School Bundle!
The full version of this bundle contains three exclusive badges and four exclusive clothing items! (2x Book Bags and 2x Half Tied Hair.)

Half Tied Hair - Book Bag

- RARE Buffy!


- RARE Designer Hucci Bag Credit Furni!
These are worth 250 credits. Rare and never to be sold again!

Designer Hucci Bag

- RARE Little Bear!
One seriously cute addition to your bedroom shelf.

Little Bear

- RARE Impermeable Raincoat!
You'll never get soaked again.

Impermeable Raincoat

- RARE Teddy Dressing Gown!
Perfect for Saturday mornings in front of the TV.

Teddy Dressing Gown

- NEW: Rainy Day Furni!
Designed for those warm, cosy days spent inside with rain lashing against the windows.

Pillow Fort

Rain-soaked Windows

Tartan Seat

Comfy Bean Bag

Board Games

Hot Chocolate

Cosy Lamp

Cosy Rug

NEW: Supermarket Bundle!
Made from 100% exclusive furni - get one while you can!

Anti-Theft Alarm

Sale Banner

Shopping Basket

Checkout Desk

Dairy Fridge

Vegetable Stand

Deli Counter

Dry Goods Section

Supermarket Tile

Ice Lolly Freezer

Icecream Tub Freezer


Aisle Sign

Hazardous Spillage

Supermarket Trolley

Vegetable Fridge


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