Habbo 20th Birthday - Habbo
By Puhekupla_Staff at 04-06-2020 14:13:32
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landing.view.h20crackable.body=These balloons can contain quite a few different items. There's even a chance they will contain a Trimmed Rose Gold Balloon! Check the Catalogue for the probabilities of getting each item.
landing.view.h20crackable.button=See the furni
landing.view.h20crackable.header=NEW: Rose Gold Balloons!

Here is the full picture!

CODE: habbo20_c20_crackable
NAME: Rose Gold Balloon

Furni Prizes

CODE: habbo20_c20_crackable
NAME: Rose Gold Balloon
Probability: 3.6%

CODE: habbo20_r20_crackable
NAME: Trimmed Rose Gold Balloon
Probability: 0.4%

CODE: clothing_meowtfit
NAME: Meow-suit
Probability: 6%

CODE: clothing_casualoutfit1
NAME: Comfort Clothes Outfit
Probability: 10%

CODE: clothing_demonoutfit
NAME: Robes of the Lost Souls
Probability: 10%

CODE: clothing_mermaidoutfit
NAME: Mermaid Outfit
Probability: 10%

CODE: clothing_messycurls
NAME: Long Messy Curls
Probability: 12%

CODE: clothing_knithat
NAME: Slouchy Knit Hat
Probability: 12%

CODE: clothing_cyphones
NAME: Techno Headphones
Probability: 12%

CODE: clothing_tux
NAME: Spotless Tuxedo
Probability: 12%

CODE: clothing_witchrobes
NAME: Witch Robes
Probability: 12%

¡NUEVO: Globos Oro Rosa!
NOVO: Balões 20 Anos Ouro Rosa!
UUTUUS: Ruusukultaiset ilmapallot!
NOUVEAU : Ballons d'Or Rose !
NEW: Rose Gold Balloons!
NIEUW: Roségouden Ballonnen!
NEU: Roségoldene Ballons!
YENİ: Rose Altın Balonlar!

landing.view.h20rarecrackable.body=These balloons contain one of 16 different rose gold-coloured classic rares! Check the Catalogue for the probabilities of getting each item.
landing.view.h20rarecrackable.button=See the furni
landing.view.h20rarecrackable.header=NEW: Trimmed Rose Gold Balloons!

Here is the full picture!

CODE: habbo20_r20_crackable
NAME: Trimmed Rose Gold Balloon

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_barrier
NAME: Rose Gold Road Barrier
Probability: 10%

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_beehive_bulb
NAME: Rose Gold Amber Lamp
Probability: 7%

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_dragonlamp
NAME: Rose Gold Dragon Lamp
Probability: 1%

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_elephant_statue
NAME: Rose Gold Elephant
Probability: 4%

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_fan
NAME: Rose Gold Powered Fan
Probability: 6%

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_fountain
NAME: Rose Gold Fountain
Probability: 4%

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_icecream
NAME: Rose Gold Ice Cream Maker
Probability: 2%

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_marquee
NAME: Rose Gold Marquee
Probability: 9%

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_parasol
NAME: Rose Gold Parasol
Probability: 4%

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_pillar
NAME: Doric Rose Gold Pillar
Probability: 9%

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_pillow
NAME: Rose Gold Pillow
Probability: 6%

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_scifidoor
NAME: Rose Gold Spaceship Door
Probability: 7%

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_scifiport
NAME: Rose Gold Laser Portal
Probability: 6%

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_scifirocket
NAME: Rose Gold Smoke Machine
Probability: 7%

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_wooden_screen
NAME: Rose Gold Oriental Screen
Probability: 9%

CODE: rare_blackrosegold_sleepingbag
NAME: Rose Gold Sleeping Bag
Probability: 9%

¡NUEVO: Globos Decorados Oro Rosa!
NOVO: Balões 20 Anos Filigrana Dourada!
UUTUUS: Ruusukultakoristeiset ilmapallot!
NOUVEAU : Ballons d'Or Rose Gravés !
NUOVI: Palloncini Rifiniti in Oro-Rosa
NIEUW: Versierde Roségouden Ballonnen!
NEU: Getrimmte roségoldene Ballons!
YENİ: Kesikli Rose Altın Balonlar!

landing.view.h20rewards.body=To celebrate our 20th birthday, we made 16 special versions of classic rares from our rich history. They won't be around forever, so get one while they're here!
landing.view.h20rewards.button=See the rares
landing.view.h20rewards.header=Classic Rose Gold Rares! (This is for users from .FR and .NL)

Classic Rose Gold Rares

Klassieke Roségouden Zeldzaamheden! (geen crackables)
Rares Classique d'Or Rose !

landing.view.hb20elegant.body=We've added a distinctly darker touch to the much-loved Elegant Bundle, first released in September 2017. It now truly exudes opulence!
landing.view.hb20elegant.button=See the bundle
landing.view.hb20elegant.header=NEW: Dark Elegant Bundle

HTW01 (badge)
Dark Elegant Bundle

PREVIEW: Dark Elegant Bundle

NUEVO: Lote Elegante y Oscuro
NOVO: Pack Elegância Novaiorquina
UUTUUS: Tumma elegantti huonepaketti
NOUVEAU : Pack Sombre Élégant
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Elegante Scuro
NIEUWE: Donkere Elegante Bundel
NEU: Dunkles elegantes Bündel
YENİ: Koyu Elegant Oda Paketii

landing.view.hb20chill.body=Our fresh take on the Modern Studio Bundle has a new layout, a new colour scheme, but most importantly it's got a new pooch!
landing.view.hb20chill.button=See the bundle
landing.view.hb20chill.header=NEW: Chill Modern Bundle

HTW02 (badge)
Chill Modern Bundle

PREVIEW: Chill Modern Bundle

NUEVO: Lote Acogedor y Moderno
NOVO: Pack Loft Urbano
UUTUUS: Moderni yksiö
NOUVEAU : Pack Chill et Moderne
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Chill Moderno
NIEUW: Chille Moderne Studio Bundel
NEU: Modernes Chill Bündel
YENİ: Chill Modern Oda PAketi

landing.view.hb20gothic.body=This bundle is for all Habbos, whether you're a goth, a dessert enthusiast or just a simple furni collector. 100% built with new, exclusive items!
landing.view.hb20gothic.button=See the bundle
landing.view.hb20gothic.header=NEW: Gothic Dessert Cafe Bundle

HTW03 (badge)
Gothic Dessert Cafe

PREVIEW: Gothic Dessert Cafe Bundle

NUEVO: Lote Café Pastelería Gótico
NOVO: Pack Confeitaria Gótica Clássica
UUTUUS: Goottilaistyylinen kahvila
NOUVEAU : Café des Délices Gothique
NUOVO: Affare Stanza Caffetteria dei Dolci Gotica
NIEUW: Gothic Cafe Bundel
NEU: Gotisches Nachtischcafé Bündel
YENİ: Gotik Cafe Oda Paketi

landing.view.hb20kawaii.body=If vibrant, neon-style colour schemes are your look and Kawaii is your thing, this bundle is for you. Pick one up while you can!
landing.view.hb20kawaii.button=See the bundle
landing.view.hb20kawaii.header=NEW: Kawaii Punk Bundle

HTW04 (badge)
Kawaii Punk Bundle

PREVIEW: Kawaii Punk Bundle

NUOVO: Affare Stanza Punk Kawaii
YENİ: Kawaii Punk Oda Paketi

landing.view.hb20garden.body=We first released the Zen Garden Bundle back in late 2018 and it proved to be extremely popular. So much so that we decided to revamp it entirely!
landing.view.hb20garden.button=See the bundle
landing.view.hb20garden.header=NEW: Harmony Garden Bundle

HTW05 (badge)
Harmony Garden Bundle

NUOVO: Affare Stanza Giardino dell'Armonia
NEU: Harmonie Garten Bündel
YENİ: Harmoni Bahçesi Oda Paketi

landing.view.hb20artbundle.body=It's our birthday and we wanted to give you a chance to pick up some of the new 20th birthday furni for a great price. So, here you go.
landing.view.hb20artbundle.button=See the bundle
landing.view.hb20artbundle.header=NEW: 20th Birthday Bundle

HTW06 (badge)
20th Birthday Bundle

landing.view.hb20rainbundle.body=Get a selection of the new Rainy Day furni for a fantastic price!
landing.view.hb20rainbundle.button=See the bundle
landing.view.hb20rainbundle.header=NEW: Rainy Day Bundle 2.0

HTW07 (badge)
Rainy Day Bundle 2.0

landing.view.hb20sunset.body=The old Sunset Cafe public room was voted the overall favourite in a Twitter poll we ran earlier this year. So, we converted it into an ownable bit of Habbo History. Enjoy!
landing.view.hb20sunset.button=See the bundle
landing.view.hb20sunset.header=NEW: Sunset Cafe Bundle

HTW08 (badge)
Sunset Cafe Bundle

PREVIEW: Sunset Cafe Bundle

landing.view.hb20raredark.body=Rule the pixellated streets! Not only does this outfit come with a snazzy new backpack and jacket, it also includes a shiny new crown. This is your one chance to own it!
landing.view.hb20raredark.button=See the rare
landing.view.hb20raredark.header=RARE Street Royalty Outfits!

HTW12 (badge)
Rare Street Royalty

CODE: clothing_darkelegantset
NAME: Street Royalty

Rare Street Royalty Outfits

¡RARO Complementos Realeza callejera!
RARO Visual Realeza Urbana!
HARVINAISET Katujen aatelisto-asut!
Tenue RARE Royauté Urbaine
RARI Abiti da Capo Banda di Strada!
Zeldzame Koninklijke Streetwear
RARE Königliche Strassenoutfits!
NADİRE Sokak Kraliyet Görünümü!

landing.view.hb20raretux.body=Frank is a devil on the dancefloor, but you already knew that, right? Get one of his special tuxedos and dress for the occasion!
landing.view.hb20raretux.button=See the rare
landing.view.hb20raretux.header=RARE Frank's Tux!

HTW13 (badge)
Rare Frank's Tux

CODE: clothing_r20_glitzytux
NAME: Frank's Tux

Rare Frank's Tux

RARO Smoking di Frank!
NADİRE Frank'in Smokini!

landing.view.hb20raregoth.body=We think you'll agree that this is the IDEAL outfit to wear on a trip to a gothic-style dessert cafe. Rare and never to be sold again!
landing.view.hb20raregoth.button=See the rare
landing.view.hb20raregoth.header=RARE Gothic Fancy Dress Outfits!

HTW14 (badge)
Rare Gothic Fancy Dress

CODE: clothing_r20_gothicset
NAME: Gothic Fancy Dress

Rare Gothic Fancy Dress Outfits

RARI Abiti a Fantasia Gotica!
NADİRE Gotik Şık Elbise Görünümü!

landing.view.hb20rarepunk.body=Is it possible to dazzle another Habbo any more than this outfit does? We think not. Get one while you can!
landing.view.hb20rarepunk.button=See the rare
landing.view.hb20rarepunk.header=RARE Neon Punk Outfits!

HTW15 (badge)
Rare Neon Punk

CODE: clothing_r20_neonpunkset
NAME: Neon Punk

Rare Neon Punk Outfits

RARI Abiti Neon Punk!
NADİRE Neon Punk Görünümü!

landing.view.hb20raresleep.body=For when you just need to sleep. Rare and never to be sold again!
landing.view.hb20raresleep.button=See the rare
landing.view.hb20raresleep.header=RARE Sleep Time Outfits!

HTW16 (badge)
Rare Sleep Time

CODE: clothing_r20_sumberoutfit
NAME: Sleep Time

Rare Sleep Time Outfits

¡RARO Complementos para dormir!
RARO Visual Hora de Dormir!
HARVINAISET Nukkumaanmenoaika-asut!
Tenue RARE Grand Dormeur
RARI Abiti da Ora della Nanna!
Zeldzame Bedtijd Outfits!
RARE Schlafzeit Outfits!
NADİRE Uyku Zamanı Kıyafetleri!

landing.view.hb20rarethrone.body=Collector of thrones? We've got you covered. Get one while you can!
landing.view.hb20rarethrone.button=See the rare
landing.view.hb20rarethrone.header=RARE 20th Birthday Thrones!

HTW17 (badge)
Rare 20th Birthday Throne

CODE: rare_r20_throne
NAME: 20th Birthday Throne

landing.view.hb20rarecandle.body=Illuminate the birthday dance floor with a slightly more romantic (and more flammable) light source. Rare and never to be sold again!
landing.view.hb20rarecandle.button=See the rare
landing.view.hb20rarecandle.header=RARE Ballroom Candles!

HTW18 (badge)
Rare Ballroom Candles

CODE: rare_r20_candle
NAME: Birthday Ballroom Candles

landing.view.hb20rareharmony.body=Take a more sustainable, enlightened approach to hotel life. This outfit is rare and will never be sold again!
landing.view.hb20rareharmony.button=See the rare
landing.view.hb20rareharmony.header=RARE Solar Utopia Outfit!

HTW20 (badge)
Rare Solar Utopia Outfit

CODE: clothing_r20_harmonyset
NAME: Solar Utopia Outfit

Rare Solar Utopia Outfit

RARO Vestito Utopia Solare!
NADİRE Solar Ütopyası Görünümü!

landing.view.h20art.body=Here you can find all the tools necessary to build your very own 20th birthday ballroom. Get to it!
landing.view.h20art.button=See the furni
landing.view.h20art.header=NEW: 20th Birthday Furni! (Click here for more info)

CODE: habbo20_c20_artdecobackdrop
NAME: --

CODE: habbo20_c20_artdecocarpet
NAME: --

CODE: habbo20_c20_artdecochair
NAME: --

CODE: habbo20_c20_balloons
NAME: --

CODE: habbo20_c20_glitzytable
NAME: --

landing.view.hb20cloth.body=What would such an important birthday party without all of the glitz and glamour to go with it? It's time to dress to impress, Habbos!
landing.view.hb20cloth.button=See the clothing
landing.view.hb20cloth.header=NEW: 20th Birthday Clothing! (Click here for more info)

CODE: clothing_chiseledface
NAME: --

CODE: clothing_flapperdress
NAME: --

CODE: clothing_glitzypurse
NAME: --

CODE: clothing_modernshortwave
NAME: --

CODE: clothing_pencilmoustache
NAME: --

CODE: clothing_silkgloves
NAME: --

CODE: clothing_slickedbackhair
NAME: --

CODE: clothing_starearrings
NAME: --

CODE: clothing_h20th
NAME: 20th Birthday T-Shirt

20th Birthday Clothing

landing.view.hb20rain.body=Our global Twitter poll earlier this year showed this to be the overall favourite mini furni line. So we went ahead and extended the line!
landing.view.hb20rain.button=See the furni
landing.view.hb20rain.header=NEW: Rainy Day Furni! (Click here for more info)

Rainy Day Furni


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