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By Leotoddy at 19-03-2020 13:25:59
Habbo now offers us one more reason to enter the hotel every day for the next two weeks. Unexpectedly, the gift calendar is back between March 20 and April 2. Daily you will have the right to redeem a surprise gift, 14 in all. If you are unable to enter Habbo for a day, you can guarantee your gift within 72 hours of being made available.


So far there are ten confirmed gifts and all of them are clothes and accessories for your avatar, they are: Cyber Eye, Rockstar Headband, H for Habbo Headphones, Sunny Day Satchel, High Fade, Knitted Headband, Canvas Slip Ons, Micro Bag, Sailor Sweater and Leather Jacker. See them below.

In addition, coins and signatures are also expected for Habbo Club and Builder Club among those present.


The gift calendar is available right outside the hotel. Just look for the "Open!" button, press it and then you must double click on the gift of the days that are available to you. The gift is released at the same time to all users in all hotels, but due to the time zone difference between countries, users from different regions can see it available at a different time.

To make it easier, Puhekupla has provided a direct link to the calendar and time* that the daily present will arrive in each country** below.

Open the calendar on Habbo.com.br

Brazil: available from 9 PM
Portugal: available from 12 AM

Open the calendar on Habbo.de

Germany, Austria and Switzerland: available from 12 AM

Open the calendar on Habbo.es

Spain: disponível a partir de 00h
Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay: available from 9 PM
Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Peru: available from 7 PM
Mexico: available from 6 PM
Venezuela: available from 8 PM

Open the calendar on Habbo.fi

Finland: available from 12 AM

Open the calendar on Habbo.fr

France and Marocco: available from 12 AM

Open the calendar on Habbo.it

Italia: disponível a partir de 00h

Open the calendar on Habbo.nl

Netherlands and Belgium: available from 12 AM

Open the calendar on Habbo.com.tr

Turkey: available from 2 AM
Azerbaijan: available from 3 AM

Open the calendar on Habbo.com

United States and Canadá: available from 8 PM
United Kingdom: available from 11 PM
Australia: available from 11 AM
New Zealand: available from 1 PM

* The time zones correspond to those used in the most popular city in the respective country. These times correspond to 00:00 on the Habbo server.
** If your country is not listed, use the time in the hotel's home country.


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