FEBRUARY 2020: Valentines Day - Habbo
By AlexGeek at 07-01-2020 14:08:19
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landing.view.val20choco.body=We're extremely happy to present the brand new, 100% exclusive Chocolatier Shop Bundle! Comes with exclusive badge.
landing.view.val20choco.button=See the bundle
landing.view.val20choco.header=NEW: Chocolatier Shop Bundle!

V2001 (badge)
Chocolatier Shop Bundle

NUEVO: Lote Chocolatería
NOVO: Pack Loja Chocolatier
UUSI Suklaamestarin puoti!
NOUVEAU : Pack Boutique de Chocolatier !
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Cioccolateria !
NIEUW: Chocolatier Winkel Bundel!
NEU: Chocolaterie Bündel!
YENİ: Çikolata Dükkanı Oda Paketi!

landing.view.val20tattoo.body=Tattoos and vests: the perfect combination. This furni is rare and will never be released again!
landing.view.val20tattoo.button=See the rare
landing.view.val20tattoo.header=RARE Macho Tattoo!


V2005 (badge)
Rare Macho Tattoo

RARO Tatuaje Tribales
RARO Tattoo Manga!
HARVINAISET Machomiehen tatskat!
RARE Tatouage !
Tatuaggio da Macho RARO!
ZELDZAME Macho Tattoo!
RARE Macho Tattoo!
NADİRE Maço Dövmesi

landing.view.val20pigtail.body=One iconic hairstyle, available NOW. Get one while you can!
landing.view.val20pigtail.button=See the rare
landing.view.val20pigtail.header=RARE Bicolour Pigtails!


V2006 (badge)
Rare Bicolour Pigtails

RARO: Coletas Bicolor
RARO Penteado Habbequina!
HARVINAISET Kaksiväriset saparot!
RARE Couettes Bicolores !
Codini Bicolore RARI
ZELDZAME Tweekleurige Staarten!
RARE Zweifarbige Zöpfe!
NADİRE Çift Renkli İki Yandan Saç

landing.view.val20chair.body=Float away, beyond the clouds. This furni is rare and will never be released again!
landing.view.val20chair.button=See the rare
landing.view.val20chair.header=RARE Floating Chair!


V2007 (badge)
Rare Floating Chair

RARO Silla Flotante
RARO Cadeira Flutuante!
HARVINAINEN Leijuva tuoli!
RARE Chaise Flottante !
Sedia Fluttuante RARA!
ZELDZAME Zwevende Stoel!
RARE Schwebender Stuhl!
NADİRE Uçan Sandalye

landing.view.val20ornate.body=One gorgeously ornate addition to a room of your choice. Get one while you can!
landing.view.val20ornate.button=See the rare
landing.view.val20ornate.header=RARE Ornate Wardrobe!


V2008 (badge)
Rare Ornate Wardrobe

RARO Armario Rococó
RARO Guarda-Roupa Mágico!
HARVINAINEN Koristeellinen vaatekomero!
RARE Armoire Ancienne !
Armadio Barocco RARO!
ZELDZAME Goudversierde Kast!
RARE Verzierter Kleiderschrank!
NADİRE Süslü Dolap


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