New Year 2020 (codes) - Habbo
By AlexGeek at 04-11-2019 13:48:51
landing.view.xmas17gold.body=NEW: nine gold accessories. Get ALL of them when you purchase one of the new rare Gold Accessory Packs!
landing.view.xmas17gold.button=See the rare!
landing.view.xmas17gold.header=RARE Gold Accessory Pack

landing.view.ny17old.body=To celebrate the end of 2019, we've put a stack of classic Habbo New Years furni back in the Catalogue. Enjoy!
landing.view.ny17old.button=See the furni!
landing.view.ny17old.header=CLASSIC New Years Furni!

landing.view.xmas19coats.body=Get a random coloured waistcoat from one of these boxes! (Rare and never to be sold again.)
landing.view.xmas19coats.button=See the waistcoats!
landing.view.xmas19coats.header=New Year Waistcoat Boxes

landing.view.xmas19only.body=Get yourself a rare waistcoat! (Rare and never to be sold again.)
landing.view.xmas19only.button=See the waistcoats!
landing.view.xmas19only.header=New Year Waistcoats (Habbo .FR / .NL)

landing.view.xmas19miniegg.body=Mini Habberge Eggs are worth 750 credits. They're also rare and never, ever being sold again! Stock up while you can.
landing.view.xmas19miniegg.button=See the furni!
landing.view.xmas19miniegg.header=RARE Habberge Egg Credit Furni

["CF_750_minihabberge","Mini Habberge Egg",""]

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