Easter 2020 - Habbo
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landing.view.easter20alpine.body=Built for survival, channel your adventurous spirit with our brand new Alpine Heights furni line!
landing.view.easter20alpine.button=See the furni
landing.view.easter20alpine.header=NEW: Alpine Heights Furni! (Click here for more info)

Alpine Heights Furni

NUEVO: Furnis Cumbres Alpinas!
NOVO: Mobis Feriado na Montanha
UUTTA: Alppivuoristo- kamat!
NOUVEAU : Mobi Hauteures Alpines !
NUOVO: Furni Altitudini Alpine
NIEUW: Alpen Gebergte Meubi!
NEU: Alpine Höhen Möbel!
YENİ: Alp Dağları Mobisi!

landing.view.easter20bundlea.body=Equipped with all the essentials, find yourself in the great outdoors this season! Who knows what you'll discover in the wild.
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landing.view.easter20bundlea.header=Camping Trip Bundle (Click here for more info)

ALP06 (badge)
Camping Trip Bundle

Lote Campamento de viaje
Pack Fim de Semana de Camping
Retkeilyreissu- huonepaketti
Pack Séjour en Camping
Affare Stanza in Campeggio
Camping Uitje Bundel
Kamp Gezisi Oda Paketi

landing.view.easter20bundleb.body=Time and patience are key when trying to catch those slippery creatures. Recharge yourself on your own fishing day and see how many you can lure!
landing.view.easter20bundleb.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.easter20bundleb.header=Fishing Day Bundle

ALP07 (badge)
Fishing Day Bundle

Lote Día de pesca
Pack Dia de Pesca
Päivä kalassa- huonepaketti
Pack Jour de Pêche
Affare Stanza Giornata di Pesca
Gezellig Uitvissen Bundel
Fischertag Bündel
Balık Tutma Günü Oda Paketi

landing.view.easter20bunny.body=A bit of seasonal fun for all Habbos. Rare and never to be sold again!
landing.view.easter20bunny.button=See the rare
landing.view.easter20bunny.header=RARE Hop Costume


ALP01 (badge)
RARE Hop Costume

RARO Disfraz de conejo
RARO Macacão Coelhinho
Déguisement de Lapin RARE
RARO Costume da Coniglio
Zeldzaam Huppel Kostuum
RARE Hüpfkostüm
NADİRE Tavşan Kostümü

landing.view.easter20cloth.body=The Alpine Heights cannot be reached in ordinary clothes alone. That's why we're bringing you BRAND NEW clothing items that are here to stay!
landing.view.easter20cloth.button=See the clothing
landing.view.easter20cloth.header=Alpine Heights Clothing (Click here for more info)

Survival Backpack

Explorer Sash


Life Vest

Sporty Hair

Sports Shades

Yoga Pants

Yoga Top

Ropa Cumbres Alpinas
Itens de vestir Feriado na Montanha
Alppivuoristo- vaatteet
Vêtements Hauteures Alpines
Abbigliamento da Altitudini Alpine
Alpen Gebergte Kleding
Alpine Höhen Kleidung
Alp Dağları Kıyafetleri

landing.view.easter20duck.body=Be good to it and it will return the favour. This limited edition Fortune Duck won't stick around for long. Get it before the clock runs out!
landing.view.easter20duck.button=See the LTD
landing.view.easter20duck.header=Fortune Duck LTD


ALP05 (badge)
Fortune Duck LTD

Pato de la fortuna LTD
LTD Pato da Fortuna
Onnen ankka LTD
LTD Canard de la Chance
Anatra della Fortuna LTD
Gelukseend LTD
Glücksente LTD
Zengin Ördek Sınırlı Sürüm Nadiresi

landing.view.easter20goat.body=Behold! The king of the mountain. Rare and never to be sold again!
landing.view.easter20goat.button=See the rare
landing.view.easter20goat.header=RARE Mountain Goat


ALP04 (badge)
RARE Mountain Goat

RARO Cabra montesa
RARO Cabra da Montanha
HARVINAINEN Vuoristopukki
Chèvre des Montagnes RARE
RARA Capra di Montagna
Zeldzame Berggeit
RARE Bergziege
NADİRE Dağ Keçisi

landing.view.easter20pony.body=This look means business. Not for the faint-hearted. Rare and never to be sold again!
landing.view.easter20pony.button=See the rare
landing.view.easter20pony.header=RARE Nature Cap


ALP02 (badge)
RARE Nature Cap

RARO Gorra de campo
RARO Boné Camping
HARVINAINEN Luontoilulippa
Visière Nature RARE
RARO Cappello Sportivo
Zeldzame Stoere Survival Pet
RARE Natur Käppi
NADİRE Doğa Şapkası

landing.view.easter20rock.body=Siren and Mermaid Rocks are now available! Crack them with the hammer effect then clean the item you get with the magic wand effect.
landing.view.easter20rock.button=See the furni
landing.view.easter20rock.header=Crackable Rock!

Siren Rock

easter_c20_darkprize1 / easter_c20_clayrelic
Dark Relic / Light Relic

easter_c20_darkprize2 / easter_c20_ancienthorse
Dark Earth Pony / Earth Pony

easter_c20_darkprize3 / easter_c20_zenmaster
Dark Master Monument / Master Monument

easter_c20_darkprize4 / clothing_mysticcrown
Dark Imperial Crown / Imperial Crown


Mermaid Rock

easter_c20_lightprize1 / easter_c20_ancientbird
Light Easter Goose / Easter Goose

easter_c20_lightprize2 / easter_c20_jadeguardian
Light Jade Dragon / Jade Guardian

easter_c20_lightprize3 / easter_c20_ancientstatue
Light Royal Protector / Royal Protector

easter_c20_lightprize4 / clothing_mysticrobes
Light Imperial Robes / Imperial Robes

¡Roca Crackeable!
Rochas Mágicas!
Riikkoontuva kivi!
Roccia Crackable!
Aufbrechbarer Felsen!
Üretilebilir Kaya!

landing.view.easter20rock2.body=Out now: brand new rare Alpine Heights artifacts! NOTE: you will require the magic wand effect for cleaning these items.
landing.view.easter20rock2.button=See the furni
landing.view.easter20rock2.header=Alpine Heights Artefacts! (This is for users from .FR and .NL)

Artefacts des Hauteures Alpines !
Alpen Gebergte Voorwerpen!

landing.view.easter20tree.body=There's something in the air with this tree around. Rare and never to be sold again!
landing.view.easter20tree.button=See the rare
landing.view.easter20tree.header=RARE Mystic Tree


ALP03 (badge)
RARE Mystic Tree

RARO Árbol Místico
RARO Árvore Mística
HARVINAINEN Mystinen puu
Arbre Mystique RARE
RARO Albero Mistico
Zeldzame Mystieke Boom
RARE Mystischer Baum
NADİRE Gizemli Ağaç


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