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By Puhekupla_Staff at 29-07-2020 18:40:50
🔴 NEW: Rainy Day Furni!
Our global Twitter poll earlier this year showed this to be the overall favourite mini furni line. So we went ahead and extended the line!

Rainy Day Furni

Code: rainyday_c20_coathanger
Name: Soaked Coat Rack
Price: 6

Code: rainyday_c20_cosywhippet
Name: Snuggly Whippet
Price: 7 + 10

Code: rainyday_c20_craftset
Name: Arts & Crafts Set
Price: 2 + 10

Code: rainyday_c20_glowstars
Name: Star Wall Stickers
Price: 4

Code: rainyday_c20_homebakes
Name: Homebaked Goods
Price: 3

Code: rainyday_c20_paintset
Name: Painter's Set
Price: 3 + 10

Code: rainyday_c20_rainceilingwindow
Name: Leaky Window
Price: 7

Code: rainyday_c20_raindropwall
Name: Rainy Day Wallpaper
Price: 5

Code: rainyday_c20_rtrogames
Name: Habb-O Gaming Console
Price: 5

Code: rainyday_c20_scentedcandles
Name: Scented Candles
Price: 3

Code: rainyday_c20_snugblanket
Name: Hibernator Blanket
Price: 9 + 10

Code: rainyday_c20_stackoflogs
Name: Log Stack
Price: 4

Code: rainyday_c20_typewriter
Name: Poet's Typewriter
Price: 4 + 10

Code: rainyday_c20_woodendesk
Name: Wooden Writing Bureau
Price: 5 + 10

Code: rainyday_c20_woodenfloor
Name: Weathered Floorboards
Price: 4

Code: rainyday_c20_woodentable
Name: Sketching Table
Price: 4

¡NUEVO: Furni Día de lluvia!
NOVO: Mobis Dias de Chuva!
UUTTA: Sadepäivän kamat!
NOUVEAU : Mobi Journée Pluvieuse !
NUOVI: Furni Giorno di Pioggia!
NIEUW: Regenachtige Dag Meubi!
NEU: Regentag Möbel
YENİ: Yağmurlu Gün Mobileri!

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